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  1. thanks guys, they are in soaking now so will use half of them tomorrow. cheers.
  2. I've just become the proud owner of 48 x 450ml grolsch bottles (empty, unfortunately) given to me by someone who was going to use them for home brew but never got around to making any. I've read the forum re these bottles and see there are varying degrees of success and opinion on the use of these bottles for secondary fermentation, so, is there a trick to ensuring the fermentation and resulting brew is going to be a success in these bottles? I always bulk prime, so the amount of sugar per bottle should be correct measure for the size of the bottle. They have only ever been used once to house the original beer, and all seals seem to be in perfect condition. Welcome all thoughts. thanks WW
  3. its ok....i just realised what i left out....doh.... in the middle of making the brew my daughter came in to tell me there was a snake in the yard, which turned out to be a 7ft carpet snake, so i got tied up with that for 40 mins or so, went back to brewing and finished it off without realising i didn't put one of the ingredients in, still sitting on the bench staring at me. Bit of a late mix, only by 30mins, or so, and now sg is 1.036, its been there before for this brew. Came in to withdraw the OP post and saw replies, thats one good thing about this forum, you get speedy results! thanks all
  4. Never had this before. Put down a Real Ale using BE3, US05 yeast and a Centennial hop boil. SG reading shows 1.028. In the past this particular brew runs in at about 1.040. Am i worrying over nothing, or is something amiss here?
  5. it looks like my edit to my post didn't get out in time. I did address the carbonating temperature issue in an amendment to the original post. the storage area seldom gets below 18-20, so during summer the area is safe from sudden temperature variations as front etc move through. Even now the area is still steady on 21. cheers. ww
  6. no, this was fermented in Feb, i struggled to keep it at 22/23. I just think its just one small issue that affected one brew, i've read and reread the method i used for that batch (i do this for every batch, just in case its a cracker!) and can see nothing different, Initial wort was at 25 and I brought it down to 23 with a bottle of ice. I sterilise the bots in percarbonate then rinse again before bottling. It may have been the bulk prime wasn't fully mixed as Greeny xxxx said, I usually pour the liquid into the 2nd primer then coil the rack tube 3 or 4 times so the wort is swirling by the time its clearing the tube. Carbonating temp was fairly consistent around the 20d mark. who knows, at least its drinkable! cheer for all your advice over the years, i many not always respond but I'm always grateful.
  7. I did and do use white sugar, without issue. must just be one of those home brewing mysteries. I am trying the brew i made after this batch tonigh, exact same mix and bulk prime quantities, just 2 weeks younger, will see how that fares.
  8. the only difference to other brews was using cascade, other than that just the plain white sugar
  9. Been bulk priming now for about a year without a problem, i dissolve 150g sugar in 350ml boiling water and add to 2nd fv that I rack off into. Brews have always had good life and good head retention all the way through the bottles, until now. Bottle a draught with a cascade steep 6 weeks ago, but now had 2 bottles and while the brew taste good, there is minimal head on pouring and it quickly settles and little activity in the glass. Not the glass, i've tried a number of glasses and even reverted to a pewter, same result. Any ideas on what could have happened? It was warm when I laid the brew and I used 1250ml bottle of frozen water to keep the temp down, but i've also done that with other brews without problem. Cheers WW
  10. I have found over the past month or so that APA is no longer on either of the woolies in the area, just a few lager/real ale/draught and dark, but the local IGA and foodworks here and the Big W at coffs still have the apa
  11. really! my 'local' (55k away) lhbs hasn't had it for a while and claimed it would be up to 12mths for supplies to start rolling again, and I got the same story from my 'local' health food/mini home brew shop who only keeps the 12g dry hop packs that he can't get citra for love or money. And Christinas1, thanks for your tip, but alas the 2 shops I have access to don't stock that particular type of hop.
  12. cheers guys. Thanks for the two link to the substitute charts guys, i have some but they are pretty dated now, well done.
  13. HI all, with citra as rare as rocking horse poop up here, my LHBS reckons azzaca is a good substitute, but I'm not a big fan of azzaca, it just doesn't seem to give me a taste I like, so was tossing up between cascade or mosaic. Its to be a 20g dry hop complimenting centennial in a Real Ale mix. What say ye?
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