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wheres the best place to buy ingredients

worry wort

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Wheres the best place to buy stuff like dextrose, maltodextrin, L/DME etc. I don't have a HBS nearby and the local supermarkets only sell coopers packaged mix's at premium prices, so thought there may be an online place, or maybe not even a HBS where I can source these things from.



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On 12/8/2018 at 10:50 AM, YeastyBoy said:

Thanks for the heads up Hoppy,

You used Cheap Yeast? Prices are very competitive and reckon a 7 pack for free postage is a great deal.


Yeah used Cheap Yeast several times, always good service and good product. I haven't seen anywhere cheaper.


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I bought this once. Split it into 1kg zip lock bags. Wait until Coles have a special on food containers.
Then put 1kg into food containers. Keeps well. I worked out even buying the food containers (at half price) I still saved money.
It's a pain in *ss weighing it out though. All sell some at a slight profit to one of my work colleagues.
He knows how much I pay and is happy with what I charge.

I've bought three 20kg bags all up. The last two from my local health food store. He asks the Ebay price and undercuts it by $5 or so.

Regarding the yeast. Do you all need 7 packets?
I bought a pack of 04 yeast a year or so ago and I've just chucked it after the sixth brew. I thought I'd start afresh in the new year.
Same with most of my yeasts. I have no idea what I'd do with 7 packets.

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