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  1. Still waiting for the controller. le sigh! But I now have a Fermenting Fridge - it's all fridge so it fits 2 x FV's in there. Perfect for purpose. Cost a massive $30. And he brought it around for me! I've got another fridge coming which was to be the FF but it has a freezer section at top which meant only 1 FV at a time. (although I did pick up a squat but fatter FV that I was hoping to fit in with the taller one) That fridge will now be the supplies and beer fridge.
  2. Hi all I'm relatively new to brewing and I'm looking to brew Mangrove jacks Elderflower and Lime cider I was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks they use when brewing this cider.
  3. I’m about to get into brewing, I am thinking of ordering the Coopers brew kit, but not sure if I should use the PET bottles or look at ordering in some glass bottles. I’m think of ordering 330 ml glass flip tops. Are the Coopers PET worth using or am I better off in the long run investing in glass bottles. Also any recommendations on sanitizers, or should I just use the common household bleach. Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, Im relatively new to this brewing thing. I have done 3 batches, and all of them have had the same weird (the only way I can describe it is) Pongy taste to it. is this just a standard thing that everyone encounters of should I be doing something to make sure this dent happen? Brewed a lager , Pale ale and stout from the brewing extract. Also any tips to make a great beer would be very appreciated. I've just bought a heating belt and fridge, next is a temp controller. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I’m putting down my 2nd brew, I’m a new brewer & would like to know should I stir the brew in the vat as it’s ready to bottle but there is a layer 1/2way of colour change. Which means if I start drawing the brew thru the tap it will change when I get to 1/2way, what should I do?
  6. Hi all I am fairly new to the brewing scene, have completed a larger and ginger beer which was a year or two ago and both turned out ok. I am looking at getting back into my brewing with this whole isolation situation... Just wondering what everybody’s experiences been using fresh fruit in their brew? What type of beer did you brew (larger, blonde, etc), what fruit worked best and at what stage of brewing did you add it? Sorry if this has already been discussed. Cheers
  7. Hello everyone, I want to brew up a Kolsch when it gets warmer. Can I have some suggestions as to what beer extract kit to use as a starting point. Thanks for your time
  8. Hey Brew Dudes After many years of brewing with a hybrid 3V system I've decided to cross over and give BAIB a go. My 19 litre Coleman Mash Tun has been giving me nothing but trouble with stuck mashes and my investment in a false bottom turned out to be a waste of cash as it wouldn't fit nicely. I've also always struggled with kettle losses and my efficiency never gets above 70% these days. I will appreciate it if some of the regular BAIB are willing to share their process and any tips and tricksthey have picked up on the way. Cheers & Beers Scottie
  9. Brew Dudes & Dudettes Didn't get off to the greatest start tripping over the dog while carrying 18 litres of water in an open you Coleman Eski (in the past I have filled up the HLT with the garden hose, knowing that this is not advisable and now having a spare 19 litre container I decided to fill up from the kitchen tap). Also decided it's best to cap the Eski when carrying it full. Dog Ok and the floor is now mopped and the walls cleaned - multitasking brew day. Grains are milled just waiting now for strike water to hit 72 degrees.
  10. Hi team, I’m wanting to put down a Pineapple IPA this weekend and looking to enter it into the Ian H spreadsheet so I have an idea of how / where I’m at. My trouble that I have encountered is that Pineapple Juice is not in the spreadsheet adjuncts list and I have zero idea of how to get the required info for it i.e. EBC, Potential & Fermentability. Anyone have experience in this and able to set me in the right direction? Cheers and beers you mob!
  11. Hey all, well I've had this old portable air conditioner sitting in the garage waiting till i had some time to try and build a glycol chiller. I set about it today and stripped everthing down disgarding the part i dont need. Here are some photos of todays progress. Its an old Electrolux. Tomorrow i will add some water and hook up the electrics and see if it starts to cool before moving any further and cutting slots on the esky for the pipe work.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    I've just started pressure fermenting, and was interested in the level of carbonation it would generate, what pressure I would need to ferment at to achieve a desired carbonation level without further burst carbonating, and also how much I would need to prime any leftovers that didn't fit into the keg. I've put together this spreadsheet. Thought it might be of interest to some others. If there are any errors, or any additional features that would be useful, let me know and I'll try fix it up. Cheers, Mitch
  13. Next lager is the Fresh Draught recipe from Coopers spreadsheet so this will be my first go with hops. Recipe calls for 12g of Cascade steeped in 500mm boiled water. What's the best method. Might as well get the right gear to start off. But practical too as I'm a long way off doing AG brews
  14. Hi, I have just started brewing my own beer and on my first attempt things did not turn out too bad! Drinkable, nice and clear, smelled ok and tasted quite nice. I was a bit disappointed with the ABV 3.41%. I brewed a "Coopers English Bitter" I used a Coopers beer enhancer for fermentation, opening gravity was 1.034 final gravity 1.008 for 2 days. The temperature varied between 22-24 centigrade for the 7 days. Is there any way i could get an higher ABV% say around 5%? Plus would be glad to listen to any advice. Cheers. PS. did not have a top when poured,
  15. Happy days, Finally received my brew kit after a very long three weeks thanks to COVID-19 . My First Brew - BootMakers Pale Ale I’ve sterilised absolutely everything, put my ingredients in , OG @ 36, temp @ 24/25 degrees initial temp and now in the Lag Phase. Only concern I had was a consistent temperature as I’ve got my kit stored in my garage, I’ve bought a heat belt and have my brew sitting after a very cold night still at 22 degrees just checked out my old fridge and have enough room to crash after fermentation to force Flocculation, hopefully that’s the right process before bottling. Now Time to patiently wait...
