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Found 28 results

  1. I’m fairly new to homebrewing and have started a batch of 86 Day Pilsner. It’s been fermenting for 10 days now and isn't in the specific gravity that I was advised it should be in on the hydrometer after checking 3 days in a row. Its still bubbling from the airlock and bubbles once every 10 minutes and has been fermenting between 20-22 degrees. Reading through the online instructions and the instructions on the tin it says that it should be ready after 6 days at 21 degrees but the hydrometer readings arent consistent. I was told it was supposed to be in the green on the hydrometer. Online it mentions that the 86 days pilsner takes longer than other products in the Thomas Cooper range? Has anyone had any experience with the 86 Days Pilsner and can give any advice when I should bottle or any things I should be looking out for or any general advice? Thanks in advance
  2. Has anyone had any experience with the Digiboil from KegLand? Seems like it would make a good BIAB kettle like the Crown Urns. Good price too https://www.kegland.com.au/35l-digiboil-digital-turbo-boiler-2400watt.html
  3. Thought this was interesting. Worth a read. Full article
  4. Hey Legends, Just joined the home craft brewing game and wanting to make a nice and refreshing Mexican Cerveza. I’ve got the tin from big w. Hoping around 4-4.5% mark with light hops and bitterness. Ideally a basic crisp beer to begin. Can anyone give me an easy and basic recipe to start with that they have tried? Cheers!
  5. Was interested to read this. https://patspints.com/2019/01/16/the-surprising-science-of-dry-hopping-lessons-from-tom-shellhammer/?fbclid=IwAR21mhWNL2_kQ_-6-o99q1rSEQGKAvgGClsklo3JY4Mes5dz3IL9SvzdMOA
  6. Hi guys. I"ve just made a Pale Ale from a fresh wort which I've done many times with great success. This time however I've kegged it then chilled it and gave it 24 hours of gas as usual. BUT, this time I pour it and it's super syrupy in texture. It's not sweet at all and the final gravity was 1012 or so. It tastes ok - quite bitter but sort of normal but it's very very syrupy with seemingly some bits floating around in it. IT was a fresh wort and I put 50 or so grams of galaxy hop pellets in on day 4 or so. JUst wondering if anyone thinks this is worth holding on to or might it be a gonner!
  7. I know this topic has come up before but I have not found an acceptable answer to date. I have been making HB for an awful long time, Joined the Coopers Club back in the days when you had to pay and the Internet being a success was still up for debate (Coopers membership number 24154) I have been kegging for only about 2 years with great success until my last 2 brews. Last 2 kegs have poured nothing but head. I am at a loss as I have changed nothing and the preceding 100+ keg poured perfectly. Both brews were in different kegs, lines and taps but in the same keezer, same proven method,temps etc. Any idea would be appreciated, Cheers Billy
  8. Hey guys, lucky enough to have both of these gizmos running in a batch. Will let you know how the both progress. Initially the plaato was not seeing any activity where the tilt was recording well. Initially i thought it was because this plaato is half dead (temp measure is kaput). Tightend the fv lid and put it into learning mode and adjusted to match the tilt reading now going great guns. Will see how it pans out over the next few days.
