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  1. 60 bucks for the pack is a bit steep, but I feel so tempted. My son got me one two years ago, it was soooooooo gooooooood
  2. Bottle conditioned Stout from the Baltic Sea. A little sweet but soo smooooth. Pity the bottle is so small
  3. First I thought this is the odd one out, a can and not from Bavaria. But it absolutely has its place in the German Beer Pack. Beautiful brew, easy drinking. Worthwhile getting again.
  4. Cold Front IPA, this bottle was really nice. Much nicer balance than before and the sourness mellowed out. Must have been the extra layering. Had this one after a commercial Kölsch and enjoyed it. Must not have been too bad
  5. Found another bottle of Spirit Of Anzac Ale, 7 month old, lost a bit of its hop aromas and flavours but still really nice. Had a few of this batch gushing out of the bottle after opening but not this one. Must have been dirty bottles.
  6. I had a few a while ago, I quiet liked it. It's a great "Dessert Bier" on a special occasion. I did find an ingredient list, I think on their homepage. It does not contain peanuts, but Hazelnuts.
  7. I know that everyone has different taste buds and preferences so my judgement is only what I experienced in that particular moment of time, ha,ha. Maybe the order I drank them in had its role as well. My favorite was the Weltenburger Kloster, another well balanced Beer from Bavaria. It was part of my German Beer Pack from the Cartel and deserved its place next to Schneider, Weihenstephan and Maisel's. The next day was perfect Dark Beer weather and I had the Twelve Days Original Porter, which for me was far too bitter. Expecting a smooth sweet malty beer (it wasn't sweet at all) the harsh bitterness was overpowering, not a bitterness from hops but a taste of burned coffee/over roasted grains, pity, with a bit softer taste it would be a great beer. Then I got exited to try something from the other side of the Fichtel Mountains. Driving as a kid from Berlin to the North of Bavaria (Franconia) I was always exited to see the sign for the turnoff to Praha (Prag) on the East German Autobahn, the mystery place behind the Iron Curtain. My god was it sweet, it reminded me of Malz Bier (non alcoholic malt beer we drank as kids in the past). Maybe I have to try the last two in reverse order. Speaking of Bavaria, I gonna watch now Bayern München vs. Leverkusen. Love my Bundesliga
  8. After sharing this one with my wife I take everything back I said about Schneider Weisse. Maybe the bottle I had was “faulty”, it was soooo active bubbling. This one here only has one word, WOW
  9. All three are well made beers, but one was far too sweet, one far too bitter and one I really enjoyed. Have a guess.
  10. Nearly got one today, maybe next time. With Sydney weather being atrocious I went for the dark ones. My god this one is bitter, not sure about it
  11. Great selection, I would go from right to left
  12. Happy to disagree, but this one has much more refined flavours and much more gentle carbonation than Schneider
  13. It probably was the Kellerbier which is really boring
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