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  1. Oh wow I'm having a bad day. I meant I have White King in the garage, not White Knight. And on closer inspection it's Woolies, not Coles!!!!!!!!!!!! And I hadn't even had a drink when I typed that earlier. https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/8959/essentials-bleach-lemon The missus is in a bit of a cleaning mood today. In the back shed I found four Crown Lager bottles. Not twist tops. Proper tops, so they're old. Goodness knows how long they've been there. Anyhow I didn't have much of the Woolies stuff left. So they've gone in a bucket with some White King bleach. I'm not sure when I'll get them out. Might not be until Wednesday.
  2. Sorry, that thing called work got in the way of replying. I use this plastic tub. Obviously by the way it looks I haven't used it in a while. I put around 40 bottles in. Fill each one with some cold water so they don't float. Then start filling the tub with cold water. I do this outside. Mostly I use the water from my rain water tanks. Sorry it's a bit vague, but I then add bleach. I've no idea how much. Just glug, glug, glug. Just enough so I can smell the bleach. Then I leave them overnight. I don't reuse the bleach solution. Then use the bottle rinser filled with warm water and leave them to dry on the bottle tree. I've used the Coles bleach. I mistakenly bought the lemon scented one. But haven't had a problem. I do have some White Knight bleach in the garage, so I may have used that, but I only recall using the Coles stuff. As I said previously I'm sue the Coopers bloke who was on here swore by this method. It always seems to work for me. The labels just slide off too. I bought a bottle brush a couple of years ago. Never used it. I've never had a need to. Why don't you experiment with just four or five bottles in a plastic bucket.
  3. I've always put them in a plastic tub. Filled with water. Carefully poured in bleach. When I say carefully I mean just poured it in until I thought there was enough. Glug, glug, glug. Spotless bottles in a few hours. I'm sure the Coopers bloke, (PB2 was it) said that was the way to clean them. That's when there's a bit of a scum building up around the neck of the bottle, or if it's bottles freshly liberated from the neighbours bin on recycling night.
  4. Back in the old country we used to make nettle wine, but as you say where does it end up? Did you see the video of a bloke adding a Christmas pudding to a beer? Here it is... I too like the citrusy stuff. One of my experiments was adding grapefruits & grapefruit juice to a Cooper Cerveza. I'm just hanging out a month or so to make another. This will be a beer to drink in the summer. I don't want to make it just yet. When I make the last one it was as cloudy as and tasted great. I keep one bottle for a few months. Crystal clear, but didn't taste as good.
  5. You need to get yourself on the Larger Appreciation facebook page. Yes, they do call it LARGER. https://www.facebook.com/groups/891127104707990 I did notice the other week that my local woolies had Coopers Lager reduced to clear. The $1.05 off didn't really appeal to me, but it's all gone now. So it seems has all the homebrew stock. Replaced with shelves full of non alcoholic stuff.
  6. When I think of things like adding weet(a)bix or whatever to my beer. I stop and ask myself, will I end up with 20 odd litres of undrinkable beer? Then 9 times out of 10 I don't bother. @Spursman what yeast are you using by the way? I've made Morgans kits before, but their yeast is not very good.
  7. I agree there is no need, but I did what @jackgym is planning on doing. I ran the temperature probe from the STC through the drain hole too.
  8. Yes, I do something similar. Brew number written on top of lid of bottle. I'm not sure why those particular stouts weren't numbered correctly. And recently I got some nearly out of date cider kits that I brewed one after the other. I found six unlabelled bottles the other day while moving stuff around. They're marked CDR, as I'm not sure which batch they were.
  9. Yes, I didn't think it was very good. Not worth the money. There's a reason it's cheap. I like a good cider. I was born in the West Country of England. Loads of apple farms there that made their own cider. I've tried all the ones available (as far as I know). To me the Mangrove Jacks one is the best.
  10. Sorry can't help with the Monk Fruit. I hadn't heard of it until I opened this thread. I make the Mangrove Jacks cider now and again. it comes with a sachet of sweetener. I don't use it as I like my cider as dry as dry can be. I've just had a look in the fridge and I have 3 packets of the sweetener. Too late for this brew, but if you want to try it I can post it to you. Or there is, or was a cider yeast with sweetener available on ebay at one time. Another option. Get some Bicksfords Cloudy Apple cordial. Add a bit to the glass before pouring the cider. My other comment is that I made the Brigalow cider once.
  11. As I mentioned in another thread, I'm drinking a case of stout that has been at the back of the garage since June 2017. I know at least half the case is that old. The other half of the bottles simply has S on the lid and I'm not exactly sure when that batch was brewed.
  12. A cider kit? An unhopped one? or a MJ one that comes with hops? What are you planning on hopping it with. Recently I acquired 2 Morgans cider kits that were close to use by date. I used one of their Lime flavours in one & it's not bad. I'm tempted to try the strawberry flavouring, but I like the lime, so it'll be that in the next kit too I think. Before that I hopped a MJ kit with 30 grams of Citra. I'll be making another soon & I think I'll up it to 50 grams of Citra.
  13. I went and bought my first fresh wort kit yesterday. Price on website $51. I phoned to make sure they had what I wanted. Sure did $59. Price went up $8 this week. I was thinking about all grain all the way home.
  14. Preparing loads of grog to drown your sorrows when the football season kicks off? Not expecting a good season?
  15. I'm trying to use up what hops I have in the freezer. I think I have some East Ken Goldings. I might put those in a Cooper English Bitter. Then I think I might try a Fresh Wort Kit. Maybe the Japanese Lager one. And I have a Cider kit here on my desk. That'll be done in the not too distant future.
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