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  1. Graculus

    Toucan stout vs Coopers Commercial Stout

    https://community.diybeer.com/topic/5277-toucan-dark-ale-stout/?page=9&tab=comments#comment-164428 I think you'll be OK. Read what I said about when I brewed an Imperial Russian. There's a pic of the FV in that thread too.
  2. Graculus

    Old fridges

    I've used warm water with bleach in. Seemed to do the trick.
  3. Graculus


    I have a few smaller brown flip tops. 330ml I think. They were given to me by various people. I think they from an Aldi German range of beers. I've got loads of different bottles. Mainly I use 330ml brown ones, but I also have some clear & green that I use for lager. Some old brown long necks too. I have grolsch flip tops that I use for cider. Also 2 x 1.5 litre Grolsch bottles. I've never used those.
  4. Graculus

    Dud Brew?

    Recipe contains: 1 × Mr Beer North West Pale Ale (1.3kg) 1 × Mr Beer Unhopped Malt Extract - Pale (250g) 1 × Mr Beer Carbonation Drops (72g) * You supply: 1 × 250g Lactose 1 × 170g Passionfruit Pulp 1 × 11.5g Safale US-05 yeast 1 × ½ teaspoon Vanilla Essence (optional, not included in recipe pack) Or add individually 1 × Mr Beer North West Pale Ale (1.3kg) $16.95 $15.26 1 × Mr Beer Unhopped Malt Extract - Pale (250g) $3.39 $3.05 1 × Mr Beer Carbonation Drops (72g) $3.10 $2.79 Ingredients
  5. Graculus


    I've got so many glasses. Being from the UK originally I have quite a few pint and half pint glasses from beer festivals. Most of those are in a cabinet and never come out. Then I went through a stage of buying them from Vinnies etc. So I've ended up with quite a few different ones.
  6. Graculus

    Russian Imperial Stout.

    If you put a toucan on soonish that should be OK. I tend to drink them quite young & it really is a nice beer in the winter.
  7. Graculus

    Pineapple Pale Ale

    Oh yes, I'm drinking it. It's very nice, despite the fact it didn't come out as I intended. I put way too much grapefruit in. My intention was a light coloured beer with a hint of grapefruit. Take a look at the link below. The recipe is near the top of the page and scroll down for a pic of a bottle. Next time I'm going use either the grapefruit juice or fresh grapefruit. I've got a couple of ideas about getting it clear. At the moment I'm tossing up between gelatine & pectolase. I've never used pectolase in beer though, only wine or cider. Pectolase/Pectinase breaks down the pectins found naturally occuring in fruit, releasing juice, colour and flavour and enhancing yield. If pectins are not destroyed then there is a good chance your finished wine will remain "hazy" and never clear, even with the use of finings later on. https://community.diybeer.com/topic/12572-coopers-mexican-cerveza/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-167094
  8. Graculus

    Russian Imperial Stout.

    I've got one that I bottled in November. I wasn't going to touch it until June at least. I wrote about it in the thread linked below. https://community.diybeer.com/topic/5277-toucan-dark-ale-stout/?page=9&tab=comments#comment-164428
  9. Graculus

    Pineapple Pale Ale

    I just put some grapefruit in a brew. I just chucked it in. I'd be interested to know how you go with this. My grapefruit brew was bottled well over a month ago and it's still not clear. I don't think it ever will.
  10. Graculus

    Pineapple Pale Ale

    Sorry didn't realise it was for the Craft kit FV as you said your LHBS doesn't stock Mr Beer. In that case I'd use the cerveza kit and jut top it up to 8.5 litres.
  11. Graculus

    Pineapple Pale Ale

    I've just added grapefruit to a cerveza and it's come out very nice. Didn't clear at all though. Still I'll be making it again and I'm thinking about how to get it to clear. If I was doing that recipe or trying to get something close I'd be adding the pineapple and hops to a cerveza, Bootmaker or the Brew A. Maybe even a Pilsner or Lager. Personally I don't tend to worry about the bitterness too much. Take into account the recipe you're looking at is only for 8.5 litres though. I would make it up to 18 litres or so and double the hops, juice etc.
  12. Graculus

    Old bottle cleaning

    I put mine in a plastic container with water & bleach. Soak for 24 hours. They come out very clean. Rinse well though.
  13. Graculus

    Toucan stout

    I don't know. If you use Choc Malt the coffee flavour might come through by then. There is a thread about toucans. Maybe take a read. https://community.diybeer.com/topic/5277-toucan-dark-ale-stout/?tab=comments#comment-55223
  14. Graculus

    Toucan stout

    It depends how long you intend to keep before drinking, but....... I steep 250 grams of choc malt and add. I start drinking it after about 4-6 weeks in the bottle and I like it. I find anything over 6 months and it tastes of coffee, which I detest. Some of my work colleagues love it though. I have a case which is at least 18 months old and I can't drink it. I did take some down the local surf club a few weeks ago. Certainly raised some eyebrows. Along with a comment about it being like asking for an extra shot in your morning coffee. A bloke in work is going to take it off my hands in exchange for a couple of Coopers cans and a kilo of dextrose. If you're looking for an instant coffee hit I think some people add coffee from those pods or brew fresh coffee to add.
  15. Graculus

    wheres the best place to buy ingredients

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/20KG-Light-Dry-Malt-Extract-Home-brew-sugar-larger-ale-beer/381060341486?hash=item58b8f75eee:g:DeoAAOSwSidb7Xkr:rk:6:pf:0 I bought this once. Split it into 1kg zip lock bags. Wait until Coles have a special on food containers. Then put 1kg into food containers. Keeps well. I worked out even buying the food containers (at half price) I still saved money. It's a pain in *ss weighing it out though. All sell some at a slight profit to one of my work colleagues. He knows how much I pay and is happy with what I charge. I've bought three 20kg bags all up. The last two from my local health food store. He asks the Ebay price and undercuts it by $5 or so. Regarding the yeast. Do you all need 7 packets? I bought a pack of 04 yeast a year or so ago and I've just chucked it after the sixth brew. I thought I'd start afresh in the new year. Same with most of my yeasts. I have no idea what I'd do with 7 packets.