  16. After a lot of years break, I finally got the urge to get back into to brewing, thank you to the China virus. I mixed the brew up put the yeast in, next day not bubbling, waited till midday got some fresh yeast from the shop. Now 24 hrs later still no action. what can I do? Still smells OK.
  17. Lacking my Inkbird and having been at home a fair bit I've been manually managing FV temps the last few days. As the yeast in this Dark Ale is Coopers Comm it's supposed to be kept at 18° but I've been letting it warm to 18.8-9 then turning the fridge back on till it gets back to 18° again. Is this bad or within acceptable limits?
  18. Looks like my new temp controller isn't "essential freight" out of Victoria. Guess I'll have to manually manage temps for a bit longer. No lagers planned atmo anyway.
  19. Hey Brew Dudes Hopefully everyone is keeping well given the current circumstances. On Tuesday I commenced a brew day to punch out one of the best dark beers I've ever done (Note @Beerlust I refrain my say my best beer 'eva). The first mistake, well it led to the rest, was that when measuring my Grain I placed the Flaked Barley in with my Maris Otter and then put the Amber Malt, Chocolate Malt, Carafa and the Roasted Barley on top. And nixed it. As i put the grain into the hopper on my grain mill I started to think about a stuck mash. At the end of the 60 minute mash process I cracked open the valve and not a single drop flowed. I thought I might get a couple of liters before it stuck. What followed was a painstaking process of scooping the grains out and with 3 large pots, rinsing the grains at of rate of 50g a time. Efficiency was down, 64%, and it finished a bit on the low side at 1.011. I've got a 4.4% Stout which tastes good. As soon as I keg it I'm fronting up again to have another crack with an overhauled Mash Tun. Cheers & Beers Scottie
  20. Hi there, I havent posted much, life got busy and well now its gone a little bit quiet, enough for me to sit down and start planning my next brew. During spring I picked about 2 kilos of fresh strawberries and I was thinking of making a srawberry American Pale ale, my current recpie is: 1-2 Kg of Crystal medium for a grain steep 1.7 kg can of black rock pale Ale extract 1kg Dextrose 11.5 g US05 yeast 50g Galaxy hops 50g Belma (though due to current shipping contrainsts that is now banjaxed) so 50g cascade 2Kg stawberries. I was plaaning on using the Galaxy and cascade during the boil and then dry hop. the thing is with the stawberries I am going to puuree them and strin them to try and get rid of the seeds as I have heard the seeds can add some interesting flavours. I want the stawberries to be there when you drink it, would you add the stawberries during the boil, or do it just before you pitch the yeast? Any help would be grately appreciated. Kindest regards Peter
  21. Has anyone had any experience with the Digiboil from KegLand? Seems like it would make a good BIAB kettle like the Crown Urns. Good price too https://www.kegland.com.au/35l-digiboil-digital-turbo-boiler-2400watt.html
  22. While browsing around I found this recipe. I have been known to have a go at drinking my weight in Guinness so thought, Hmm... Storing it here for others to try and so I can come back to it once I start graining it. Recipe is: 12 oz roasted barley (340g) 4 oz 55 L Crystal Malt Steep for 30 minutes @ 150-153 degrees F (113g) 24 oz flaked barley (680g) 6 # Lite DME (3kg Light Dry Malt) 1 oz EKG @ 4% -60 min (28g) 8 oz malto-dextrin powder (225g) 1 tsp. Irish Moss (???) WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast (presume =>11g) 2 TBSP Lactic acid at bottling! (???) Primary 1 week @ 68 degrees F Secondary: 1 week @ 66-68 degrees F 3/4 c. corn sugar for priming -bottles So comments please on my thoughts here... This is boil approx 1 kg grains (2 x barley) + the 3 kg DME + the maltodextrin. (How long is normal for this?) 60 mins before ending boil, add EKG After boil, wait for temp to drop to under 70°C then teabag the Crystal Malt for 30 mins (and remove?) Irish Moss? An algae? Or is this a liquid extract thing? Lactic acid - To reduce sourness? A pH level adjustment?
  23. Greetings from Cape York, long time brewer (30 years) first time poster. I find myself in Cape York for at least the next 2 years . I started brewing with kits and moved to AG brewing 10 years ago. I tend to stick mainly to Ales primarily because the yeast tends to be more forgiving although I do exercise some form of temp control plus I'm not a fan of the sulphury smell of some lagers. For example Great Northern which has been filtered to the extreme IMO . Speaking of which the beer up here is very cost prohibitive I refuse to pay over $90 for a carton of that or Emu Export for that matter, so I have started brewing up here but unfortunately all my gear kegs etc are in storage so I went back to the kits which used to make acceptable beer. Which brings me to my question, the water up here comes from the Jardine river treated with Calcium Hypochlorite etc stored in settlement ponds then straight to the tap. Thus far the beer I have made has been shite and I can't pinpoint what I am doing wrong taking cleanliness and sanitisation out of the picture I can only point to the water? (which is very soft by the way) I have read the water quality reports and the part that interests me is the saline content, the reports just give the numbers at less than 180 parts per million ( this is supposedly the point where it can't be tasted?) I am assuming that salt is used to soften the water in some respect although I am happy to be corrected? from what I have read it is also used to remove the hardness ( heavy metals?) Now the beer I have been making has a very astringent taste to it & some bitterness which I attribute to Iso-Alpha acids perhaps ? The first batch tasted like liquid smoke which was clearly infected Any suggestions apart from buying bottled water which by the way is also expensive $30 for 20 litres and as far as I am concerned the object of the exercise is to make the best quality beer for the lowest possible price.
  24. I wanted to get this little 5g sachet packet of brigalow brewing yeast from the shops and was wondering if its any good compared to using the coopers kit yeast? Also really wondering what the max abv it can get up to like 15% to 20% perhaps? Thanks
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