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Found 82 results

  1. THE SEARCH FOR AUSTRALIA'S GREATEST DIY BREWER IS ON! Have your beer brewed by Coopers, sold through Dan Murphy's and become MASTER OF THE BREWNIVERSE! Learn more at coopersmotb.com.au
  2. Nine days ago put down a Coopers Irish stout with a 1kg of ldm, 200g lactose sugar, 100g of coconut sugar, 20ml coconut essence, along with 150gram mix of dark crystal and chocolate crystal cracked Infusion. I used safale Nottingham yeast. Well nine days later it’s in the bottle. The sample was awesome not too sweet and yes the coconut came through on the palate very subtle. I’ll get back to you all in two weeks!
  3. Hello everyone, I want to brew up a Kolsch when it gets warmer. Can I have some suggestions as to what beer extract kit to use as a starting point. Thanks for your time
  4. Put down a toucan stout today. 1 can coopers stout, 1 can coopers dark ale, 1kg brown sugar, 400ml expresso coffee from ground coffee beans and 25g East Kent golding hops steeped for 30 mins. Can't wait to taste it. OG 1060.
  5. I moved to the UK from Sydney in 2005 and packed my Coopers screw-lid brewing kit. I have recently found it again in the cellar and done a few brews in the last few months (after cleaning and sanitising everything thoroughly) and they have turned out great! AND... I also found some ingredients... I have: 1 can International Coopers APA: Best Before 12/Aug/06 1kg of BE2: Best Before 16/Sep/06 (this has hardened) 1kg of CSR Brewing Sugar 75% Cane Sugar and 25% Maltodextrin: PKD (packed date?) 13/Jan/04. I called my LHBS (well, not so much 'L' as online) and the Beer Yoda told me that the kit would be fine and that my choice of Safale US-05 yeast to replace the (probably very dead) kit yeast was good. I've done some reading and it seems the BE2 should be OK if dissolved in a few litres of boiling water and the CSR sugar should also be OK. Both of these are essentially just sugar so should be fine - there's nothing to die, right? Anyway - I figured I'd document my efforts in case anyone else is daft enough to want to try it with an old kit they've found! I'm just waiting for the temperatire to drop here a bit (mini heat wave in the UK right now) and then I'll crack on. Before I get going, I thought some folk might be kind enough to chip in with some advice/warnings? Am I right about the sugars? Should I add any more sugars? How much of these sugars should I add? I have some new 'in date' hops (Amarillo, Cascade and Citra) and plenty of new and 'in date' Coopers Light Dry Malt Extract I could add (but the 'in date' thing sort of defeats the purpose of this experiement, so I'd prefer not to.) Cheers! AA
  6. So I went into mad Brewer mode after my initial purchase of the Cooper's DIY kit anyways moving forward my first recipe maybe already done by someone but I haven't seen it so im calling this my zocasrillo draught . Made from my mistake of being unable to get the amber ale kit . Lets go : 1 xcoopers extract draught can. 150g glucose ( gluten free). 1 X be2 coopers box 1kg 25g x2 cascade hop pellets. 25g Amarillo hop pellets. 1x usa 05 yeast 1x coopers carbanation drops method Boil 5lt water and reduce to simmer in pot /wort and add glucose, ( stir till disloved) Flame off add in the Cooper's draught extract (stir 3min approx) . In fv add 2 lts of cold water and then add 2 lts of boiled water along with the be2 box.(stir till disloved). bring wort/pot back to rolling simmer add 25 g cascade hops 15 mins . add 25g amarillo hops to rolling simmer at 14 min mark ( 1min ) flame off (steep for 10 mins ) strain ,wort / pot contents to fv . add water to required level 21lt or 23lts (cold water if cooling required). pitch yeast USA 05 around 21c fermentation at 20c approx dry hop 25g cascade hops at day 5 of fermentation, bottled after 2 equal hydrometer Readings. 2 X coopers carbanation drops per 750ml OG = 1040 FG = 1002 /4.99% approx. results : good taste hop drivin draught mild bitter like beer ,good head retention and carbanation at or after day 12 onwards maturity will be highly considered. There you go anyhow knock it once you brew it cheers.
