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  1. Graculus

    bulk priming question

    99.9% is in glass bottles. I might put the odd one or two in PET now and again just so I can check carbonation. I always have dextrose available. I don't think we have any white table sugar in the house. I'd have to check.
  2. Graculus

    bulk priming question

    Yes, I thought the sugar might be a bit more potent per gram than the dextrose. I probably did read that a while ago.
  3. Graculus

    Milk Stout

    I've been thinking about making a Milk Stout for a while now. Stopping off at the shops on Friday I bought on impulse. Coopers Irish Stout, lactose and some rolled oats. I've read that people use the rolled oats in stout, but really have no idea what to do with them. Steep I presume but how much and how much lactose? Brew it short down to 18 or 20 litres? I already have Light Dry Malt. I could call in and buy some Dark Dry Malt. Kit yeast or some S04 I have here? Thoughts everyone?
  4. Graculus

    bulk priming question

    Yes, I do. I use dextrose and I'll use 180g per 23 litres. I'm forever taking my beers to BBQ's or down the surf club and everyone seems to think they're fine.
  5. Graculus

    bulk priming question

    I agree with OVB. I looked at all that stuff when I started out too Worry Wort. I've just stuck to 7-8g per litre which is roughly 180g of dextrose per 23 litres. Works fine for me. I've tried varying the amount depending on what kind of beer I've been making. I've seen people say to cut down on the dextrose when making stout. That didn't work for me. I'm using 7g per litre. Having said that I'm drinking the last six or so bottles of a year old European Lager at the moment. I might add 9g per litre to the one I'm brewing now as I think this one is under carbonated.
  6. Graculus

    Euro lager dress up

    I've got a Euro Lager to go on when I get my act together. What is Kelsey's and PB2's temperature plan please. ta
  7. Graculus

    Time effective bottle cleaning system

    I agree. When I'm given bottles they go in a plastic tub. Glug, glug, glug of the bleach. Might be four glugs, I'm not sure. Fill up with water. 24 hours later the bottles are sparkling. Gets the labels off too. I then rinse using my bottle rinser with warm water in. Put them on the bottle tree to dry.
  8. Just going through the "beer cupboard" in the garage rounding up a few stray bottles. Put a long neck in the fridge this morning and just opened it. Tasted it and I'm not keen. It had 67 on the lid and I've checked my notes. It's a Dark Monk that I made June last year. https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/the-dark-monk.html Looks good, nice head, but I just don't really like it.
  9. Graculus

    Chocolate and Vanilla Stout

    I couldn't taste the vanilla at all. I'd have to check my notes but I think I added 3ml of vanilla essence per litre of beer. I might try again and add more. If I were you I'd just make the toucan and drink it this winter. Then if you want to make another stout, maybe think about making September time to drink next winter. Talking about knocking your socks off. My Imperial Stout ended up at about 10%.
  10. Graculus

    Chocolate and Vanilla Stout

    If you don't want to go to the trouble of all that, just do a toucan + Choc Malt. Drinkable after a month or so. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I usually add 250 grams of Choc Malt. You can steep it overnight in cold water. Then strain it off and boil. The only time I tried using Vanilla was when I added Vanilla Essence at bottling stage. It did not work. I've got three stouts in the garage ageing. Imperial Russian that is only six months or so old. I'm hoping this isn't too coffee flavoured. Toucan + Choc Malt, made in January so I'll be drinking that soon before the coffee flavour takes over. A case of Toucan + Choc Malt made in June 2016. The coffee flavour is immense. Had some friends over recently. I opened a bottle and poured into three glasses. The puffing of cheeks and rolled eyes when they tried it was funny.
  11. Graculus

    Chocolate and Vanilla Stout

    I think it would age very well. But I think you've left it a bit late for this winter. A couple of months is nothing really when ageing a stout. I usually do a toucan with Choc Malt. I start drinking it after a couple of months and I like it. Three to four months is best for my tastebuds. Anything after six months I don't really like it. It tastes too much like coffee to me and I don't drink coffee. Those vanilla beans aren't cheap either.
  12. Graculus

    De gas

    People who make home made wine tend to de gas in a demijohn. Either with a bent up coat hanger attached to a drill, or you can buy de gassing wands. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=degassing+wand&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjG5unz8q_hAhUb7XMBHXHvDlEQBQgrKAA&biw=1920&bih=916 No need for it in beer.
  13. Graculus

    Toucan stout vs Coopers Commercial Stout

    https://community.diybeer.com/topic/5277-toucan-dark-ale-stout/?page=9&tab=comments#comment-164428 I think you'll be OK. Read what I said about when I brewed an Imperial Russian. There's a pic of the FV in that thread too.
  14. Graculus

    Old fridges

    I've used warm water with bleach in. Seemed to do the trick.
  15. Graculus


    I have a few smaller brown flip tops. 330ml I think. They were given to me by various people. I think they from an Aldi German range of beers. I've got loads of different bottles. Mainly I use 330ml brown ones, but I also have some clear & green that I use for lager. Some old brown long necks too. I have grolsch flip tops that I use for cider. Also 2 x 1.5 litre Grolsch bottles. I've never used those.