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Found 109 results

  1. Hi All, this is my 5th batch that Im brewing. The last two brews has tasted pretty chemically. The after taste especially. Any of you had a similar experience? I use a sanitizer same as before and had no issues. Im brewing just a coopers larger now as a test. my previous batch was a coopers pale ale, and accidently left the heat belt on for two long and the brew reached 32degrees... oops. Thought this was the issue for the chemical taste. now with the larger, after six days of fermenting I also tasted it, and I can still taste the chemical, faintly. Look forward to hearing from you. cheers
  2. I have the DIY coopers brew kit and in the instructions it just says "stir using the spoon" for the brew can + brew enhancer but after 3 days realizing the brew was still very light in colour and everything still sitting at the bottom so i decided to mix it in properly Its been 2 days after that now and during the whole process around its been around 20C-24C and it still looks ok, the foam seems to be less thick after day 2 Im guessing the brew is still good but will just take a extra 3 days?
  3. hi, i have just started brewing home brews, i have done a coopers lager but didnt use the brew enhancer so i wasnt all that impressed with the taste. A mate of mine said to use half a kilo of liquid malt and half a kilo of dextrose to give the beer more body. Do i also still add sugar as well and do i add extra yeast to the mix, the brew im about to do is a coopers draught. By what i have read i need to boil the liquid malt to sanitize it, is this correct? Any tips i can get would be very grateful for, im gonna go and watch some youtube to learn how to use the hydrometer, thanks in advance for all and any help
  4. Hi. newbie question, sorry. first time brewing a coopers kit and I intend bottling.... is there a resource anywhere that allows me to download and print labels for Coopers Canadian Blonde?
  5. Good evening Brewers, I've currently got my Beer O'Clock IPA in the fermenter. Coming up to day 7. The recipe doesn't ask for it but has anyone dry hopped this recipe? The only thing I've done is swapped out the 25g bravo hops for 25g of Columbus. So 25g of Columbus, Nelson and Galaxy hops in the boil and was thinking of throwing in 25g of each as a dry hop edition. I bought 50g bags of each so may as well just throw the rest in I thought. I'm bit of a hop head lol. Any advice is greatly appreciated
  6. Hi, I'm new to the Cooper's DIY brew kits, and accidentally purchased a 1.7kg Irish Stout can designed to make 23L, and I only have an 8.5L fermenter. Could I still use it but in a lesser quantity like 630g (i.e., 1.7/(23/8.5))? If I can, how long can I store the remaining extract for? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all I'm considering starting up an online shop and wanted to ask if anyone could give me some information on how to order Coopers Beer Kits at Wholesale price. I am also considering Drop Shipping methods as well. Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers Rob :-)
  8. THE SEARCH FOR AUSTRALIA'S GREATEST DIY BREWER IS ON! Have your beer brewed by Coopers, sold through Dan Murphy's and become MASTER OF THE BREWNIVERSE! Learn more at coopersmotb.com.au
  9. Can any one provide information on this one YEAST R3549 - Coopers Yeast Codes.pdf doesn't appear in standard list. Craft Brew Kit - MR Beer - Diablo IPA List indicates it should be R3426?
  10. Evening people, I have been given a few brew bits and pieces from a friend. I have a can of Innkeepers Daughter and a 1.5kg can of Light Malt Extract. Can i \ Should I use these together? would I still need Brewing sugar or brew enhancer?
  11. Hi, I have been using Coopers DIY brew kits sucessfully for a few months. Recently I tried a couple of recipes with Belgian style yeasts. These all looked well in the fermentation barrel. However after a couple of weeks in the bottle the beer was not carbonated and very vinegary. Any ideas what causes this?
  12. All set to bottle up...Out of carbonation drops. Can I use raw sugar? If not it's a trip to town
  13. Hi all, I have been distilling for a while now and have decided to give beer a go too so I am a complete noob. I have got my first lager kit fermenting in my temp controlled fridge but I am looking at doing a pale ale next. While I’m still working everything out I was just going to do the Aussie pale ale kit but was thinking about adding some extra hops to tweak it a little. Was thinking about some Galaxy hops for a slight passion fruit twist but I am not sure when to add. Should I boil it a bit before pitching or dry hop after?
  14. Howdy legends, I've only been brewing since December last year, and while I have been doing lots of experimenting with flavours, techniques, adjuncts and yeasts, I have also done some brews exact to the recipes on this excellent site. Suffice it to say, for shits and giggles, I entered my Smooth Bockenator into the ACT Amateur Brewing Champs, mainly to get some feedback on where I am at, and surprise, surprise, the weizenbock came 3rd!!! I have no idea on the scoring system, but my entry was only 2 points behind first place, and I can almost guarantee that the people ahead of me were all grain brewers. So my point is, these recipes can stand up with the best of them, some being true enough to style to be worthy of being entered into the Nationals! They are also a great base for mucking around - I highly recommend split batches to investimigate the effect of different yeasts and adjuncts. Yay Cooper's team!
  15. Hi there, lve just started to keg my beer, what's the best way to go after kegging, put it in the fridge straight away or let it sit at room temperature for a few weeks any advice would be appreciated cheers
  16. On the sign-in page it states that one of the benefits of joining the Cooper's Club is that you get e-mailed notification of free shipping offers. I signed up 2 months ago and the only offers I've received are the ROTM ones. Has the free shipping offer gone the way of the dodo?
  17. Zelly


