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  1. Just popping into your local SA embassy can be a life changing event. Anyone heard from Jamal Khashoggi lately? @satmuts I wish you the best with your brewing efforts. Think the guys have suggested the best course of action which is you need to get a tad resourceful in achieving your aim. Speaking for myself, it is not the worth potential drama shipping contraband to SA. Cheers YB
  2. Not sure if my Old Member is up to the task?
  3. Good idea, presume it is a chest freezer. Use an inkbird or similar to regulate the temp?? Might have to rethink my thinking!!
  4. Thankfully the Coops family was smart enough to block this takeover bid. LN are just another corporate raider that to quote employs the Wombat syndrome!! Eats, roots & leaves...............
  5. Cluster Truck alrighty. Trying to convince wife that a new fridge for summer would be a great idea. Guess who too wants a keg fridge for xmas?? Maybe I have learnt the lesson from your mistook and will go with the Pluto Gun set up rather than bore tap holes in the old fridge? Cheers YB
  6. Yeap, Cascade is a small batch brewery. CUB moved all the Matilda Bay Brewery stuff to Cascade Brewery. Poor WA. Plus VB is produced there too!! Sorry Victoria.
  7. The consolidation of breweries will continue until we end up with one or two global mega swill brewers (such as AB InBev) & that is probably not that far away. The counter point is the local craft beer market which has employed probably more people in brewing than have been displaced by the mega swill brewers shedding jobs. Plus the beer is a hell of alot better. So the simple message is buy local and support the family owned/craft brewery or two down the road. Vote with your wallet. Cheers YB
  8. Icehouse did a better cover than the Flowers. Better name too. hehe
  9. Thanks Norris, Not wanting to go down any rabbit holes just interested. Appears the city slickers amongst us have got work to do before they start a brew. Lots of stuff (Chlorine, fluoride etc....) in city/town water. Considering myself very lucky that we harvest all our water (rainwater) on the farm so the starting point is easy for my brewing. Cheers YB
  10. RO is Reverse Osmosis water? Given water is the largest component of the brew, what's the plan for RO water?
  11. John Palmer if I recollect correctly. Well worth reading cover to cover. Knows his stuff and throws in a few recipes to get u started down the AG route. Cheers YB
  12. The world is doomed!! I despair. You do know this stuff is fiction? YB
  13. Books are good value, suggest you read Palmer he knows about brewing stuff and has been good enough to put it into print for all to read.
  14. Thanks SOS, I was heading down the Keg XXXX regs but they are out of stock & that appears to be the case for a while so had to look around for what was available in Oz now. Presume the Keg XXXX regs are produced in China for the Keg outlets and consequently impacted by the bug? So my only option was to step it up to the next level as I am good to go re kegging minus a reg. Given mixed reviews on some regs so I have settled on the Danish MM Reg. The premium plus model I purchased was under a $100 and appears to be good kit but little comment on them other than retail outlets echoing the MM marketing blurb. Keen to see how they go given the marketing hype in the real world of down under home brewing. What could go wrong!! Will post up my thoughts once I have got them out of the box and I have fizzed up a brew or two. Cheers YB
  15. Both as your attenuation of your yeast should be the same percentage all else being equal, hence both OG & FG will be higher when you go short.
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