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  1. Xmas roasted spuds for the table on the big day is a real tradition here. Like having enough good beer to get through the day for all comers!! FYI, South East Tassie on a property with healthy basalt soils and good rainfall. Amazing soil, just add water and you could grow babies in the stuff. Cheers YB
  2. Think it was the start of March when I had the excavator out on the farm and decided to turn over the new vegie patch. So just over 3 months from go to whoa. Not a huge harvest however very tasty spuds. I wont drop my next chitted spuds until September when the outlook looks good (no frosts). That way we normally get new seasons spuds for Xmas. Be pink eyes!! Keep ya posted?? YB
  3. Hey @ozlizard Think you got a dud one then? Suggest you post it to me and I will reimburse you for the costs? My view is maintain temp between 65-70C and make sure the grain is cracked if that is not already the case. Maybe send me a bottle after you have got it into 2nd ferm? Cheers YB
  4. Appears to be the case @Popo Was hoping Coopers may do a second batch as they have done so in the past when customer demand has been overwhelmingly strong. Normally commercial practicalities (economies of scale, profit, maximising shareholders value etc) kick in for most companies. Think @Woodsy1525230278 has the last remaining stock left in his beer wall. Assuming he has not polished it off yet? Mate, where in Karratha did you say you lived?? Cheers YB
  5. Had early Autumn rains just after I dug over my new patch and then regular follow up rain was still warm. First mild frost appeared last weekend so I decided it was time to lift them. Almost the perfect year for a late Potato harvest. Bonus is this patch will be all good for spring planting which is getting closer by the day. Cheers S
  6. Alex runs a good business model and great yeast at a fair price. Hit him up, you will not be disappointed. Cheers YB
  7. Wow, demand certainly exceeded supply big time. Same with the cans as my local Dans had none left before I got there. Wonder how many packs were produced? Hopefully they will do a 2nd batch?
  8. Sold Out already. I was to slow. Given recent demand are Coopers considering another batch?
  9. Dug up a plot of late Spuds. Nicola if I remember rightly. Should get us through the week? Cheers YB
  10. One of my Fav pimped Coopers Extract at the mo is Aztec Mad Warrior. Coopers Cerv Tin, tweaked with LDME, Crystal, Hive Honey & Galaxy Hop with S04 yeast. Too much fun stuffing around with these bases so enjoying lots of other combos too. Battleship Bitter is now on the to do list. Good thread. Cheers YB
  11. Apparently you can cook with nettles and even make tea. Couple of live off the land locals usually pick my unplanned nettle patches, saves me spraying or grubbing them out!!
  12. Hi BB, Got it now. Hope you get rain sooner rather than later & pick up a few sprouted garlic bulbs for the garden. Reckon it is not too late to get them in the ground. Yeap my current garlic crop is going gang busters. Been a good year south of Australia!! Cheers YB
  13. BB, Presume the garlic bulbs in the pantry are sprouting with green tips emerging. To easy, separate to cloves from the bulb and simply plant the cloves pointy end up in the garden. Let nature take its course. Come Xmas & you have a bulb of garlic. Soaking is not required, they take off fairly quickly from March onwards so long as the rich soil is moist. Cheers YB
  14. Thanks Tony, Appears I am now on the right track now. Maybe we need to get hold of that award winning cider yeast for our home brewing from your father in law?? Cheers YB
  15. @ozlizard ditto mind is still cloudy too. Hoping it will clear in the bottle (2nd Ferm). Not sure how I am going to decant from the make do 2 litre plastic fantastic into glass bottles without to much oxidation or stirring the mix up either!! Thought about siphoning but sure that will be easy, do you have a plan on that front yet? Cheers YB
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