  9. Hi guys! Might I say what a great community you have going here! I'm a noob who's diving headlong into the world of home-brewed happiness and would love a couple of suggestions on how I could make my next (*cough* second) brew more interesting and beneficial to my personal beer-velopment. Being as green as a Boags tinny I'm not looking for anything super complex, in fact maybe just a simple addition of another extract or supplementary sugar (honey/golden syrup etc) that from your experience might improve my plan. Using the old classic coopers home brew kit and hoping to make a dark(ish) drop using the following ingredients: - Coopers Dark Ale can - 500g Light DME - 1kg Dextrose Aaaand that's it so far. Straight out of blocks does anyone think this will make a really shitty beer if I just used these on their own (I should state that my expectations are optimistically low)? What would you add to spice it up? Bonus question: can I exclusively use stellarsan to get that OG lager can scuzz off my shiny new brew kit without creating a highschool science experiment in my fermenter? Hop on legends! Cheers, Brew Budgie xo
  10. I put my first brew down. I bought a kit of gumtree, not used still in box untouched. I pulled it out, cleaned it with warm water, 2 tablespoons of bleach in about 5 litres of water then rinsed it out with water again. Followed the proceedure with brew going down at temp of 26-24 degrees. Photos attached are 24 hours and just checked now after about 36 hours and no reaction on bubbling away reaction. One other thing, the malt was about 3 years out of date! I asked a mate who brews and he said it probably doesn't matter. But now with nil reaction i'm not so sure. I didn't check the other ingredients or enhancer either for date but from same box. What you think? Just discard and start again a new brew or wait?
  11. Hi all, I might be upgrading my fridge and will potentially look at converting my current fridge to a brew fridge with temperature control. The most likely place I could locate this fridge is very hot in summer and very cold in winter, at least over night. Will this have any impact on the potential to use this fridge as a brew fridge or power consumption in doing so?
  12. Hey guys. Just wondering if any one has used real fruit in brew to flavour. Open to all suggestions as im thinkin bout it.
  13. So, I've finally moved into a new place that will allow be to brew to my heart's content and I've collected enough Cooper's longneck bottles for two batches. The only thing holding me back now is whether to start a brew now just before we head into summer (Melbourne) or wait until cooler months? I'm limited on space and funds so I can't get a small fridge to keep the temp low. Has anyone had good brew during summer with the fermenter in a cool place? ( ie; laundry ) Is the ice bottles in the laundry tub the best way to hold the temp? Also, is there a brew kit that's "easier" to start with for a newbie? Cheers Guys
  14. So I thought I’d start a thread on Brut IPA seen as it’s something that will probably be on everyone’s to do list this coming summer. Mine included. After a lot of research I’ve come up with the following recipe for a 40l crown urn biab system with my techniques.I’ll explain those below. Most recipes I’ve seen are Pilsner based however I’ve chosen B.B. pale malt as it’s what I have and i find it very similar to Pilsner malt. The boil hops are thrown in commando at 15 mins. The steep 15 mins is steeping in a hop sock for 15 mins and removing from the wort. I also move this around tea bagging style to try and move wort through the bag. Steep 10 mins are cube hops at 82 degrees. This’ll be my first crack when I can track down some of the enzyme. And I’m sure there will be adjustments following tasting on further batches. Let us know your thoughts.
  15. Has anyone tried using Wyeast 3724 (Belgian Saison) or similar for brewing in hotter summer temps? I've just starting brewing again after many years and am trying to get a stock pile, don't want to stop because of the temp. Cheers
  16. Hi all, I am 18 hours into the first brewing venture using the Lager that came with the kit. I am brand new to brewing so am unsure with what to expect - all part of the fun I guess... The brew when I first mixed it all together foamed lightly however doesn't appear to be actively foaming anymore and has settled. I struggled to dissolve all the BE1 and can spot small lumps at the surface and am wondering whether it's worth stirring a little? Also, I am wondering whether it is worth adding any hops??? Enlighten me! Cheers.
  17. I am yet to try this but logic dictates the following: There appears 2 ways to make beer for DIY Craft beer smaller tanks. 1. If using Coopers Craft 1.3 kg recipes – don’t add extra sugar in tank as sugar already mixed into the recipe. Costs approx Aus $1 per 740 ml bottle 2. If using other 1.7 – 1.8 kg recipes - then split into exactly 2 halves & store one half in air tight sterilised container in fridge for future batch. Use other half to make brew. Use stored half as soon as first half is bottled. When ready to brew recipe, mix in tank and add 500 g sugar. Will need to obtain & add yeast to second half of recipe as recipes only come with one serving of yeast. Use brewing yeast only. Costs approx Aus $0.50c per 740 ml bottle. Hope this helps. Would love to hear the results from anyone who tries this halving recipe.
