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  1. Arid April. There you go sorted. I'll give it a miss. My birthday is in April.
  2. I've done it a couple of times, but I wouldn't do it again. The hardest time I found was a Sunday afternoon while preparing the Sunday Roast. I love a beer or glass of red wine when I''m doing that. For me I think the best time of year to give up would be March or September. Not too cold to worry about having a stout or red wine. Not too hot to think about a thirst quenching lager. I'm trying to lose a bit of weight at the moment and I"m happier not drinking Mon - Thurs, and then having a modest amount over the weekend. Well done to all those who did do it though.
  3. Something has obviously changed. I used the FV a lot when I first got it, and as I say I still have the original tap. This tap has had far fewer uses.
  4. The clip in the first pic wouldn't clip down onto the FV so I had to use a cable tie to hold it in place. 2nd pic is where the place tab broke first. 3rd pic I've just noticed this when I went to take pics. The dirt on them is from where I left them on the chook shed roof in disgust when they broke. I'd used the FV and had filled it with water and sodium percarbonate. I went out about an hour or so later to empty it. I picked it up to move it a foot or so over a drain and the top of the tap came flying out. I still have the original tap I got with the FV, December 2014. The reason I bought a new one was because I had a brew that was infected. I think I'll sterilise the old tap and see how it goes.
  5. These taps are rubbish. I've just had another break. I must say out of all the Coopers products this one must come out as the worst ever. I don't use my Coopers FV that often. Mainly for volcanic stouts. So although my tap might be a year old it's probably had 3 or 4 uses. And the last one I bought ended up going around the Aust Post centre for days. I phoned and they told me it was nothing to do with me. It was between Coopers and Aust Post. They tried to say it was Coopers fault due to a labeling issue, but the label looked fine when it eventually turned up. I'll have to buy another tap, but when this one breaks, that's it. The Coopers FV will be on the council pick up. That's it rant over. No stout being made this weekend.
  6. So Saturday lunchtime, talking to the missus and we have a disagreement over something trivial that I no longer remember. I go out and do a few things in the garden, then as I have to pick my son up from the beach I go for a walk there. Come home and and it's 5ish. Grab an IPA straight out of the garage as it's cool enough to drink. Now bear in mind not a word has been uttered between us since lunchtime. I wander into the kitchen to get a bottle opener. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The whole bottle erupts. I manage to get it to the sink to get the remaining inch in the bottom down the drain. It was everywhere. All up the walls, on the fridge, kitchen window, blinds the lot. One bottle out of a batch! I've opened a few straight from the garage in the last few weeks. But no it had to be the one when the missus had the hump. All bottles were opened outside for the rest of the weekend. But to answer your question Mitch, I have the occasional bottle that breaks in a batch. I just presume it's where the bottle has weakened over time.
  7. I was looking for a bar freezer for my neighbour on Gumtree recently. There were one or two that were 150 litres or so. Provided the shelves can be moved it might be the right size. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/kincumber/fridges-freezers/fisher-paykel-153l-freezer-in-perfect-working-condition/1223243985 The problem is with some upright freezing is that the shelves are the cooling elements and can't be removed. The one above looks OK.
  8. I tend to only let my guests use the Headmaster glasses. To be honest most of my favourite beer glasses are in a display cabinet and never used. But I do like a look around vinnies etc and pick up the odd glass now and again. I had to smuggle a few in after the missus asked if I had enough. I saw some nice ones the other week that I didn't buy. They were for a dark NSW brew. Can't remember the name off hand. I regret it now, but I didn't need them.
  9. I picked up six Headmaster glasses in the Salvos shop before Christmas. Took them to the counter and was told as I was buying all six that would be $3. I gave them $10 and told them to keep the change. Probably nicked out the pub or club I expect.
  10. I did a Cerveza last year. Added the zest and juice from 5 grapefruit & 4.5 litres of fresh grapefruit juice. It was bloody lovely. I'm doing another one soon.
  11. About 4 years ago when I started brewing again, I was in Coles one day and they had their own brand Lager reduced to $4 (I think. Some silly price). I bought one, and mentioned to my missus that I wished I'd bought two. A couple of days later she came home with three. Now bear in mind this was only my second or third brew. No temperature control. Just the can and a kilo of dextrose, in the garage at whatever temperature. So six weeks later I try one. It was not good. Over a period of two or three months I threw the ones my missus bought in the bin. She was none the wiser. I've mentioned this before but a bloke up the road regularly brews the homebrand ones with a kilo of table sugar. The FV's sit in the window of his shed in full sun.
  12. I have a batch in my fermentation fridge set at 18C at the moment. I used the US 05 yeast in this batch. After having a slightly under carbed batch before I thought this was the way to go. Temperature probe is just hanging in the middle of all the bottles though. Perhaps I should tape it to a bottle.
  13. Yep, I need all the mates I can get I have three friends who live local who I share my brews with. My back patio is far better than the pub. I make sure I get some work done by one as he's an electrician. The other two buy me kits now and again. Funnily enough we all know each other, but there's never more than three of us at a time.
  14. I've got half a dozen Hop Gobblers in the garage that are 18 months old. Patiently sat there waiting for one of my mates to come around.
  15. Hop Gobbler If I were you I'd try something like the Hop Gobbler. Not a bad drop at all. Hop Gobbler has Fuggles, EKG, choc malt and crystal. As Lab Rat says 1.7kg of DME is rather a lot. And I've never used more than 250grams of Choc Malt. Goodness knows what a kilo of the stuff would be like. I think you'll find that most on the site who rave about the English Bitter use the kit and a kilo of LDME. It get mentioned as one of the favourites in the K&K thread.
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