  7. Hi all. I am thinking of trying the Irish stout in the recipe section which is pretty basic ingredients. 1 Irish stout tin and 1 kg BE3. Any suggestions on anything else I could add to get a more flavour?
  8. Hi Folks, First time brewer and I need help. Today I bought the Coopers starter kit and a can of Dark Ale. The instructions are a little vague (Coopers take note!) and i didnt buy their enhancer #3... I've made up 23L using only the canned Dark Ale...and I live a distance from the shops. What can I use in its place? I have a Kilo of brown sugar. Help! Ken
  9. I am fairly new to this. I am only on my second brew and i decided to go for an IPA. However i have Cooper DIY Brew kit that has a Krausen collar. Now Coopers tell you to remove the Krausen Kollar after the foam subsides from the yeast. I am wondering if that should still be the case when dry hopping, or if i should leave it there till the end of the brew? I started the brew this afternoon and should hopefully be dry hopping around Day 6 or 7 but typically speaking the Krausen Kollar would need to come off around Day 3 or 4. Does anyone have some advice for me around this? Cheers
  10. Just started my diy brew journey have done Coopers pale ale kit , everything seemed ok, now on day 3 froth and foam doesn't seem as active much as last day or so does this froth normally slow/ disapear like this at this stage did a hydrometer test probably early but it's gassy and about 1018 am I still on track temps regulated at about 20/21c
  11. Hi All, I am thinking of doing a coopers APA next week, dry hopping Centennial Super Cascade. At what stage do I need to add the hops? How much do I add? Would it be ok to open the FV after a couple of days to add the hop bag? I usually leave the wort in the FV for 2 weeks before transferring to keg.
  12. Hey guys I’m going to make this recipe as listed on this website here: https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/authentic-ipa.html# but there are two things that I find confusing about this recipe. Can anyone that’s made it give me some advice? 1) The recipe comes with 1kg of dextrose but then further down in the ingredients it says 500g of dextrose. Which is it? 2) Neither the Recipe Contains or You Supply sections mention yeast but in the ingredients further down it says “1 x Coopers Commercial Yeast Culture (or ale yeast of your choice) & brew can yeast.” should I be adding both the brew can yeast and a packet of ale yeast? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!
  13. Onto my 4th brew since getting back on the homebrew wagon. Will consist 1.7 kg coopers pale ale, 1.5 kg light amber malt liquid can ,1 kg dextrose and vic secrete hops at 23-24 ltrs.My question is what will my ABV be with those fermentables?
  14. Hi all, first time brewing anything, was doing really well until the bottling stage where I realised I had only put 1 carbonation drop in the 750ml PET instead of 2 :( Beer is the Coopers Real Ale, and used Coopers Carb drops. Whats kind of effects will this have on my beer?, I only bottled yesterday so is it possible to open the beer and drop another carb drop in? Sorry for the amateur questions but if there's anything i can do to help the beer carb better, I'm all in . Thanks
  15. Hi people. Bored over lockdown so bought a Cooper’s diy beer kit. Did first brew with the ingredients that came with it and it has been in bottles for two weeks. I cant say I’m impressed with the final product so far. The beer finished fermenting and gave me an ABV of about 3% (Do I need to add anything to this for bottle ageing? Does the ABV increase in the bottle?). It stayed around 18c for the week it was in the FV. No temperature control yet though. The bottles give a decent fizz when opened but it’s not great beer. Drinkable, yes...something I would love going back for, no. It tastes a little weak and has some bitter notes I wouldn’t expect from a lager style beer, almost like you might get from a pale ale. Unsure about the yeast that is used as it’s just called “brewing” yeast. Do I write this off as brew/experiment number one or could I have done something to cause this? I wasn’t expecting great things from try number one but thought I’d check in for some opinions. Thanks everyone, Scott
