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  1. After nine hours of our layover in Vancouver, Camada (yes we took the long way home) it was finally time for some refreshments. Wifey had a Stella and I went for a BLACK TUSK ALE from Whistlers Brewing Company, Two hours east from Vancouver Brewed from the original 1989 recipe, with a special blend of imported chocolate and roasted malts, this easy to drink brew has a smooth finish with a hint of cocoa and roasted coffee.Gold Medalist at the 2021, 2020 & 2017 World Beer Awards in the Dark Beer (Mild) category. ABV 5% | IBU 17 | HOPS Nugget, Galena & Willamette Very nice brew. Then I went for two FUNCTION JUNCTION NORTHWEST PALE ALE This clean, approachable ale features seven varieties of hops from the new world and old, making this a true seasonable pale ale all year round. Refreshing and hoppy yet with a nice malt balance. ABV 4.8% | IBU 38 | Hops Apollo, Bravo, Nugget, Cluster, Cascade, Sterling, Goldings It was sooo good with a nice orange colour
  2. Spelling mistake sorry www.cachacanhadita.com.br And then click on yankee flag for English version
  3. After relaxing and enjoying a delicious bbq, we went to Mandi Brew Shop which is literally around the corner of my brother in law’s house in Mogi Guaçu and nobody knew about it. Robson was very happy to receive us and show us his shop. He also sells some commercial chopp, like this Dortmund Pilsen. But he also has some of his homebrew on tap like this delicious Dry Stout made with Chocolate Malt from his shop so his customers can get inspired. What a great guy
  4. Yesterday was my last day in Brazil and it turned out to be a beautiful day. It was the second day in 5 weeks that it didn’t rain torrentially. We also went to the Sitio Santo Antonio which belongs to my sister in law’s nephew, Zé Antonio. The house is 150 years old. The special thing about the sítio is that Zé Antonio is trying the complete Cachaça production, from planting his own sugar cane to distilling his own Cachaça. In the moment he is only barrel aging in four different kinds of wood. The Cachaça is delicious, superior quality.. www.cachacanhodita.com.br What made the day extra special was that we did brew 60l of bitter with the help of Robson, who owns a brew shop in Mogi Guaçu I think I have to come back soon to try some
  5. Another great beer from Black Princess, “Miss Blonde” is an easy drinkable, fruity Blonde Ale
  6. Only two days left and so much more beer to drink, I will need holiday when I get back
  7. Lūbeck Stout is a nice dry fullbodied Oatmeal Stout, for my liking a bit too dry, but easy drinkable
  8. Black Princess is a Brewery in Petropolis in the hills north of Rio, producing beautiful crafted beers. „Back to the Red“ is a red ale in the Vienna Lager style, 5.5% of fullbodied deliciousness. Going really nicely with the charred Vegies from the charcoal bbq..As you may see also went through the keg of Heineken as well, it was surprisingly nice.
  9. “Serramalte” made by Ambev is a dark golden, malty lager with 5.5%. Nice beer
  10. Had one yesterday after lunch, nice bitter fruity and full bodied. Went straight for a nap. Imperial IPA, 9.5%. Colorado Vixnu
  11. Petra Premium Escura, a nice dark American Lager, roasted malt, slightly bitter sweet, brewed with the clear waters of the hills of Petropolis. Nice easy drinking
  12. The original Catharina Sour of Cervejaria Blumenau, Pineapple and mint. Delicious sournesses
  13. Now this one is an interesting drop. “Amburana Ale” by Nauta. Nauta is a brand exclusively made for and sold by Carrefour supermarkets, a French multinational which was quite big here for a while. The beer is actually brewed by Ways Beer in the state of Paraná. They make some interesting sounding beers. https://waybeer.com.br/produtos-de-linha/ Amburana is a tree from the dry lands (outback) of the Northeast of Brazil, it’s wood used for storage and flavouring of Cachaça (yum) and other spirits. This beer is an AmberAle, 5.9% great mouthfeel, caramely and woody and delicious. One in a session is enough so (500ml). On one hand it says barrel aged beer, on the other hand it’s the combination of malts contributing the flavour. Nevertheless a great beer, and I was sure that I had something similar before.
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