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  1. Yeap Eden Park Hoo Doo continues for the opposition. That was a convincing thumping. The Cup remains bolted firmly to the wall in UnZ.
  2. It is what it is when you crack the cap? Kinda perverse to say what is the best drinkable date for a stout when you control the inputs. Enjoy what you have and I love my extra stouts after 2 weeks plus and they do get smoother over time. So crack one long neck every week over 27 - 28 weeks and you tell us? Cheers
  3. Here was I thinking of inviting you over for dinner for cook off!! Trust the Irish Red Ale is not too elusive and finds it way to your fridge sometime soon. Cheers
  4. In the money. Bring on the RWC. Got a prediction for us?
  5. They Blacks played the man not the ball, Hooper was the target. As much as it pains me, the Kiwis deserved to get thumped & Barrett deserved the red card. I thought the pluck of Hooper giving it to Savea was warranted resulting in at least the penalty kick. Hope the selectors boot him off the number six jersey. Eden Park (Fav Ground) for the next Bledsoe Cup game so the Blacks will no doubt prevail so would not put money on that game? Where was Folau when they didn't need him????
  6. Fair enough, I went for the shotgun approach and selected what I thought was the best of my recent brews. Which is probably inverse to what the MOTB Judges think!! Have not viewed the MOTB clip so thanks for the pointer. Cheers
  7. @Aussiekraut Have you had a look at the International Beer importers into Oz? Like World of Beers.com.au or something like that? Plenty of them, google maybe your friend in this hunt. Reckon it is your best bet if you are after a particular had to get tipple. Good luck with your hunt to get hold of a Smithwicks Red. You are not related to Rick Stein by any chance? You bear an uncanny resemblance. Cheers
  8. Thanks OTTO. Yeap, reckon you are right, will also be enjoying a few well spent evenings watching the Test.
  9. The Poms are defeated in Test 1 & the Barmy Army have been silenced. Bring on the second test. Think it is at Lords, where Oz has a good track record.
  10. Milk Stout on my weetbix or porridge is a great combo.
  11. All good, had me worried for a minute or two, thinking I had not even made it to the starting line. Did you enter the MOTB with one of your fine brews? Great brew clips KR, I have learnt a thing too from your entertaining clips so please keep up the good work. Cheers
  12. Worth the torture to see Smith smash out his Ton. Boys better lift in the 2nd innings or we will be praying for rain!!
  13. @Norris!My LBHS (Brew by You in Moonah) was delighted to receive my entry and was right onto onforwarding to where it needed to go too. I was satisfied he was not going to drink it & send a recapped fizzy bottle of water to Coopers. Mind you no receipt was provided so a high level of trust involved in this transaction. Cheers
  14. Can you point to the clause in the MOTB T&C's that excludes glass bottles? MOTB T&C's do state "bottles" with a preference for 740ml PET bottles. Understandable given relocation etc. Think you imagined it Ruddy?
  15. On the delivery run to the LHBS with the precious cargo. Cutting it fine!!
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