    Hi there. does anybody know what type of yeast coopers sell with there products. just asking because when you use there recipe, it almost says to use there yeast. and if so is it any good?
  18. I just wanted to make a comment about the Thomas Coopers Bootmaker's Pale Ale kit. When the new range was released I eagerly looked at this kit as the first I wished to brew, & have subsequently brewed a number of the Thomas Coopers range. This was the only one I was disappointed in of the kits I've tried so far. I'm only disappointed because of the extra price tag above the other ranges. For the style it appears to be aimed at I feel it falls short as a base kit. I would much prefer to see something like a Centennial/Simcoe mix other than the current Cascade/Styrian Golding combo that makes up the current hop mix. This particular range of kits should be fully loaded at their current price point where no extra hops/grains should be required & still produce a high quality beer in the styles they are aimed at. This kit is not quite up to the mark IMHO. I wish it was. I don't mean any offence. Just my 2 cents. Cheers, Lusty.
  19. GMan10

    First Brew

    Hi All, Making my first brew, standard Coopers DIY kit, Coopers Larger Brew Can and Enhancer 1. Been looking around forum and already discovered great tips. warm wort to help with ease of adding, use hot water to mix enhancer and wort. Anyway, getting there. First question. Day 3, remove Krausen Kollar. Brew has been steady temp, closer to 20-21 than intended 21-22. Not very frothy - is it working? Appreciate any feedback PS SHould I really use one glucose tab and one lump of normal white sugar for better result when i first bottle?
  20. Just wondering if anyone has any idea about how much this signed coopers Vintage Magnum is worth, i won it in a raffle and dont know if i should keep it or sell it
  21. Hey team, has anyone worked out the calories left in a coopers homebrew pale ale using brew kit two with a 23 liter brew? thanks in advance
  22. Hi Guys, Im relatively new to this brewing thing. I have done 3 batches, and all of them have had the same weird (the only way I can describe it is) Pongy taste to it. is this just a standard thing that everyone encounters of should I be doing something to make sure this dent happen? Brewed a lager , Pale ale and stout from the brewing extract. Also any tips to make a great beer would be very appreciated. I've just bought a heating belt and fridge, next is a temp controller. Thanks!
  23. gday folks. Apologies if this has already been discussed but Im new to home brewing and to this forum. I bought the coopers kit a couple of weeks ago but Im wanting to know how long can I get away with leaving it in the fermenter before bottling. Its already been in there for 2 weeks but ive just got word that I have to fly out for work for 3 weeks and Im not going to get a chance to bottle it before I leave. Will it be ok until I get back? Is there anything I should do to keep it in a good state while Im gone or do I just leave it? Thanks for any guidance here.
  24. Hi all, so in my excitement to get started brewing I used a past best before brew tin. Two years past to be specific. I'm on day 7 now and everything seems to be coming along nicely, nice colour, good head, BUT my brew has a very strong taste and odor of molasses. Can I hope this will mellow after its bottled? Should I leave it to ferment longer in the keg? Or should I just dump the whole thing and start fresh? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  25. Hi All, First of all, I am kida new to brewing, and dont have much experience in brewing. I have done a cooper pale ale and amber ale previously and they turned out ok. I am thinking of doing a cooper stout next and what I got is. 1.) Stout kit 2.) Coopers 1kg BE#2 3.) Coopers 1kg BE#3 4.) Cooper 500g light dry malt My question is this. Do I use BE#2 with 500g LDM? Do I use the BE#3 alone? Do I use BE#3 +500g LDM? Which combination will make a better stout? Also, do I add 1 carbonation drop per 750ml for stout or should I continue using 2 per 750ml. Rgds, T
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