  18. G'day all I work fly in fly out on a 7 days on 7 days off roster and I'm planning on starting my brew the day before I fly out. This could mean the brew maybe ready for bottling while I'm away I'm wondering if leaving it possibly a day later than recommended if it will spoil my brew cheers in advance for any help
  19. Hello from Italy, my name is Giacomo. Last Sunday i prepared my second homemade beer with my kit and a brewing extract, i used the european lager one. I was wondering how many days I'll have to wait before bottling, i read some instructions on the net about this type of beer but i didn't read anything about this part. The temperature is about 19°C-->62/63 F 24hour a-day. I guess I'll leave it for something like 6/7 days as I made the first time but i wanted to read if you had something to tell me about! I also read that is necessary to wait at least 12 weeks in the bottle before consuming ? If you have some tips to give me about european lager brewing I really would like you to join the thread!
  20. Hi, I am starting my first brew with the Lager that was in the brew kit. It was been brewing for 48 hours and I am interested to know if I can add extra sugar to get a stronger beer and if I can, how much should I put in. ?
  21. G'Day everyone, I am looking to move into BIAB brewing and I have the opportunity to purchase an aluminium 40 litre aluminium crab pot with basket and 3 ring burner for $40 . I have been tossing up the pros and cons between electric urn vs gas to move into all grain brewing so my question is this - Should I save my money and purchase a more expensive electric urn or Robobrew first or should I just dip my toe for a small price and do some all grain brews to see how things progress . Just looking for thoughts /opinions from others who have been down this path ....have you been happy with the cons of gas brewing ? or is it just better to go for electric and buy once . Matt
  22. The State Amateur Brewing Show of South Australia needs no introduction to most SA brewers. It is SA's premier amateur brewing competition and is open to all non-professional brewers in this state. This year is its 21 year.Entries are open now at SABSOSA.com using the online competitions portal. Beers can be entered now and additional ones later with PayPal and credit cards accepted for the $5 entry fee. Entries close on August 24 and can be dropped off at a number of locations around Adelaide. Judging is on September 1-2 at the German Club.The competition that began in 1997 has been going from strength to strength over recent years and in 2018 entries are forecast to be the largest yet. This month the competition affiliated with SA's biggest brewing clubs, SA Brewing Club (SABrew.com) to help it grow.Everyone is encouraged to enter a beer or two. The possibility of winning a category is high but the experience and feedback from judges are also invaluable to keep improving your beer. This competition is SA's qualifying competition for the Australian Amateur Brewing Competition. 1st, 2nd & 3rd placegetters in each SABSOSA category get to vie for national glory.A couple of points worth noting: The preferred bottle size is 750mL but 500 ml or two 375mL firmly bound together are also accepted but be aware this is the last year two 375ml bottles will be accepted. Judging Guidelines, as used nationally, can be found on either sabsosa.com or aabc.org.au
  23. G'day Brewers, After a dozen extract brews, i'm venturing into my first BIAB this week... I'm looking at doing a 9L sparkling ale and have calculated i'll need 14L for the boil Question 1: Does 14L sound "about right" (I understand the complexity of boil & grain loss etc, but just want a quick sanity check, 60min boil time) Question 2: If my boil loss is more than I planned, can I just "top up" to the 9L Question 3: If I have too much liquid after the boil (more than the planned 9L) can I keep boiling longer to reduce volume? Cheers!
  24. Hello folks, I purchased a Cooper's DIY Brewing Kit today and have just emptied the ingredients into the container and have let it sit for a few hours. I have noticed that there are quite a few lumps floating on the surface of the brew and on the bottom is a layer of a substance that looks like grease. Is this normal or have I ruined my first brew? I tested the gravity of the brew and it ranged around the 35 mark and had the original temperature at about 28, a little higher than the recommended temp but could not help it. I'm a first time brewer and the box didn't come with any instructions and could not find any information in here as of yet.
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