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  1. YeastyBoy

    What are you growing? 2019

    My Russian Giants are yet to flower they can be seen behind the early bloomers. They are 2m plus..... Happy to share seed so long as I can beat the cockies to them!! The Black Cockies are ripping the pine cones from the pine trees to bits presently for seed for food. May that continue. Let me know as no issue in posting seed to Victoria. PM me. Cheers
  2. YeastyBoy

    Temp control....gizmos and gadgets.

    With you K, always easier to seek forgiveness.
  3. YeastyBoy

    What are you growing? 2019

    My chooks will be happy. Stunning flower. For your viewing pleasure to the other sunflower growers on this forum.
  4. YeastyBoy

    Coopers Community Oracle? Otto Von Blotto

    I was worried we had a public Bromance going on here & I had to avert my gaze to another Forum? Lets remember its a "Coopers Community" & there are many really great contributors on this forum. Applause to all contributors. Cheers
  5. YeastyBoy

    Home brew (1978)

    Fantastic James, may History never repeat!! Pioneering has its pitfalls, thanks for sharing. 45 years where the fook did they go?
  6. YeastyBoy

    Anyone Else Growing Hops This Year?

    Bugger me popped down to the back paddock & the rhizomes have gone a tad feral. How they do it in Bushy Park!!
  7. YeastyBoy

    Coopers glasses

    Found this 8oz and believe it is a Coopers Ale Brew long since discontinued? Guess we all have failures!! Still looking for those Beer glasses. The search continues...……….
  8. YeastyBoy

    health aspects of home brewing

    Hear, hear. At this stage in life, I drink to enjoy the moment/ the brew rather than to total myself to the point of absolute misery. Home brewing allows me to decide what is in my brews to ensure I get the outcome I strive to achieve. Well that's the theory not always the result!! Think marketing folk call it consumer control or such like and sticking the middle finger up to government excise? Plenty of crud in some commercial beers that are simply not worth the coin or damage to your health and I am pleased I don't drink them. Back to planning my next brew without fish guts & anti freeze. Cheers
  9. YeastyBoy

    Brew at right temp but no action .

    With Norris, Patience grasshopper it will ferment. I presume you pitched a packet of dried yeast therefore it can take a day or so to get crackin. Have a read on rehydrating dried yeast if you want to get it going quicker next brew. Cheers
  10. YeastyBoy

    health aspects of home brewing

    A really cute charlatan in my view. Yes, she has a book to sell and that is how she feeds herself. She is up front on that score. She is one of a number of critics taking it up to commercial brewers/food industry to fully disclose ingredients in our food. That's a bloody good thing. Cheers
  11. YeastyBoy

    health aspects of home brewing

    Have a look at Food Babes Blog/Website. Google Vani Hari Food Blogger and you will find a bunch of articles on Beer & the crud in commercial beers. The Times Article is revealing. Cheers
  12. YeastyBoy

    health aspects of home brewing

    Yeap, some Brewers use small quantities of propylene glycol as a sweetener. Your average Vegan/Vegie is unaware they are consuming fish bladders (isinglass) when drinking some beers.
  13. YeastyBoy

    health aspects of home brewing

    Hearing you WW & same. Good question. Some Commercial Beers have all sorts of hidden ingredients (unnatural stuff like sulphites, isinglass, antifreeze, colouring, flavours) opposed to Home Brew which is probably more akin to the German Purity Beer Law of simply water, hops & malt plus yeast. I know I am sticking with my HB. Better tasting too. Cheers
  14. YeastyBoy

    Priming Measuring Device

    Red that's a colour I have not seen before. For my Extra Stouts, left for 375ml & right for 750ml with white sugar. Tampered down until sugar is level with the overflow. Has worked a treat for me. Not sure what size you are carbonating with 1/2 a drop however reckon you can do the conversion easy enough. All the best with bottling day. Cheers
  15. YeastyBoy

    Who's from Townsville?

    One of the founders of Wikileaks; Julian Assange was born in Townsville. Ironic really.