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  1. never realised they were that cheap, i've got the fridge...birthdays coming up .....hmmmmm
  2. we now have a 4th guy with same prob, he kegs his and is shooting foam like a fire hose. Before going on, we have all made, and are now drinking, batches put down since then and all is how it should be. I have seldom used the kit yeast this year as I work my way through the coopers recipe spreadsheet, but I did with the frothy brew I had. Ok, we all live in a small area with a couple of businesses running home brew as a sideline, so selections not as great as in other areas. Only real LHBS is 55k away at Coffs Harbour. The 4 local brewers who had the problem bought basic kits (2xdraught, 1xlager and 1xreal ale) from local supermarkets, though noone can recall exactly when. 3 of the 4 live on properties so using their own tank water, all long-time brewers, i know 3 of us don't use fridge or any specialist temp control, so yes, brewing at ambient. It could have been a. a rare bad batch of yeast, or 2. old stock which may have been exposed to extreme temp variations in the warehouse. Important things are 1. the beer tasted good as it always does, 2. even if it didn't, we still drank it. 3. follow up batches of beer are back to normal. cheers all
  3. no, we are all from different properties and all but one on our onw tank water, but it was a good thought if we were all on mains.
  4. over the years my temp control has been a removalist box lined with alfoil and a 15-20w globe in Canberra, electric blankets in Richmond NSW, and a heatpad, which I still have, up here on the mid north coast, but as the house is fully insulated and we have a solid fuel heater, the FV is quite happy bubbling away usually around the 18-23deg range. Not really had a problem in the cooler months keeping the wort within the brewing tolerance range, and never lost a batch due to the cold or heat. Never really tried the 12-15deg lagers as I know i can't keep it in that range. Summer, on the other hand, its a bit hard to keep below 22deg, so I do use an old beer fridge with the shelves removed. Never felt I had a need for the inkbird and the likes, always, well, mostly always, been very happy with the quality of the coopers brews, and moreso now that im experimenting with hops, grains and yeast. Why would you not brew, thats the question!
  5. this is the first time I've had this problem, and the reason I raised it as it happened to three out of four brewers all around the same time, not to just one individual, which of course could be identified as a BFU (brewers foul up...), but we do all live within a 1k radius so the local conditions would have impacted on all of us. cheers and yes, it did help, as do all the comments on this great forum. WW.
  6. hahaha, hey, im dyslexic, ko?
  7. im the breakaway, theres a lot of knk guys here but after almost 40 years of making coopers, this year I started experimenting with hops n grains. Should have done it 35 years ago!
  8. Thanks Lusty. I can't talk for the other brewers, I don't know if they keep records, but i do. My brew was put down 21 May, and I would imagine the other guys would be around the same time as we're all drinking the affected brew at the same time. My OG was 1.040 and FG 1.012 was reached on day 9, and same on day 11 and 12 when bottled. Pitching temp was 21deg, day 6 18deg, day 10 19deg, so not a great deal of temp variation. cheers ww.
  9. Ok, so a few of us homebrewers in the Nambucca region seem to be suffering the same problem....in the past 3 months we have put down brews using basic coopers kits, and all of us who used the kit yeast are experiencing extremely frothy brews. I have only used the kit yeast once in the past 6 months and it is very, very heady beer. I thought it was something I had done until we all met up today and 3 of 4 of us are all experiencing the same problem. Does anyone know if there's been a rouge batch of yeast? It seems strange that we all suffered the same issues and the only common link was the use of the kit yeast. One bloke was told by the LHBS that he had over-carbonated, and thats what it looks like, but not 3 out of 4 doing the same thing with different styles of beers but all using the same yeast. Anyone else have an issue with this lately?
  10. Currently got a blond mix down at 21 litres. Its been down 5 days now, and I like beer with a bit of taste to it and so far this taste ok but missing something, so was considering dry hopping to tweak it a bit. I want to rack off about 10 ltrs into a 2nd fv and dry hop that, and leave the rest in the original fv as is. the original fv is 30ltr capacity, the 2nd is 25ltr capacity. Are these too large for small amounts of wort to ferment, I cant think why but asking just in case. If the fv are not an issue, would it be possible to do as described now, should I wait a few more days, or would it be detrimental to the brewing process totally? this learning curve is longer than i expected..... Cheers
  11. Having my first go at a blond. Four days in, yeast has stopped working, took an SG reading and sampled the wort. Its a bit light on for flavour, so was thinking of giving it a tweak. Would Mittlefrau hops be an option for a blond? I only ask as I have a lot of it left over lol, but any advice welcomed on how to give the brew a bit of character. Cheers.
  12. thanks el capitano, im not a great lover of dry beers so if its not integral to the better taste of the beer, ill go without. cheers.
  13. have a can of morgans Australian blond left over in the brew cabinet which i was going to make, but the recipe calls for dry enzyme to be added. Have never used this so done some research and find most the community is divided in their view of this, with none actually saying it was good, just dried the brew out to the taste. Living on a small budget, i don't particularly want to make a brew im not going to enjoy, so i throw it open to the floor, should i use the enzyme to make a low carb beer, or if i leave it out, what effect will it have on the end flavour of the brew?
  14. you know, i'm now starting to think that could be the case, i've been drinking some pretty heavy dark ales for the last 2 months.....may wait a few days and try again
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