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Found 106 results

  1. Nine days ago put down a Coopers Irish stout with a 1kg of ldm, 200g lactose sugar, 100g of coconut sugar, 20ml coconut essence, along with 150gram mix of dark crystal and chocolate crystal cracked Infusion. I used safale Nottingham yeast. Well nine days later it’s in the bottle. The sample was awesome not too sweet and yes the coconut came through on the palate very subtle. I’ll get back to you all in two weeks!
  2. Put down a toucan stout today. 1 can coopers stout, 1 can coopers dark ale, 1kg brown sugar, 400ml expresso coffee from ground coffee beans and 25g East Kent golding hops steeped for 30 mins. Can't wait to taste it. OG 1060.
  3. Planning on doing a diy cooper sparkling ale recipe...instead of using 300grams of dextrose could i use 1kg BE1...or should i keep to the recipe
  4. Laneway Latte Stout - June 2020 Craft Recipe of the Month in pdf file for those outside of Aussieland to be able to see the recipe. Laneway Latte Stout.pdf
  5. Handy link for calculating the final temperature when mixing volumes of two liquids at different temperatures. https://rechneronline.de/chemie-rechner/mix-temperatures.php For example 600ml of boiling water plus 400ml 20°C tap water = 1L of 68°C water. Handy for quickly getting a litre of water at grain stepping temperature. The proportions also work: 1200ml boiling + 800ml 20°C tap water = 2L of 68°C water, 1800ml boiling + 1200ml 20°C tap water = 3L of 68°C water., etc
  6. Good morning folks, Have just bought some Light Dry Malt and a 1kg Brew Enchancer to attempt my second ever brew - the first one was alright a couple of years ago, we just threw in some brewing sugar, but thought this time I'd do a bit of research and hope for a tastier beer. To the point though, the packs are both missing any instructions as to how to mix - I don't want to cock it up before even starting. All the recipes on this site just say "See top flap" but there's nothing on mine.. Anyone able to take a snap of the instructions from their box? Appreciate any help Geewhizz
  7. I have a book on 17th century brewing bought at a reinactment fair. Some of the recipes are very interesting, has anyone tried historical brewing before?
  8. Hi Community, your advice please. It's been 16 days since I bottled my first beer (Lager that comes with the kit), but there's still sugar from the carbonation drops at the bottom of the bottles. Is this normal? Must I wait a while longer for it to dissolve or can I shake the bottles?
  9. Hello I've just re-started hombrewing after a 22 year break just wondering if there are any ladies out there that are brewing their own beer?
  10. Hi team, I’m wanting to put down a Pineapple IPA this weekend and looking to enter it into the Ian H spreadsheet so I have an idea of how / where I’m at. My trouble that I have encountered is that Pineapple Juice is not in the spreadsheet adjuncts list and I have zero idea of how to get the required info for it i.e. EBC, Potential & Fermentability. Anyone have experience in this and able to set me in the right direction? Cheers and beers you mob!
  11. I need help! I was given a Coopers home brew kit for Xmas. After several brews, Lager & Draught, and brew enhancers 1,2,&3 I cannot get a brew that will hold a head. I initially thought it was my glass so I bought new ones, no help. I am using rain water as I am on a rural property. Should I be using town water with all its additives? I have followed the instructions regarding specific gravity etc. HELP!!!!
  12. Has anyone made any adjustments to the hefe wheat at all ? Ive just kegged my first batch it looks and tastes good but only 3.9% . I'd like to get it to around 5.5% while still keeping it tasting like a wheat beer. Any tips or thoughts would be great ?
  13. hey yall! Sorry if this was asked somewhere, couldn't find it if it was. Just got my new Coopers DIY kit and started my first brew last night(about 20hrs ago). Looking for a little advice going forward. Started a cerveza kit with 1lb of light DME and 1lb of dextrose added. The DME clumped up pretty bad, and although I was able to get most to mix in, there are now some chunks of it floating at the top of the fermenter. I also don't see very much action as fermentation goes. A few small patches of bubbles at the top... but there were some rising bubbles in the gravity tube sample I took about an hour ago. The kit is sitting at a stable 72F. ...Shouldn't there be more active fermentation by this time? Was wondering if I got a bad yeast. It looked kinda rust colored and brittle, like toasted coconut when i added it. Also, do you think it's a good idea to scoop out those floating clumps of DME with a well cleaned and sanitized strainer at this point? (Am I over thinking/stressing this?) Any advice much appreciated.
