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Found 59 results

  1. Hi just about to do my very first diy brew. I have been trying to read up on the best place to keep the brew, and what is the best way to keep it and the right temp. I live in brisbane and the temp goes up to about 25c and down low as 13c. Any help would be great.
  2. Looking at moving away from extract tins and giving a single infusion mash a try. From what I've been reading it seems a good starting point so if anyone has some tips, suggestions, or any wisdom to bestow on me I'm keen to hear it. Cheers
  3. I wanted to get this little 5g sachet packet of brigalow brewing yeast from the shops and was wondering if its any good compared to using the coopers kit yeast? Also really wondering what the max abv it can get up to like 15% to 20% perhaps? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone I'm doing my first Coopers lager brew, it's been on for a couple of days with a heat pad so sitting between 20 to 22 degrees and I think it's going okay. The brew has changed from a dark brown to a much lighter brown. Quick question, there is quite a bit of what looks like yeast sitting on top of the white head. I'm due to remove the krausen collar tomorrow. Is it worthwhile giving the brew a stir to mix in the yeast that's sitting on top or just leave it? Thanks
  5. Hi all Just a quick question as this is my first Coopers lager brew. Now on day 6 so I'll begin testing the FG tonight to see if it has stabilised. Brewed at 22 degrees... Most of the foam has disappeared and I've noticed a discolouration over the past few days at the top of the brew. Just checking that it's normal? Many thanks
  6. I've had a brew down for a few days and is fermenting ok but thought I would ask a slight recipe mistake. I boiled 1 kg of light dry malt with hops when I should gave split in half 500 gm with hops and then the other 500 gm of dry light malt with the malt extract after with the boiled liquid in the fermentation vessel. I didn't think this would be an issue but thought I would ask.
  7. Hiya, I've made up a mexican batch and it has turned out the best flavour, I'm thinking that I would love to have a mango flavour to it, but don't know how to do it without screwing up the recipe. Any suggestions/can it be done? Thanks, Graham
  8. Hi guys. Before I say anything, I respect both sides of this equation & question. Given some of the commercial brews released by Coopers in the last 24 months, I was really interested in the links between the commercial entity & the DIY entity in terms of overall development & contact between the two in regard to Coopers beers moving forward. You're both crack teams & I was wondering if there was any interaction &/or rivalry on some level between the two, & was hoping for a little insight into how you both might interact at times if indeed this even happens. Secretly I'm hoping I've opened a conversation where you two proud Coopers areas can have a bit of fun in a friendly slinging match I reckon everyone on the forum would really enjoy reading. I've turned the volume setting to "ON" with the mic, any takers in Coopers land? Cheers, Lusty.
  9. Hi guys - brewing my first brew with Coopers Pale Ale. Followed all the instructions etc. I've only deviated by buying a heat belt half way through and addit it - first five days was 18C then the last has been 24C. It's been 8 days since first brew and for two days the gravity reading is a steady 1.006. I'm sort of a 'follow the instructions' sort of chap but I note that the pale ale instructions don't indicate a final gravity readin to go by. A lot of other recipes do. So...... should I bottle now at FG 1.006 or is this not a good range for it to be in - e.g. have I stuffed it up etc? Happy for comments guys as I couldn't find a thread on this FG reading for pale ale (happy to be pointed in the right direction.) Terry
  10. Hey all, I have searched the forum but can't find an answer to a discussion a mate and I are having. Can someone tell me why we have to add the 1.7kg can to hot water with the mixed sugars etc and then add cool water to get to temp before adding yeast. I could be wrong, often are says the Mrs, but thought why not just add the can to an already stable temp'd fermenter, mix and then add the yeast. Yeast is added at the same temp it will ferment at for the next week or so before bottling. If anyone could shed some light I'd be grateful. As you can tell, absolute newbie.
  11. Did a Coopers English Bitter with two packets of the Coopers kit yeast. When I sprinkled them out, one was noticably more orange looking. Im assuming one was a lot older than the other? Even if it was off, the other yeast will do the trick (had airlock activity within an hour). Just wondering, has anyone else had this with the Coopers yeast?
  12. I am new to brewing and have only done two batches so far. I want to do an IPA for the summer since I love the grapefruit taste I get from them. Is coopers IPA good left alone or should I add more hopes like citra to get more of that flavour? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  13. Hi, this is my first brew. Is it ok to use stubbies I have been saving, for bottling. ? I know bottling will be fiddly with small bottles, but will they be safe and not explode? Cheers
  14. I have just completed a 23 litre batch of morgans stockman. Its flat in seconds. How can I save it ..
  15. Is there any need to sterilise metal caps straight from a new pack ?
  16. I just wanted to make a comment about the Thomas Coopers Bootmaker's Pale Ale kit. When the new range was released I eagerly looked at this kit as the first I wished to brew, & have subsequently brewed a number of the Thomas Coopers range. This was the only one I was disappointed in of the kits I've tried so far. I'm only disappointed because of the extra price tag above the other ranges. For the style it appears to be aimed at I feel it falls short as a base kit. I would much prefer to see something like a Centennial/Simcoe mix other than the current Cascade/Styrian Golding combo that makes up the current hop mix. This particular range of kits should be fully loaded at their current price point where no extra hops/grains should be required & still produce a high quality beer in the styles they are aimed at. This kit is not quite up to the mark IMHO. I wish it was. I don't mean any offence. Just my 2 cents. Cheers, Lusty.
