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  1. The good old days!! Thankfully good music has prevailed. Almost a trigger for a new thread "Songs that should have never left the recording studio"!!
  2. @PaddyBrew2 I will admit I was very pleased the Irish sang through the Haka. Believe that nonsense has to go west. The Japanese don't wield samurai swords screaming cut out your bleeding heart. Or god help us, the Scots doing a brave heart reenactment!! Cheers YB
  3. Concede that brain fart probably cost France the match.
  4. Wrong that elbow in the face after a stranglehold around the neck was deliberate. Red card was the correct outcome. Ok the last try was a hard call but the Welsh were on the offensive and played better than France in my book. Believe right result for this match. Great game. You know I back the Blacks so being underplaying the AB results. Not a given until the ump blows the whistle. Looking forward to the semifinals. YB
  5. chieka, chieka Kaboom. Consigned to History...….
  6. RWC 2019 France is gone. Out played 20 : 19. The Welshman showed how to played Rugby when a win seemed lost at half time. Wales ground them down from sheer persistence & stamina. Best game so far in the RWC. YB
  7. It will still be Beer. Do let us know how it turns out? Cheers YB
  8. Good to hear. Ditto prefer watching these days (hurts way to much being tackled these days) but do get to kick the Ball around the park with the GrandKids & Youngest from time to time. Occasionally (not often) I find some old form & surprise myself. Youngest is now into basketball & would rather shoot hoops. Such is life. YB
  9. Bugger, yet to experience such drama. Would be inclined to tip & start again. Note the "quite good" so certainly the brew suffered. Wot you going to do @BlackSands?
  10. Drinking songs set to Pirate Metal. What could go wrong in a hot climate Beer Garden?? Sure beats "Lily the Pink" by the Scaffolds if anyone reminders or cares!!
  11. @karlos_1984 Are you winning or has this recalcitrant brew got the better of you?
  12. Lusty, Retail end of the Industry. One role I would certainly fail at, trying to convince punters they should give up megaswill for real Beer!! Do the Brewery Reps provide much insight into Brews, Trends, Product Direction? Use to deal with the two Breweries & Malt Producer here in Tassie for a decade until recently. Found that most interesting and gave me a broad insight into commercial breweries. Like one place I would never want to work is on the brewery bottling line!! Cheers YB
  13. Intrigued Lusty, So what do you do in the liquor industry, duration & who do you work for? Cheers YB
  14. Welcome to the DIY Forum @Journeyman & your brewing journey. Temperature control is a central plank to brewing that you will master soon enough. Look forward to hearing more from you. Cheers YB
  15. Pleased you enjoy watching the round ball game. Do you still kick the ball around the park?
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