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Found 59 results

  1. Hi all, been a while since I home brewed and just getting back into the swing of it. Long time Coopers drinker but also a tragic for the old faithful Reschs draught. I was curious if anyone can help with a recipe using one of the Coopers extracts. I’ve just started a straight lager after buying the kit to get my eye back in so to say. Having said this I’d love to get a recipient for the Reschs draught note not the Pilsner. Any help will be appreciated. Great forums and wish me luck. thanks Royce.
  2. THE SEARCH FOR AUSTRALIA'S GREATEST DIY BREWER IS ON! Have your beer brewed by Coopers, sold through Dan Murphy's and become MASTER OF THE BREWNIVERSE! Learn more at coopersmotb.com.au
  3. I'm very basic in my beer making, I make mostly a toucan Coopers, IPA Brew A. No tricks or boiling, Open the cans add water and yeast and in a couple of weeks I have a beer that is very drinkable. So looking to step up my game ever so slightly without having to work too hard at it. How and what is my best option for adding hops to this recipe. I'm hoping to add a bit more hop flavour and it's ok if it ends up a little cloudy. Any recommendations? Keep it simple...
  4. hi guys n gals of the brewing universe, so the old man used to brew many moons ago using from memory 1 can of coopers bitter, and 1 can of coopers draught or lager wasnt too bad a drop but a little rough round the edges. anyway i thought id make use of the old 60L fermenter so ran into town to grab 2 cans of the sparkling ale but in my haste and excitement ive actually grabbed one sparkling and on ipa (both coopers brand) basically wanting to know if anyone has done this with success or if its going to fail. thanks for any advice on my current issue
  5. I'm looking for a freshening session or summer ale using stuff I've got in store and I want to base it on the Aust. Pale Ale can. It is well within date, but my oldest stock item. Something based on or similar to the Shark Fin Summer Ale looks OK. I would even like to go a little lower in alcohol than 4.5% - down as low as 4.0%. I was thinking maybe 500gm LDME with 250gm Dextrose instead of the full 1 kg of LDME I have all the ingredients except Enigma hops. Suggested substitutes that I have on hand are Vic Secret, Nelson Sauv, Topaz and Cascade. Any comments and suggestions?
  6. I am new to brewing and have only done two batches so far. I want to do an IPA for the summer since I love the grapefruit taste I get from them. Is coopers IPA good left alone or should I add more hopes like citra to get more of that flavour? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. New brewer questions 1 how long do I need to leave a kit to ferment? Have started an Australian draught kit 8days ago. 2 the process of adding gelatine to clear the brew, when should I do this and how long will that take.?
  8. Brewers! First off, I wish to wish everyone a merry and safe Christmas! So, I want to know the best way about about doubling/tripling a craft kit recipe for the standard 30l fermenter! Would it be as simple as using a larger tin and tripling the rest of ingredients? For instance I’ve done a few of the craft recipes and they are amazing and I want to do more volume! Ie jitter juice and lime milkshake ipa Any help would be gladly appreciated!
  9. Need some advice please. I'm new to brewing and started my 3rd brew today. Followed the Coopers recipe for Bootmaker Pale Ale = 1.7 kg can of extract and 1.5 kg of light dry malt (3 x 500g boxes of light dry malt). This is the recipe on the DIY website. Mixed up the brew this afternoon and it looks really dark, e.g. like a porter. Is this normal? I would've thought a pale ale would've been relatively light in co lour? The process: I poured 5 litres of warm water into the brewing vessel, added the extract and the malt, mixed thoroughly, added water to the 23 litre mark, sprinkled the yeast on top and gave it another stir. It's currently sitting at 22 degrees. Gravity reading was 1.040. Would love your feedback please
  10. In the states where Aldi is allowed to sell grog, Coopers Celebration Ale on spec from next Wednesday 27th December. And a couple of Germans as well.
  11. Hi just about to do my very first diy brew. I have been trying to read up on the best place to keep the brew, and what is the best way to keep it and the right temp. I live in brisbane and the temp goes up to about 25c and down low as 13c. Any help would be great.
