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  1. worry wort

    dry hopping dark ale

    yeah, I must admit I have loved the dark ale for about 20 years now, but I'm just keen to try experimenting and at the moment I have a dark ale down (spicy brunette actually, first attempt at other than k n k), so just me being anxious to get mixing.
  2. worry wort

    dry hopping dark ale

    as a learning curve, can/should you dry hop a dark ale? If so, what would be your preferred hops?
  3. worry wort

    flavour improvement

    so, following all the info to bluebru, is there somewhere that covers they types of hops and their flavour, i.e. fruity, spicy, bitter etc, and a compatability list? and I guess the same for all the different types of yeast available. Im so keen to get into this now but don't want to mix something sweet and tangy with something bitter and horrid....
  4. worry wort

    flavour improvement

    since deciding to move on from the k&k which I've been doing since 84, Im like a kid in a lollyshop ordering all kinds of shit. started simple on Friday with a spicy brunette, only coz I had the stuff here to get going, but trying to get my head around what hops are bitter, sweet, fruity etc. can't wait to make my next batch lol.
  5. worry wort

    stuff up number 1...

    ….theres toys to brewing as well????
  6. worry wort

    stuff up number 1...

    good to know, thanks OVB and Shamus.
  7. worry wort

    stuff up number 1...

    Ok, so trying to break into the 'adventure' side of homebrewing after decades of just making it straight out the can. Made a list of what I needed and we made the 55km trip to nearest home brew outlet/computer store (hb is a second string for income to him). As he didn't have EKG hops, he had goldings and said its a common substitute for ekg. got home and realised I now have 6 x 12g bags of finishing hops, which I don't think are what I was wanting. I've now gone on line and ordered truckloads of yeast, hops and adjuncts, thanks to the info by yeastboy, but what can I do with the finishing hops? what brews would the be best to drop these suckers into. I currently have a Spicy Brunette on the way but with the 2 tspoons of cinnamon I don't know if adding extra hops would be of benefit. I shouldn't be allowed out of the house..... ww.
  8. worry wort

    wheres the best place to buy ingredients

    thanks Hoppy, some great sites there. once again this marvellous forum comes to the rescue!
  9. Wheres the best place to buy stuff like dextrose, maltodextrin, L/DME etc. I don't have a HBS nearby and the local supermarkets only sell coopers packaged mix's at premium prices, so thought there may be an online place, or maybe not even a HBS where I can source these things from. cheers
  10. worry wort

    two can compatability

    thanks OVB, that was the one recipe I had been looking at but wasn't too sure of compatability. thanks for your reply.
  11. worry wort

    two can compatability

    I have 2 cans in my pantry, a draught and a dark ale. Is it possible to make a two-can mix with these or are there clashing ingredients which may not work well together? This would be my first attempt at this so don't want to start off with a dud. thanks ww
  12. worry wort

    spicy brunette tips

    Hi, about to put down my first spicy brunette. Does anyone have any tips on the amount of cinnamon to put in? the recipe is very simple and only calls on 2teaspoons of it, but was wondering if anyone has tried this recipe and if 2 is enough, too much etc. cheers ww
  13. thank you very much guys, very keen to start using various hops and mixes to vary the taste. ww.
  14. worry wort

    Recipe difficulty rating

    Brilliant, this spreadsheet will save me truckloads of time, thanks!
  15. worry wort

    flavour improvement

    thanks for the info. ww.