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  1. This one was a first. Another Woodforde's kit Bure Gold. Cascade and Amarillo hops. And like before, three month in the bottle, one day in the fridge and finished in a whiff. If you order something from Kegland treat yourself to a Woodfordes Or Muntons Craft Range kit for a nice quick brew. My favs are the Nog smooth old Ale and the Black Conckerwood Black Ale. This one here is 4.7% of golden deliciousness.
  2. I think the Admiral would have been proud. Three month in the bottle, one day in the fridge and finished in a whiff. Woodforde's Admiral"s Reserve Kit. Second time I brewed it with the exact same OG, FG and ABV of 5.3% . Always a nice Ale to have in the dungeon
  3. I've done three different Mangrove Jack Ciders. I am actually not a cider drinker, but I do enjoy them. I use the whole sachet, as I have a sweet tooth. Still have an Apple Blueberry pouch
  4. ha,ha, the Prussians and the Bavarians. I am always up for a good banter
  5. Hey, I am thought off, made, born and breed there, I am not a fake like John F. Kennedy, .I don't think you can get it here, actually never looked for it. It took me 35 years to figure out what Waldmeister is. I remember candy, just loved the flavor. Just remember the bottles of the green stuff, I am sure it was called Waldmeister Sirup. I think they stopped making it because the preservatives where highly unhealthy (benzoic acid I think). tried to find some seeds here in Oz to plant in my backyard, no luck so far
  6. Oh yes, I really appreciate all the great brewing wisdom, will keep you guys posted
  7. Still in the box, as I still can't lift, I think it will be another month. Till then I will work on logistics (where and how to set up) and understanding brewfather. I have already the ingredients for an Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout (my daughters birthday present). I think it will be a marathon brewing session as I have three FVs, two extract kits and one cider kit at home and the ROTM just got shipped. Also scored a brand new 8l hot water urn for the sparging water. Now I just have to wait for my son to pick up his motor bike to put a Fridge in its place. So take off is soon
  8. I always been drawn to the Island toasted Coconut Porter, how is its mouthfeel and flavor? I tried twice a Bad Sheppard Choc Coconut Brown Ale and found it quiet thin and disappointing. The Batch Big Kahuna Coconut Brown Ale is not bad so
  9. You did right, as a Berliner I have to tell you that it is supposed to be sour, any additions during brewing are crafty hipster w..k . You add some sweetness and flavor afterwards with the cordial. Sorry, I grew up on this stuff and when it comes to food and drinks I like the classics (don't fix it if it's not broken)
  10. Already ordered, let's see how my version will turn out, the original is bloody good. I did a very good job on the Regency Park's Red Ale
  11. Congrats, it's looking good. and for the real traditional experience add some raspberry or woodruff cordial, sit in the sun and enjoy the "Champagne from the North"
  12. Ha, ha. No it’s not bad, I just prefer this hazy one
  13. $17 for a six pack, couldn't go past it. No regrets, it's a nice beer, quiet bitter and hoppy for a pale ale but with a nice fruity balance to it. ABV of 4.6%, Galaxy and Azacca hops, I like it far more than their "Very enjoyable beer"
  14. Ha, ha I love it , found two in the local salvation army store, cost me $2. Love the size, 285ml
  15. Ha, ha, got myself some limited edition cans today. Not the best picture, as I had one already
  16. Did you try to fill your bottles with a scoop of sodium percolate and then fill with water? It seems to work for me
  17. Hey Shamus, just to clarify, after steeping your LCM you boil the wort for 10 minutes and follow the hop schedule?
  18. Congrats on your Pale Ale, its looking good. Love a good Coopers Pale Ale. Nicely chilled from the tap its sensational, love the long neck and cans as well, never been a big fan of the stubbie, can't really tell you what it is , but something is different there ( Could be one of my many peculiarities ). on another note still waiting on my Brewzilla, hasn't even been shipped yet
  19. I know, but it will happen
  20. As I am still limited in my brewing ventures (still not allowed to carry more than 10 kg for another month, so I can't lift my full FV) and I don't want to finish my beer stocks too quickly I have one of my Ciders. Still have 4 crates left. They are actually really nice. This one is an above mentioned Passion Peach Cider and with 5.7% not too shabby. If you take a photo in the right time, it even looks like beer,
  21. My second ever brew was a Coopers Australian Pale Ale ( which by the way was absolutely delicious). Being absolutely inexperienced the wort was far too warm to pitch the yeast, so I left the FV Outside on the veranda to cool down over night. So I did the right thing without knowing
  22. Kind of got an idea, during my time of after surgery I watched quiet a few different videos, I also like your set up with the platform
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