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2 hours ago, MUZZY said:

I'm sure there's others that could have qualified for this list but this study appears to be American based so the findings lean the way they do.


I agree although I have tried a couple on the list Buds & Coors, both pretty ordinary except the original Budweiser is not a bad drink.

I wasn't surprised to see the rating they gave on this on;

Carlton Cold is a beer brewed by a subsidiary of the Foster's group and it is not well-received. This reviewer sums it up, "It tastes rather bland, in fact there isn't much to taste at all. Didn't get any better towards the end. The drinkability factor is rather low, I'll give it a 1.5 because there are worse beers out there but this certainly isn't anything special. If you're really thirsty and you don't have access to water then try a Carlton Cold, the taste is about the same."

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I worked in the USA for a couple of Snow seasons and it was hard for me to find a drink I was happy with,  I tried lot's.

Happiest day was walking through a bottle shop looking for a tasty beer.

Kid at the front said "can I help you"

"I want Beer that tastes like Beer" (he picked my Oz accent)

" We have Foster's down the end" my response was ..

"No I want Beer" (he didn't get it)

walked down the end and there was a whole fridge of Coopers! (and fosters)

Talking to the manger few days later and they import Coopers for the winter because there is so many Australians working here in the winter.

Happy days.

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