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  1. I am biased & love a good pale ale. So I would suggest next step the Coopers Pale Ale. 18c is a good temp for the FV however will handle warmer temps with the Coopers Ale Yeast. Go the Coops recipe with a box of BE2 as a baseline. Then you can play around with other ingredients/stuff/changes from there. Cheers YB
  2. Lol, normally will need to supplement along the way. Couple of local brews to try. Hearing yah, dragged the box from the bottle shop to my digs like so, before repacking in the saddle bags otherwise box is likely to disappear off the bike when going around a good left hand sweeper. Cheers YB
  3. Agree, gotta taste the local brews when in the southern State. Always time Launceston arrival time around beer oclock so I can drop into St Johns Craft Beer for a great range crafty brews. Cheers YB
  4. Excellent @LC598 Welcome to the Forum. May your journey be an enjoyable one & you will find the beers you brew just get better the more brews you do. Love the popcorn maker mat, looks like you enjoy making stuff? Keep us posted, should be in the glass by mid Feb? Cheers YB
  5. Bags packed, essentials only. Time for a lap of the little Island, south of Australia. Why I like cans & did not wring the throttle for fear of showering some lucky motorist with a few tinnies!! Happy new year guys. May you have a great 2020. Cheers YB
  6. Lol, very creative BB, Did look for my army ration pack tin opener without success so was considering the hacksaw or drill but found the fancy tin opener in the nick of time!! Proof of life attached!! Shiny brew fridge & FV primed. Houston, we are good to bubble.
  7. First Brew for 2020, Brew fridge cleaned & the Tin Opener has gone awol!! Oz Pale Ale (Coopers pimped) goes in the FV tomorrow after I find the opener!! Grumble, Fire Truck, blah, blah, blah...….
  8. Hi @Scooby 1525229719 M8 one (425ml Schooner) has arrived in my Fav Beer Glass Shop. So I grabbed it. Tested it out and it works well. Great condition however used!! Shout out if you want me to post it to yah? Sorry it took a while it to be stocked!! Very random is my beer glass shop but it comes good usually!! Cheers YB
  9. Fruits of the Woods, will be on look out for it at Dans. Onya @Woodsy1525230278 Cheers YB
  10. Have used Honey raw in a few brews. Tend to use as an addition rather than producing a Mead Ale. Search in here for the Aztec Warrior recipe which includes raw honey. Good brew using honey and have made it a few times now. Always a success & pleasant beer in summer. Cheers YB
  11. Have a look at Aztec Gold Warrior. Simple and uses G hops. Boil & dry. Great result. Search in this forum. Did a variant on the theme and it was excellent. Cheers YB
  12. Its about time I reread Unreliable Memoirs. Last time, I know I embarrassed myself in public!! Makes note to read in private. Another great Aussie Poet exits stage left in 2019.
  13. Plus one on the scribble on the crown seal cap. Which is traceable to my scribble in the brew book. Cheers YB
  14. M8, Just Beer in there. U are welcome to sit & eat our table anytime. We have plenty to munch on as well as beer & I know we still live in the lucky country. Cheers YB
  15. Rebrew doneski, its in the post to Coopers Brewery. How did other finalists rebrew go??
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