  14. Hi All, I am thinking of doing a coopers APA next week, dry hopping Centennial Super Cascade. At what stage do I need to add the hops? How much do I add? Would it be ok to open the FV after a couple of days to add the hop bag? I usually leave the wort in the FV for 2 weeks before transferring to keg.
  15. Hi all I am fairly new to the brewing scene, have completed a larger and ginger beer which was a year or two ago and both turned out ok. I am looking at getting back into my brewing with this whole isolation situation... Just wondering what everybody’s experiences been using fresh fruit in their brew? What type of beer did you brew (larger, blonde, etc), what fruit worked best and at what stage of brewing did you add it? Sorry if this has already been discussed. Cheers
  16. Hey guys, So this has probably been asked a thousand times. But I am looking to start brewing my own beer, so just looking for some advice on where to start. What's a good kit to get to start brewing? What type of beer is better for beginners? Pretty much anything to help would be great. I've read a little bit on using kegs instead of bottles as well, which I think would be a better idea for me instead of bottling. Cheers
  17. Good Morning, Could I ask is it OK to brew product from Morgans Brewery in the Coopers DIY fermenting vessel. The reason I ask is because the Coopers fermenting vessel is an open top with lid, and the Morgans kit is a closed vessel with an airlock. Thanks, Graham
  18. Hi people. Bored over lockdown so bought a Cooper’s diy beer kit. Did first brew with the ingredients that came with it and it has been in bottles for two weeks. I cant say I’m impressed with the final product so far. The beer finished fermenting and gave me an ABV of about 3% (Do I need to add anything to this for bottle ageing? Does the ABV increase in the bottle?). It stayed around 18c for the week it was in the FV. No temperature control yet though. The bottles give a decent fizz when opened but it’s not great beer. Drinkable, yes...something I would love going back for, no. It tastes a little weak and has some bitter notes I wouldn’t expect from a lager style beer, almost like you might get from a pale ale. Unsure about the yeast that is used as it’s just called “brewing” yeast. Do I write this off as brew/experiment number one or could I have done something to cause this? I wasn’t expecting great things from try number one but thought I’d check in for some opinions. Thanks everyone, Scott
  19. I’ve had a coopers larger bottled for two weeks in my kitchen cupboard and the weather here in SA has been around 14 degrees. I’ve checked a bottle today and the bottles are hardened slightly but there doesn’t seem much carbonation going on. I know the temp should be about 17 degrees however could I leave the larger in the bottles for longer, say 3-5 weeks, would it bring up carbonation at 14 degrees? Cheers.
  20. Hello everyone. Just started brewing 4weeks ago and thought it bout time i tasted my brew. Popped a cap and it exploded all over me and the roof and the floor. Managed to get a taste but all the others over opened since then are doing the same sorta thing. Any ideas. Pretty thirsty now but don't was waste it
  21. Hi everyone, I’m going to put down a “Coopers XPA” as found in the recipe section of the DIY Beer site. I have all of the ingredients however am substituting the respective hops with El Dorado and Azacca. At first I could not buy the light dry malt, so bought the Brew Enhancer 3 for its malt content. My question is, if I add the brew enhancer 3 to the wort on top of all the other malt (light crystal grains 400g, light liquid malt extract 1.5kg and light dry malt 500g), will it do anything adverse to the brew? thanks for any / all advice, this is a great community! Tony
  22. Hi folks, Free to a good home for someone just starting out. 1. 30 unused PET bottles from the starter kit not required by myself, 2. A pack of beer enhancer 1 I am located in Banksia 2216 pick up only. First in best dressed. Cheers Royce
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