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  1. worry wort

    recovery hops....

    oh, thanks for the clarification OVB, I thought it stood for brew in a bag lol. yep, have noticed the samplers in the past to be more bitter than the drinking brew at 3 or so weeks, but this is very, very bitter. But, being an aussie male, ill drink what I make
  2. worry wort

    recovery hops....

    1 x pouch 1.8ltr xxxxxxx goat pale ale 350gm maltodextrin 650gm dextrose kit yeast -------------------------------------------- dissolve sugars in 3ltr hot tap water add contents of pouch to liquid and dissolve top to 20ltr, check temp fill to 23 ltr (I always add 1 extra lt to allow sg testers) add yeast keep between 20-25 deg. (maintained at 23) ========================================== When I do a new brand and/or type of brew, I don't stray from the instructions so at least I know what the starting brew should taste like. I made one change which I do with most brews, instead of 1kg dextrose I use a 650/350 blend with md. cheers ww.
  3. worry wort

    recovery hops....

    this should teach me a lesson, but probably wont. I tried my first BIAB, won't mention maker as it was probably my fault (although followed the instructions). Anyway, this is meant to be a pale ale in the form of mountain goat style of beer. Its been down now for 10 days, but I sampled it 2 days ago after taking a sg reading{1.010) and it was as bitter as hell, sampled again this morn {1.008) and it still has a very bitter almost unenjoyable taste. No 'floaties' or other undesireables on the wort, looks good, but the taste is of concern. I usually do this sampling at sg readings, and gt an idea of how things are going. Anyway, would dry hopping a small qty of cascade or even galaxy be of help? can they be used as rescue hops in these situations? thanks WorryWort
  4. worry wort

    final abv %

    does the sugar in the bottles for the carbonation add to the abv of the brew, or is the final gravity reading and corresponding abv level for that reading the final percentage of the ale?
  5. worry wort

    tank water and bitterness.

    so WH, it was only in one particular brew? same as me and the real ale, not sure if its actual or imagined, so I just keep drinking my way through it lol.
  6. worry wort

    tank water and bitterness.

    yes, exactly what I thought re the across the board additions, and RA was the original coopers in a can at Sydney and has always been their bitter which, I always enjoyed. Maybe all the toxins we're using up here is affecting our taste buds lol.
  7. worry wort

    tank water and bitterness.

    hmmm... I've been making coopers since '84, and up until 2009 always on town water. never a problem. Since moving bush in '09, im on tank water, which is crystal clear, and lovely. Never had a problem with my homebrews on tank water, but I recently changed from the dark ale back to real ale. I've made 3 brews of the RA, but found it to be more bitter than I can ever remember. Discussing this with another long term coopers brewer (converted him in '85!) about this and he said he noticed it too when he came up here so changed to either lager or draught. Raised the issue at the LHBS store, some 50k away, one of the regulars there said it had to do with the way RA was made dating back several years, they include some counter for the impurities of town water which, when used with non-fluorinated water can make the beer bitter. I have never heard this but that does not mean its not so. It sounded feasible only because I agree the RA is more bitter, but I have not noticed it with the Dark Ale. Anyone in a position to shed light on this? I need to point out the following....I have no degree in any form of science so cannot answer any questions which require an in-depth knowledge of water; Water is to keep fish and plants alive, mix with cordial and make beer out of; I have no understanding of a lot of the ingredients listed on a coopers can, I just know when combined with water, I like them. thanks WW.
  8. Has anyone read anything regarding the health impact home brew has compared to commercial beers? I've always considered HB to be a healthier option due to the lack of chemicals that go into it, but that's more what I want to believe than probably fact, and that even when I've given HB a total hammering the worst I've been is a bit heady the next day, not sick as a dog and incapacitated. Any thoughts or preferably facts on this? WW
  9. worry wort

    hops care

    I recently purchased several types of hop from online, contained in a cryovac type packaging. Should they be kept in the fridge, freezer, or just in the pantry? ww
  10. worry wort

    almost a fizzer...IPA 4.2

    Hi, I made my first IPA brew 5 weeks ago. I only had 1 lot of LDM so made the 4.2% version. After 3 weeks in the bottle, I tried one today, and while very happy with colour and taste, the beer 'headed up' when poured, but then the head disappeared and the beer looked flat. It wasn't flat, with the glass bubbling away merrily for the duration of the bottle, but no head retention. I have not had this problem for several years. Now, possible causes: The brew was meant to be kept at 20deg. A few days after putting it down the heatwave struck, and although I had a wet towel draped around it and a fan blowing, the wort temp for most the fermenting period was about 25, and 2. while I normally taste test at 2-3 weeks without a problem in the past, is this a bit too early for this type of beer? (Im only new to non KnK kits and this was my 2nd brew). As stated, the beer taste very good, its just a head thing and I am sure its not the recipe, so any ideas? tks WW
  11. worry wort

    S&W pacific ale recipe

    so this recipe doesn't use a coopers brew as a base, its all from the malt extracts? this is new to me, sorry for the dumb question.
  12. worry wort

    pale ales, whats the diff?

    Thanks Mark.
  13. worry wort

    pale ales, whats the diff?

    a quick question...what is the difference between Australain and Pacific pale ale? when mixing with wheat malt, does it make a big difference which style of PA you use? cheers WW
  14. So, reading the recipes on the recipe page, and using PET bottles, they advise after 2 weeks to check the PETs for firmness. It doesn't mention what to do when you find the occasional 'soft' bottle in the bunch. I've encountered a few over the years of pets, and I just nip up the lid as hard as I can and give it another shake, sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. Or you put them in the fridge firm, but they come out soft and the beers crapola. Would appreciate any info our more experienced brewers here have in the possible cause and dealing with those situations. cheers WW.
  15. worry wort


    I just use 1250ml soft drink bottles, been doing it since '95 when I moved to Darwin and couldn't get 750ml glass longnecks. Beers just as good, not as much bottling as the 1250's hold more, and for me on a personal level, 1250ml is a good amount in a sitting.