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  1. Oh Sorry. I forgot to post about it. Basically I'd spend the extra and do the Mangrove Jack one. Definitely more flavour to it. I'll try and find time to write a bit more during the week.
  2. I've put grapefruit juice in a Cerveza before. I didn't worry about it too much. It was an experiment. With the juice it will have a sugar content on the side of the carton / bottle won't it? From memory I did do a quick very rough calculation of sugar. But I also added pulp and zest of 5 grapefruit too. Looking back at my notes I didn't take a gravity reading. I thought that it wouldn't be accurate as the sugar in the pulp wouldn't have been mixed in. I'm going to make another soon. I was just going to used juice this time. However I think there should be some cheapish grapefruit in the shop. When started drinking this beer it was as cloudy as, but tasted great. A few months later it cleared but wasn't as tastey. I think journeyman summed it up. Suck it and see.
  3. What kind of seals do you have? I bought some silicone ones to replace the old rubber ones I had. They were rubbish and I ended up with flat cider. Back to rubber seals with no issue now.
  4. I purchased a Morgans Cider kit tonight on the way home. I also have a Mangrove Jacks one I bought as a bit of a "panic buy" in case we went into lockdown the other week. I'll put them both on this weekend. Then I can have a pretty good comparison taste test.
  5. I've got some 500ml crownies. A bloke in work gave them to me. They are Bundaberg Dark & Stormy bottles. Just having a quick look on ebay. They're available from the UK. Some USA home brew sites have them too. Can't see any for sale in Australia. I'm quite happy with the 330ml bottles, but do use 3 or 4 750ml bottles to help bottling along.
  6. Yes, I've read there's very little difference too. I had a recipe that said use S23, so that's the one I've stuck with. I've probably said before I've also read to use two packets. I'd generally pitch the rehydrated or reused yeast at about 20c. Then set the fridge to 12-13c. I've never pitched the yeast straight in at a low temperature.
  7. I think you'd have more leeway with a darker beer. The old I made was a pilsner. It came out much darker. Honestly it was awful. I tried to give it away, but ended up chucking it away.
  8. Glad someone agrees with me. I mentioned last week in a thread that I would never use an out of date kit again. I was gifted a Pilsner kit. I can't remember how long out of date, but not that long. It was bloody awful. I'm surprised at the number of people on forums who say to go ahead and brew with new yeast.
  9. I've never used and can't recall seeing Morgans Cider kits. But if you've only got the small craft fermenter maybe try supermarket AJ first. Don't even think about using the Brigalow one that Big W sell! I've made some similar to this using Aldi AJ. For one thing I found they came out with a better flavour using ale yeast. When I used cider yeast the flavour just wasn't there. About the shot of Apple Juice when pouring. I think this is a good shout. It definitely needs some added flavour. Someone on here mentioned they added Bickfords Cloudy Apple cordial to the glass before pouring. Only in the last week I've found somewhere local that sells it and plan to pick some up this week. If you want some contact Bickfords and they'll let you know a local stockist. I've tried adding cordial & fresh lemons in the FV. That didn't do much. The Mangrove Jack one is good, although to me still lacks a bit of flavour. I like my cider as dry as dry can be so I don't add any of the supplied sweetener. I got the local bloke I get my homebrew stuff from to order some in. He now says it's a good seller, so I get a bit of a discount. I've got both my FV's empty at the moment. I'll be driving by a different HB store later in the week, and I plan to pick up a Black Rock Cider that someone recommended. I'll put them both on at the weekend. Then do a taste test. Although, just googled the Black Rock cider and the reviews aren't great.
  10. Unless he's in the UK. Pressure barrels are widely used instead of bottling.
  11. I wouldn't even consider taking a sample for 10 days. Most of my brews I take a sample on day one. I then leave that sample in the brewing fridge next to my FV. I generally leave all my brews for 14 days. So on bottling day I'd generally take a new sample just to make sure it's finished. Sometimes I don't even bother checking it. I've got an idea what it'll be from previous experience. I'll just take a sample on bottling day or the day before and if it looks like it's finished I'll bottle it. I'm with you. Don't take too many samples and waste beer.
  12. I only looked at a couple of recipes on the website. I couldn't be bothered to go through them and so I thought I'd cover myself by saying at least one. But generally it seems to brew Lager at a low temperature you need two packets. I know on the UK forum I read people say it's very hard to get the Euro Lager to ferment out properly below 15 or 16C.
  13. Can't edit my post above but at least one of the Coopers Lager recipes say to use 2 packets of Saflager. I have done that in the past. I'm pretty sure I've also used the kit yeast from a Coopers Euro Lager and an extra Saflager too.
  14. https://community.diybeer.com/topic/14662-pale-ale-og/?tab=comments#comment-211711 There is a link for it in the above thread. click on the thing that says Extract Beer Designer. bottom of the sixth post in the thread.
  15. Would it be 23 litres? I've never made a Muntons kit. I do know they had a reputation for not putting enough yeast in the kits. I think it used to be 5 grams. I read quite a few stories on a UK forum about stuck brews. If you ferment it at 13C you really only to buy one Saflager yeast. Use that and the Muntons. That's what I'd do if the Muntons is a Lager yeast. It was a while ago but I'm sure I've read if you're going to do the Lager at 13C or so you need two packets of yeast. That's what I used the first time and then washed and reused the yeast.
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