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  1. so ended up with a 40g mosaic and 30g motueka dry hop which isn't quite 4g/ltr. After todays reading I tasted the wort and it was amazing, so many flavours. hope it stays that way! thanks for the indicator on amounts.
  2. .....is that a yes or a no......
  3. I usually dry hop by placing hops in a chux and dropping it in where it just bloats and floats on top. I have been watching a series of vids where the hops are placed in a metal container which causes them to sink. Sooooo....is more flavour distributed through the brew by distributing from the bottom of the fv? another learning curve to conquer....
  4. Cheers all, its just a can of ipa, be2, mosaic/motuaka hops and i had a belgian ale yeast, so a pile of left over bits n pieces, left over, so just going to chuck ir all in n see
  5. 100? hmmmm, as this is an experiment may up it to 50 and 25 of motueka. thanks
  6. would a 12gm dry hop each of motueka dn mosaic be too citrussy? That may not be a word but it gets the message across......
  7. I read on a lot of the coopers recipe that when adding dry malts to a fv, to add hot water then swirl around to prevent lumping. What I do is make a heavy slurry by adding just enough cold water to the ldm fand stir it in to disolve, then add that to fv. No lumps, so swirling, just add everything else in and away I go. I've never noticed any peculiarities with the brews so I don't think the slurry made any difference to the brew. Any thoughts?
  8. When I first started on the cans in 84, all I could get was real ale, but it was as good a beer as you could get anywhere, and still one of my favourites. and while the supermarkets will always be cheaper just on buying power, if the lhbs goes, where do you get your grains, hops and yeast from, I've never seen a supermarket with as big a range of brewing goodies as my lhbs, and my closest one is 55k away!. For a few extra bucks its worth it in the long run.
  9. yep, i agree lusty, i have been making coopers since 1978, first in the 4ltr wort boxes, then in the early 80's when I found the cans. I have strayed a couple of times but never down, always at best sideways to try something different, but always come back to coopers. Using a 'black and gold' kit has never entered my head, and I was suprised to see people on a homebrew site talking about using them
  10. I've recently started bulk priming, only 2 brews so far, but i notice I still have a deposit at the base of each bottle. Is this normal or am i not waiting long enough before racking off into the 2nd fv?
  11. yeah, pretty much as i expected, and paddy, you're right, you know exactly what you're getting with any of the know brewers.
  12. Has anyone tried using the supermarket brand kit as a base for something bigger and better? I never considered it, but was reading on a facebook page on home brewing and a few of the guys there use them. Just curious if its been tried by anyone
  13. I'm reading on the various forums here of people have batches down for up to 18 months or more. When you finally get around to drinking them, does the brew retain its head? i used to run 6 batches at a time and was drinking about the 6-7 month mark, while the brew was good, none of them could retain their head for the duration of the bottle, but since i've cut down to 3 batches at about the 3 month mark, same brews are performing remarkably well. So, what's an 18 month home brew like?
  14. this year I gave up beer for lent, next year I'm giving up Lent for beer....
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