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  1. Going to put down a Coopers English Bitter with a few grains (Crystal & Choc Malt), dried malt, dext & S04. My thinking is to dry hop 50g of EKG. Anyone had a similar recipe that worked well or you have another hop suggestion? Challenger could also work well however trying to get it true to a English Bitter so Kent Hops? Cheers
  2. YeastyBoy

    What are you growing? 2019

    Variety Black Genoa?
  3. YeastyBoy

    Flat Beer

    Doesn't Morgan's have a Forum? Suggest leaving the bottles at room temp for another week or two.
  4. YeastyBoy

    I walked into a bottleshop...

    Excellent, Slow Mo would probably thank you for your contribution of $5 in a rip off booze tax for your quarter share to Gumbent. However he is presently too occupied flying around in a private jet and living it up on the taxpayer in Hobart giving pork barrelling a good old shake prior to this years Fed election. We are getting an International Airport (again) & probably World Peace too!! We hope they spend your $5 wisely, however very unlikely!!
  5. YeastyBoy

    I walked into a bottleshop...

    Guys, Don't forget the ROBBERS in this equation is our hard working Gumbent. The Beer Excise I would have to pay on my 21litres of Extra Stout (6.3% ABV) in my FV if I was a commercial brewer would work out to be $67 approx. Obviously commercial brewers pass this Tax through to the consumer at POS. Hence why Australian Beer prices are so high compared to other countries. By brewing your own you avoid this Tax levied by our wonderful Gumbent. May they all be the first against the wall when the revolution begins & we install a benevolent dictator who likes beer!! Cheers
  6. YeastyBoy

    Anyone Else Growing Hops This Year?

    OVB, Warrants a bit of research then. Whilst I agree that soluble is transferred quickly to the plant, organic is effective from a slow feeding technique. I use a complete organic fertiliser (COF) on my vegies & COF works a treat. Think you are wasting your money using Maxibloom as it has to much P which is not used by the hop plant and could do with more N. Potash of Sulphate (K) is probably more effective at flowering/hop formation time. As I said will dig around to see what is working for others on the high yielding Hop plants. Cheers
  7. YeastyBoy

    Anyone Else Growing Hops This Year?

    Good discussion OVB & SOS, The NPK is a good way to go given Hops love Nitrogen (N) & Potassium (K) and sweet soil (lime). Not much Phosphorous (P) Organic is just as good but needs to weighted to N & K. Chook shite for example is really high in N. So by adding Potash you add the K. Hard to get it right every time due to variety in the output of chooks. Other options are meals such as poppy meal which is 5.2% N. Not much P is needed by Hop Plants so a 5-15-14 mix is weighted to high to P Do we know what the best NPK for Hop Plants? I am picking High N& K with a really low P. Also when to apply, again guessing late winter then regular feeds during the growing season. Cheers
  8. YeastyBoy

    Brew Number 2

    No worries, let us know how your 1st APA goes. Welcome to the world of brewing beer.
  9. YeastyBoy

    White residu/deposit in bottle DIY Canadian Blonde Beer

    Bartender, make mine a Coopers NOW!!!
  10. YeastyBoy

    White residu/deposit in bottle DIY Canadian Blonde Beer

    Good work on your first brew. That two weeks seems to go slowly...….. All good advice above, keep your bottles around room temp (21c) & may your bottles be full of bubbles shortly. Cheers
  11. YeastyBoy

    Anyone Else Growing Hops This Year?

    Better give us your address so we can plunder your crop before the possums?
  12. YeastyBoy

    Brew Number 2

    Yuley, In reply; BE2 is a good bet with APA. Tend to use US05 packet Yeast. 11.5g Dry Hop with 50g Centennial Pellets at Day 4ish. Set at 18C. Then let the magic begin. Founds this one a simple but good APA. All the best with Brew 2. Cheers
  13. YeastyBoy

    What are you growing? 2019

    My Russian Giants are yet to flower they can be seen behind the early bloomers. They are 2m plus..... Happy to share seed so long as I can beat the cockies to them!! The Black Cockies are ripping the pine cones from the pine trees to bits presently for seed for food. May that continue. Let me know as no issue in posting seed to Victoria. PM me. Cheers
  14. YeastyBoy

    Temp control....gizmos and gadgets.

    With you K, always easier to seek forgiveness.
  15. YeastyBoy

    What are you growing? 2019

    My chooks will be happy. Stunning flower. For your viewing pleasure to the other sunflower growers on this forum.