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  1. YeastyBoy

    Todays tastings

    My Extra Stout is coming along perfectly. Taste test a month in indicates it is getting better by the week. Not sure it will get to winter next year. Time for another 21l ES brew I guess?
  2. YeastyBoy

    Has anyone bought from cheapyeast.com.au?

    Excellent News, Waiting however reckon it will arrive real soon. Will post it up when package arrives. Cheers
  3. YeastyBoy

    Has anyone bought from cheapyeast.com.au?

    Did the same in terms of supporting this guy Alex. That about sorts my yeasts for a year given my adoption of reuse of yeast recently. My LHBS is going to hell in a handbag.
  4. YeastyBoy

    Temp control....gizmos and gadgets.

    Agree it is fairly immaterial given lag times. Zero to Ten minutes does not really matter as the fridge is hardly getting a freaking work out. I maybe completely wrong.
  5. YeastyBoy

    Temp control....gizmos and gadgets.

    Yeap temp fluctuations are slow. Think the brew has moved .1c in 5 hours. Warmish day here & tin shed so a good result. You have set your PT = 0 or some other value? I left it at default being 3 minutes.
  6. YeastyBoy

    Temp control....gizmos and gadgets.

    I would agree & my seals are doing well considering. Just started my Unreal Ale, Day 2 & been struggling to get it to 18c so in she goes. Pic at the start of the cooling to 18c (19.5), FV is there at 18c in about an hour or two so happy days. Set up the whole deal, enjoying this temp control without the hassle factor. What have you gone with for your heating & cooling differentials? I have dialed in 0.5c & yet to set the alarms. Cheers Pic to show the rural set up (thank someone for duct tape!!)
  7. YeastyBoy

    Fermentation fridge?

    Fridge & Inkbird 308 looking the goods, summer lager brewing no worries.
  8. YeastyBoy

    Temp control....gizmos and gadgets.

    FV Fridge test. All good. The Inkbird is so easy to use, set up. Possum was not happy its home was removed from the farm shed to the house shed. Smells a tad better & it works!! Think I have the how to attach the sensor to the FV, thanks OVB.
  9. YeastyBoy

    Has anyone bought from cheapyeast.com.au?

    Welcome to brewing, Have a look at the Utube clip "reusing Yeast" by the King Rudd. Link in here if you dig abit. About to place an order with Cheapyeast. Looks like a good deal & yeast. Hoppy81 recommends them so that's good enough for me. Cheers
  10. YeastyBoy

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    Coopers has a great business model, clever market segmentation and precision marketing. Retailing is not your game and I/we acknowledge that, Top Marks. The best move Coopers made was remain independent & to fend off (FO in other words) the Lion Nathan bid about a decade ago and I continue to support Coopers for that move. I digress!! As per my comment above, building the ROTM local (via mainstream contracted distributors/retailers) you have effectively sold two extract tins rather than one, so who is happy, both the Producer & Consumer. The retailer wins on volume due to lower margin but higher transactions. Is this close to the mark & as Homer says "what do I win"?
  11. YeastyBoy

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    Still better off shopping local. LHBS Retail Pricing for Hops 25g @ $2.50 = $5, Yeast $7 + Carb Drops $2.40 = $14.40 plus Dans gear at $26.50 is total cost of $40.90. That's change for another Coopers Extract & more carb drops...……..
  12. YeastyBoy

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    Yeap Bootstraps, don't wind me up!! See thread not so long ago re pricing. Extracts & Boxes are currently on special at Big W at the moment & way cheaper than the discounted online price. For example my Fav Aussie Pale Ale $12.79 at Big W same tin Coopers Online $14.40 discounted. Really? Vote with your feet.
  13. YeastyBoy

    When should I be worried about yeast

    All good points above. US05 temp range is 12c to 25c. Above or below is not good for the yeast. I tend to add yeast at the 22 - 24c mark and reduce to 18c. Found rehydrating or reusing your yeast speeds up the primary fermentation process, normally after a few hours. You might sneak it in by New Years if all goes well? Cheers
  14. Thanks for the heads up Hoppy, You used Cheap Yeast? Prices are very competitive and reckon a 7 pack for free postage is a great deal. Cheers
  15. YeastyBoy

    Coopers glasses

    Like how the Merchant will sell by glass at $5 each and $9 postage. So generous!! I will keep an eye out at my local book/beer glass shop for a green Coopers schooner for you. All sorts of badged beer glasses end up on the shelf there for about fifty cents each. Will shout out if I find any. Cheers