  16. Hi folks, Free to a good home for someone just starting out. 1. 30 unused PET bottles from the starter kit not required by myself, 2. A pack of beer enhancer 1 I am located in Banksia 2216 pick up only. First in best dressed. Cheers Royce
  17. Hi, I have just started brewing my own beer and on my first attempt things did not turn out too bad! Drinkable, nice and clear, smelled ok and tasted quite nice. I was a bit disappointed with the ABV 3.41%. I brewed a "Coopers English Bitter" I used a Coopers beer enhancer for fermentation, opening gravity was 1.034 final gravity 1.008 for 2 days. The temperature varied between 22-24 centigrade for the 7 days. Is there any way i could get an higher ABV% say around 5%? Plus would be glad to listen to any advice. Cheers. PS. did not have a top when poured,
  18. Hi All, First of all, I am kida new to brewing, and dont have much experience in brewing. I have done a cooper pale ale and amber ale previously and they turned out ok. I am thinking of doing a cooper stout next and what I got is. 1.) Stout kit 2.) Coopers 1kg BE#2 3.) Coopers 1kg BE#3 4.) Cooper 500g light dry malt My question is this. Do I use BE#2 with 500g LDM? Do I use the BE#3 alone? Do I use BE#3 +500g LDM? Which combination will make a better stout? Also, do I add 1 carbonation drop per 750ml for stout or should I continue using 2 per 750ml. Rgds, T
  19. Bought another FV today with bottles bought as was cheap $30 . Inside is this mix can out of date see pics. Is it still safe to use?
  20. I brew with Coopers Pale ale and 500g of Coopers light dry malt. I reckon alc vol to be about 3.5%, but whatever it is suits me. I would like something even more malty, but similar strength, still based on a singlr can of Coopers DIY Any sugestions? Cheers marty
  21. Hello everyone, just about to start a brew with the can of Lager & Brew Enhancer 1, supplied in the brewing starter kit. I bought a bag of Galaxy (Aust - 15% Alpha) finishing hops from country brewer this morning and see conflicting information on when to add. The flyer in the store says to add the hops 4 days after starting the brew & leaving until end of fermentation. The instructions on the packet says steep in boiled water for 10 min and then add to fermenter just prior to adding yeast... Anybody able to de-conflict this for me? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance!
  22. First Brew in Years was a coopers IPA A kit with Brew enhancer 1 with 500g dme and a couple of hops sachets for good measure (PoR, Citra, Galaxy). Pitched 1 satchet of US05 (rehyrdrated) into the fermenter at 20litres. Was a bit arse about face due on the day, boiled a larger wort without factoring in cooling, took hours to get down to temperature even though it was a 15c night. This meant i pitched it a little hot 26c and really failed to aerate the wort. OG was 1.054 (which was expected). I was hoping for FG of 1.017 but it only made it to 1.020. It's been stable at this gravity for 4 days (14 days total so far) and the ferment temperature has been between 16c and 24 (not ideal, temperature control is on the way). I'm wondering if i got low yeast attenuation due to insufficient wort aeration and/or the fact that i probably should of pitched 2 sachets, or if it's actually stalled? Doesn't taste sweet and is already clearing despite not yet being cold crashed. Opinions?
  23. g,day fellow drinker,s thinking about trying a anarchy ipa looking at the alcohol content 5.7 a wee bit strong wondering if anybody has lowered this by increasing the volume to 24/25litres & if so what was the resulting abv content
  24. Well it’s 7 days later the specific gravity is constant. I’ve just bottled 48 stubbies of the lager kept it simple the can and beh2. It smelt and tasted okay. So now we’ll what happens in 4 weeks! Thanks for all the replies on my other posts. The journey has begun again 20 yrs later.
  25. Hi all, been a while since I home brewed and just getting back into the swing of it. Long time Coopers drinker but also a tragic for the old faithful Reschs draught. I was curious if anyone can help with a recipe using one of the Coopers extracts. I’ve just started a straight lager after buying the kit to get my eye back in so to say. Having said this I’d love to get a recipient for the Reschs draught note not the Pilsner. Any help will be appreciated. Great forums and wish me luck. thanks Royce.
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