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  1. going on the advice of a home brewing colleague, I bought a can of MJ Belgian Ale mix while it was on spec ($15). Won't be making it for another fortnight, but was wondering if 20gm hersbruker as a dry hop would compliment this beer (or a 15min steep?) or is there a better hop to just give it a bit of a tweak? I've drank my mates BA once before, he just mixes out the can without adding stuff, and its nice, but i think it just needs a bit of an underlying taste to it.
  2. still learning this part of the process. For years i didn't worry about og/fg, hops, malts etc, just the can, maybe brown sugar every now and then with a dark ale, but it was set, wait till it stopped working then give it a week then bottle. Can't understand why I didn't make this move 10 years ago! But this forum is an absolute Godsend for anyone trying to find their way to better-than-commercial homebrew, and I thank all contributors to the post I put up.
  3. ok, so i took your advice, ditched the dex for 300g golden syrup, ditched fuggles and EA yeast for 25g 10m steep of Centennial and SA05 yeast. sampling at day 6 had an SG of 1.014 and an aftertaste of golden syrup which I found a bit sweet, so dryhopped 12g citra. Sampling this morning, day 9, 1.010 and a very nice taste. The GS is still there, but not as prominent, and at this stage the abv, as you correctly predicted, 4.2, or 4.7 after priming. thanks for the tip
  4. it seems to be that way. I wasn't aware that they were similar breeds of yeast, but having stirred the mix and not had any improvement, i was thinking it must be done, but it didn't seem like the attenuation was enough. Where can i learn what levels of attenuation apply to which yeast? thanks for your imput, much appreciated.
  5. Morgans Royal Oak Amber, Morgans English Ale yeast and coopers be3 plus the hops.
  6. I put a brew down on 23 Aug, OG of 1.038, using English Ale Yeast and 15 fuggles hops steeped for 10 min. 3 days later SG was 1.014. Now on day 12, its still at 1.014. I have agitated the batch on last Friday, but the SG has not come down since day 3, thats only an attenuation of 63%. Temperature is at a steady 19 deg for last 8 days. Any thoughts?
  7. ok then, sounds like a plan, will let you know how it pans out.
  8. please do, i won't be doing this brew until at least saturday week. cheers.
  9. How much golden syrup, 500ml as per the dextrose its replacing?
  10. Ive been reading the 'real ale' thread on here and have an idea how it will go, but to be specific, I have a can of real ale and want to reduce my liquid malt extract holdings by mixing one with the RA. Would the RA can, 500g dextrose and 1.5 light liquid malt with either sa05 or premium english ale yeast work? I see EKG as a dry hop is a good mix as well.
  11. never realised they were that cheap, i've got the fridge...birthdays coming up .....hmmmmm
  12. we now have a 4th guy with same prob, he kegs his and is shooting foam like a fire hose. Before going on, we have all made, and are now drinking, batches put down since then and all is how it should be. I have seldom used the kit yeast this year as I work my way through the coopers recipe spreadsheet, but I did with the frothy brew I had. Ok, we all live in a small area with a couple of businesses running home brew as a sideline, so selections not as great as in other areas. Only real LHBS is 55k away at Coffs Harbour. The 4 local brewers who had the problem bought basic kits (2xdraught, 1xlager and 1xreal ale) from local supermarkets, though noone can recall exactly when. 3 of the 4 live on properties so using their own tank water, all long-time brewers, i know 3 of us don't use fridge or any specialist temp control, so yes, brewing at ambient. It could have been a. a rare bad batch of yeast, or 2. old stock which may have been exposed to extreme temp variations in the warehouse. Important things are 1. the beer tasted good as it always does, 2. even if it didn't, we still drank it. 3. follow up batches of beer are back to normal. cheers all
  13. no, we are all from different properties and all but one on our onw tank water, but it was a good thought if we were all on mains.
  14. over the years my temp control has been a removalist box lined with alfoil and a 15-20w globe in Canberra, electric blankets in Richmond NSW, and a heatpad, which I still have, up here on the mid north coast, but as the house is fully insulated and we have a solid fuel heater, the FV is quite happy bubbling away usually around the 18-23deg range. Not really had a problem in the cooler months keeping the wort within the brewing tolerance range, and never lost a batch due to the cold or heat. Never really tried the 12-15deg lagers as I know i can't keep it in that range. Summer, on the other hand, its a bit hard to keep below 22deg, so I do use an old beer fridge with the shelves removed. Never felt I had a need for the inkbird and the likes, always, well, mostly always, been very happy with the quality of the coopers brews, and moreso now that im experimenting with hops, grains and yeast. Why would you not brew, thats the question!
  15. this is the first time I've had this problem, and the reason I raised it as it happened to three out of four brewers all around the same time, not to just one individual, which of course could be identified as a BFU (brewers foul up...), but we do all live within a 1k radius so the local conditions would have impacted on all of us. cheers and yes, it did help, as do all the comments on this great forum. WW.
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