  12. just wondering has any one made a best extra stout, using the stout yeast in the can. instead of using the commercial yeast ,cheers
  13. Hi everyone I'm doing my first Coopers lager brew, it's been on for a couple of days with a heat pad so sitting between 20 to 22 degrees and I think it's going okay. The brew has changed from a dark brown to a much lighter brown. Quick question, there is quite a bit of what looks like yeast sitting on top of the white head. I'm due to remove the krausen collar tomorrow. Is it worthwhile giving the brew a stir to mix in the yeast that's sitting on top or just leave it? Thanks
  14. Hi all Just a quick question as this is my first Coopers lager brew. Now on day 6 so I'll begin testing the FG tonight to see if it has stabilised. Brewed at 22 degrees... Most of the foam has disappeared and I've noticed a discolouration over the past few days at the top of the brew. Just checking that it's normal? Many thanks
  15. Hi, brand new to brewing but have listened to a few brewers across the years. I bought a kit and extras 2nd hand from a FB Buy/Swap member. In the stuff I got were several immersion heaters, 2 with temp control - I checked they worked before hand and sterilised one. I cut a hole in the top of the bucket (lid) and a hole in a silicon bung to feed the power lead through and dangled the heater in the bucket. I cleaned and sanitized and started with a Real Ale Coopers can and No3 Enhancer. I gave it a couple of hours and realised I'd forgotten to get OG so I did that and it looked to be ~1035. I also checked the look & saw the heater had no LED glow. It was late so I got an old electric blanket and wrapped the bucket so it wouldn't chill overnight. Unfortunately it was a double blanket and the side I set to 1 wasn't the side I plugged in so I woke to find the brew showing 36°. I unwrapped to let it cool. Took HOURS but eventually came down to 24° by that evening so I wrapped it (with no heating) and went to bed. All yesterday and today it's been sitting at 22°. I'd guess it was above 26° for about 12 hours with an unknown number of those overnight until I got up and found the temp so high. It was late when I turned on the blanket - maybe 11 PM. Inspections: During the warm period when the temp was about 26° I could see where the top frothiness (can't recall what that is called) had reached but the surface was bubble covered with small patches showing liquid. Slight bubbling was happening across the surface. At 22° the surface looked still. I wondered if I killed the yeast - I did the SG and it's now about 1010. I started late Wed arvo, it's now Sat arvo. The sample for SG smelled like beer, bit cloudy, had slight fizziness. I plan to SG tomorrow because I am wondering if the heat may have forced a fast brew. Have I spoiled my first batch? Could it have completed brewing in such a short time? From reading up a bit, I am hopeful the early heat may have been countered by the yeast being able to break down the unwanted products.
  16. First brew is settling for a couple of days prior to bottling so I thought I'd plan for what goes in the next brew. I have: 2 x Coopers Draught cans (old BBD Sep 10 for 1 and Oct 19 for other)) 1 x Coopers Dark Ale can (new) 1 x Brew Enhancer #3 bag of sugar (think it's just table sugar but it's very fine) Brown sugar I'd like to make a stronger than normal drinkable beer. I figure I will need new yeast for the Draught cans and plan to get LDM 500gm Currently I am thinking... Plan 1: 2 x Draught, BE3, 250 gm brown sugar, 250 gm normal sugar - hopefully counter the bitterness mentioned from combining 2 cans? Plan 2: 1 x Dark Ale, BE3, LDM - unsure about brown sugar for this - it SOUNDS like it would add a nice flavour, but...? Thoughts please?
  17. Hi guys. Before I say anything, I respect both sides of this equation & question. Given some of the commercial brews released by Coopers in the last 24 months, I was really interested in the links between the commercial entity & the DIY entity in terms of overall development & contact between the two in regard to Coopers beers moving forward. You're both crack teams & I was wondering if there was any interaction &/or rivalry on some level between the two, & was hoping for a little insight into how you both might interact at times if indeed this even happens. Secretly I'm hoping I've opened a conversation where you two proud Coopers areas can have a bit of fun in a friendly slinging match I reckon everyone on the forum would really enjoy reading. I've turned the volume setting to "ON" with the mic, any takers in Coopers land? Cheers, Lusty.
