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  1. thanks all, some great advice taken on board.
  2. Yes LR, i agree that the SG differences are irrelevant and I cannot see how that would have made such a difference in taste. The hops were a different batch, but the LHBS keeps all his hops and yeast in a fridge, thats where I got the heads up on correct storage, but I don't know how things are stored prior to that. Other than that as they hops grow in different areas, I can accept one batch differing between seasons, but two would be hard to fathom. I use a hops cannister when dry hopping, so the hops sink to the bottom of the wort and dispense from the bottom through the brew, its not been a problem with others, its a quandry.
  3. Possibly. I once read somewhere that to calculate the attenuation you subtract the difference between the final numbers of the OG and the FG then divide the result by the final numbers of the OG...so with one lot i had 1.036/1.006 so that becomes 36 - 06 = 30, divided by 36 = 83.3%. I only ever got this info once so its probably not the correct way. This beer came about as a result of left-over bits, and at the time the only yeast I had was the M41, hence i chucked it in. I used it a 2nd time, as you would, because the first batch tasted so good. coopers draught 500g dex/ 250g ldm/ 250 malto (be2) Mangrove Jack M41 Belgian Ale yeast 30 g motueka and 40g mosaic dry hop day 5 disolve be2 in 1.5l boiling water in bucket, add Draught and stir to mix add to fv, fill to 23ltr with cold water add yeast, stir to mix, take temp and SG reading. Day 5 add 30g motueka 40g mosaic. thats it. cheers.
  4. quite a few months back I made a draught with mosaic and motueka hops, using mangrove jack m41 yeast. It was great, almost the same as a Hop Thief. A couple of months back I made it again, as I keep records of all my brews all ingredients were the same, fermenting temp was constant at 18, but the following differences in brewing were noticed; OG (1st brew) 1036/(2nd brew) 1038 FG 1002/1006 pitching temp 20/21 ABV 4.5%/5.2% yeast attenuation 83.3%/94.7% days in fv 10/10 This 2nd beer is nothing like the first. I know the hops went in, but theres no distinctive hop flavour, just a mildly bitter aftertaste. One change was the original hydrometer was broken so the 2nd brew was measured with a different, but same brand and style, of hydrometer, but other than that all ingredients and techniques were the same. I keep my hops in the fridge in sealed bags in an airtight tupperware container. These hops were not the original used as they are two of my fav hops i use so turnover the stock on them regularly. Any thoughts? As an afterthought.....there was one difference but I don't know if it would make any difference. With the first batch I bulk primed at bottling time, with the 2nd I used carb drops, but don't see how that could have such an impact on taste, and all other readings were taken before that stage.
  5. oh I agree with bottling once FG target is reached and same results occur on consecutive readings, it was the sudden return to the wort being active and bubbling again that had me doubting.
  6. Making a MJ Belgian Ale. the dude at the lhbs recommended as its my first one, just follow the kit instructions then maybe add stuff in future, sounded plausible seeing if i was going to buy anything to add to it I would have got it off him. Similar to coopers, mixed it all in, added the kit yeast and away we went. But...it worked and bubbled away for 7 days, usually its all over in 3. That was 6 days ago, took my second successive SG reading today, got all the stuff ready to bottle, then the bugger started bubbling again and is still giving passing gas at about 5 minute intervals! What would cause this? OG 1.039, last 2 days 1.007, temp 19deg. Logic tells me not to bottle while bubbling, but after a 6 day break......... any thoughts?
  7. quick question. Is the mr beer malt extract range liquid or dried?
  8. hmmm, airtight bag in airtight container but in the fridge....may be onto something there.....
  9. Hi all, doing a simple pacific ale mix for the 2nd time. Followed the directions from the first batch which was a great drop, very stone and woodsy. It called for 25g galaxy and 12 cascade to be dry hopped after the mix finished working. Did this at day 5, but now at day 11 and there is no aroma or taste of the galaxy, and only a minor hint of the cascade, which makes sense i guess as theres only 12g. But i've never had a problem with the taste of galaxy before. Any ideas? Temp was 1 degree warmer at pitching, at 22 whereas it was 21 first time round, but other than that all has been the same.
  10. going on the advice of a home brewing colleague, I bought a can of MJ Belgian Ale mix while it was on spec ($15). Won't be making it for another fortnight, but was wondering if 20gm hersbruker as a dry hop would compliment this beer (or a 15min steep?) or is there a better hop to just give it a bit of a tweak? I've drank my mates BA once before, he just mixes out the can without adding stuff, and its nice, but i think it just needs a bit of an underlying taste to it.
  11. still learning this part of the process. For years i didn't worry about og/fg, hops, malts etc, just the can, maybe brown sugar every now and then with a dark ale, but it was set, wait till it stopped working then give it a week then bottle. Can't understand why I didn't make this move 10 years ago! But this forum is an absolute Godsend for anyone trying to find their way to better-than-commercial homebrew, and I thank all contributors to the post I put up.
  12. ok, so i took your advice, ditched the dex for 300g golden syrup, ditched fuggles and EA yeast for 25g 10m steep of Centennial and SA05 yeast. sampling at day 6 had an SG of 1.014 and an aftertaste of golden syrup which I found a bit sweet, so dryhopped 12g citra. Sampling this morning, day 9, 1.010 and a very nice taste. The GS is still there, but not as prominent, and at this stage the abv, as you correctly predicted, 4.2, or 4.7 after priming. thanks for the tip
  13. it seems to be that way. I wasn't aware that they were similar breeds of yeast, but having stirred the mix and not had any improvement, i was thinking it must be done, but it didn't seem like the attenuation was enough. Where can i learn what levels of attenuation apply to which yeast? thanks for your imput, much appreciated.
  14. Morgans Royal Oak Amber, Morgans English Ale yeast and coopers be3 plus the hops.
  15. I put a brew down on 23 Aug, OG of 1.038, using English Ale Yeast and 15 fuggles hops steeped for 10 min. 3 days later SG was 1.014. Now on day 12, its still at 1.014. I have agitated the batch on last Friday, but the SG has not come down since day 3, thats only an attenuation of 63%. Temperature is at a steady 19 deg for last 8 days. Any thoughts?
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