  17. After 6 years off from making my own beer Ive decided to get back into it. Put down my first batch yesterday bought the Coopers Diy Kit. Ive decided to put the vessel in the garage which in summer is way to hot. I noticed that the last few nights being cold the temp was around 15 to 17 degrees in the morning. Yesterday I bought a heat belt which I was told keeps the beer at around 26 degrees. This morning I checked the beer and it was between 28 and 30 Degrees so I turned off the heat belt. My question as it's already began fermenting will the temp go up due to fermentation naturally? It looks like it could be difficult to regulate the temp with the heat strap.
  18. So just cracked open my first bottle of Jailhouse Juice after three weeks. It's a lot darker than I thought it would be, a lovely aroma and great Hoppy taste, quite bitter, I guess that could be the zest of the grapefruit. Quite happy though at 5.8% roughly. Anyone else had good results with this recipe of the month?
  19. Hi guys, Finally decided to join forum been a long time follower. I brewed kit and kilo about ten years ago and stopped and started again about a year and a half ago. I now BIAB with great results IMO with about 16 batches BIAB under my belt almost literally with my neighbours help. I have found this forum very helpful and just wanted to say thanks to everyone who contributes on here. I have used coopers kits mainly earlier in my brewing career and I am using the coopers schooner malt at the moment with good results. @PB2 seriously though. I mainly enjoy pale ales and IPA but like all really. Kind regards Hox
  20. Hi everyone, I would like to put down a Aussie pale ale and the thing is I’m going away next Friday for Easter weekend. I am reading and hearing fermentation on this is about 8-10 days my question is can it be left long without doing harm. Other wise I might wait a few more days then put it down. I have a temp controlled fridge That it will fit into. thanks guys
  21. Hey Legends, Just joined the home craft brewing game and wanting to make a nice and refreshing Mexican Cerveza. I’ve got the tin from big w. Hoping around 4-4.5% mark with light hops and bitterness. Ideally a basic crisp beer to begin. Can anyone give me an easy and basic recipe to start with that they have tried? Cheers!
  22. Hi guys as a newbie I recently made up a batch of Aztec Gold. I believe I followed the recipe fairly faithfully and bottled the brew using Corona stubbies, (355ml) The brew finishes clear in the bottle after a couple of weeks secondary fermentation. My issue is there is a fairly substantial deposit of sediment on the bottom of each bottle. It remains fairly stable and most of the brew can be drunk straight from the stubby without any apparent taste for feel of sediment but there is some residue and you know you've gotta wash that bottle. I have used Cooper's ingredients right through including the sugar drops. Do I just wear it as a feature of home brew or is there something I can/should do to eliminate the sediment. Grateful for your thoughts Tony O'Neill
  23. Hi there Been brewing now for two years and I’m loving it. It has been and still is a steep learning curve, it is however becoming slightly easier. I have concentrated my efforts mainly on Woodford’s selection. I have recently brewed up some cider and an American IPA, Evil Dog. It is a lovely beer great taste but watch out, its very pokey. This is my first post on any beer forum, so bear with me. I started with Wilco’s barrels and though they are cheap, they are hard work from the lifting point, no handles. I also had a lot of trouble with the lid seal and had to use lots of sealing gel on it. I then tried out the King Keg and found it a much more user friendly experience. The valve leaked so i bought a stainless steel replacement with the option of using the 8g capsules or flipping the spike over and using the super 30 cylinder. I have, since then, bought two more King Kegs, both of which leaked!!! I am having to leave my gas cylinder in one the S30 valves and a 8g capsule in the other one to keep the pressure in, very frustrating. What’s is even more annoying is that the stainless steel S30 has now started leaking too. I am an ex gas engineer so I know its the valve that’s leaking. I Bought all the King Kegs etc from the Homebrew Shop in Farnborough. Has anyone else had any problems with the S30 valves or it’s just me???? Still loving it
  24. Hey guys Looking for ideas on improving/experimenting with the coopers Australian Pale Ale kit. I currently have: 1x Australian Pale Ale 1.7kg 1x Brew enhancer 2 1kg I also have on hand Simcoe, Centennial and Riwaka hops. Just wondering what hop schedule I could do for the above hops or if could add any specialty grains to pimp the standard kit out a bit Any ideas or input would be great!
  25. Hi guys. I"ve just made a Pale Ale from a fresh wort which I've done many times with great success. This time however I've kegged it then chilled it and gave it 24 hours of gas as usual. BUT, this time I pour it and it's super syrupy in texture. It's not sweet at all and the final gravity was 1012 or so. It tastes ok - quite bitter but sort of normal but it's very very syrupy with seemingly some bits floating around in it. IT was a fresh wort and I put 50 or so grams of galaxy hop pellets in on day 4 or so. JUst wondering if anyone thinks this is worth holding on to or might it be a gonner!
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