  18. I started a new 4L batch of beer today with coopers mexican cerveza and havent seen many bubbles out of the airlock? I used regular white sugar instead of the brew enhancer but did pretty much everything else right. My OG was 1.050
  19. Hey all, I have searched the forum but can't find an answer to a discussion a mate and I are having. Can someone tell me why we have to add the 1.7kg can to hot water with the mixed sugars etc and then add cool water to get to temp before adding yeast. I could be wrong, often are says the Mrs, but thought why not just add the can to an already stable temp'd fermenter, mix and then add the yeast. Yeast is added at the same temp it will ferment at for the next week or so before bottling. If anyone could shed some light I'd be grateful. As you can tell, absolute newbie.
  20. Hi all, looking for some help - my temp controller died the other day and had a brew on at the time, managed to keep it in the target temp range by turning the fridge on for a couple hours before bed then turning it off again - did this for a week. Went away for 5 days over the last weekend and decided to cold crash - it's an old fridge and it completely froze the brew! When I got back it was a giant beerberg. I've defrosted it up to about 10 degrees now and looking to bottle over the next few days. I'm wondering if being frozen for a few days will have affected the yeast to the point where it won't be able to bottle carb? I was planning on reusing the yeast with a classy pitch onto yeast cake for my next brew as well and wondering if the freezing will affect it's viability? Should I disturb the sediment and give the whole thing a stir and leave it at 20 degrees for a couple days? I was using reactivated Cooper's commercial yeast, first time it's been used. Thanks in advance.
  21. I’m fairly new to homebrewing and have started a batch of 86 Day Pilsner. It’s been fermenting for 10 days now and isn't in the specific gravity that I was advised it should be in on the hydrometer after checking 3 days in a row. Its still bubbling from the airlock and bubbles once every 10 minutes and has been fermenting between 20-22 degrees. Reading through the online instructions and the instructions on the tin it says that it should be ready after 6 days at 21 degrees but the hydrometer readings arent consistent. I was told it was supposed to be in the green on the hydrometer. Online it mentions that the 86 days pilsner takes longer than other products in the Thomas Cooper range? Has anyone had any experience with the 86 Days Pilsner and can give any advice when I should bottle or any things I should be looking out for or any general advice? Thanks in advance
  22. Can someone please tell me why coopers supplies a brew enhancer one in there diy kits (I have 3 now) with there lager and the lager that comes in the kit says it should have brew enhancer 2. In fact I have not seen one of the coopers brew's that reqiure a brew enhancer 1 they are all either brew enhancer two or threee except for the british lager which are 500grams of light dry malt. Why is this?
  23. Just reading over the Anarchy IPA recipe of the month and I realised I have stuffed up when putting this recipe down yesterday! I only topped up to 20l, the recipe says top up to 20l then get temp right by topping up to 22l, I pitched the yeast about 24hrs ago and it's in my temp controlled freezer, should I risk adding another 2l of water or just leave it be? Airlock is bubbling away nicely. What do you people think?
  24. I just wanted to make a comment about the Thomas Coopers Bootmaker's Pale Ale kit. When the new range was released I eagerly looked at this kit as the first I wished to brew, & have subsequently brewed a number of the Thomas Coopers range. This was the only one I was disappointed in of the kits I've tried so far. I'm only disappointed because of the extra price tag above the other ranges. For the style it appears to be aimed at I feel it falls short as a base kit. I would much prefer to see something like a Centennial/Simcoe mix other than the current Cascade/Styrian Golding combo that makes up the current hop mix. This particular range of kits should be fully loaded at their current price point where no extra hops/grains should be required & still produce a high quality beer in the styles they are aimed at. This kit is not quite up to the mark IMHO. I wish it was. I don't mean any offence. Just my 2 cents. Cheers, Lusty.
  25. Hey guys I am reasonably new to brewing, have mainly been doing basic brews except for “Beer O’clock Session IPA Reciepe” am keen to attempt a Coppers Session copy using Coopers Lager and Melba Hops as well as Galaxy Hops. Was going to boil the hops in the wort for 20 on galaxy and 10 on Melba thoughts? Very open to different suggestions (only getting used to using Hops)
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