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  1. worry wort

    bulk priming question

    thinking of moving to the bulk priming method for my beers. I have 2 fv now so always keen to try new stuff, but was reading an article (u.s. brewing site) on bulk priming, and they talk of co2 volumes and how they vary from beer style to beer style, and how this impacts on how much priming product you use. To use a commonly heard phrase these days, WTF? How much does this impact on amount of sugar used? Heres my plan. I plan to rack off about 23ltrs from fv1 to fv2 (i ususally brew about 24-25ltrs at a time). I was thinking of using dextrose, but i now see LDM is an option for bulk priming, which I think would produce a bit more head retention and just alter the beer a bit in a good direction (up for correction or advice here). working on about 5g per heaped teaspoon, or 10g per bottle (i use 1250ml pets), i figured 190g of sugar. How much would I use of a. dextrose, b. LDM? Also, would using LDM affect the .04% alcohol boost given by priming with sugar?
  2. worry wort

    yeast substitute

    Can Morgans English Ale Yeast be used in lieu of Lallemand Nottingham? I find Notty, in fact any Lallemand product, hard to get locally and LHBS advised that either Morgans English Ale or at a pinch Safale us05 would be likely subs.
  3. worry wort

    yeast substitute

    all you input helps, thanks beerlust!
  4. worry wort

    bulk priming question

    so if it isn't fully fermentable it will throw a deposit and annul the whole idea behind bulk priming? ill stick with sugar then, been using it for near 40 years. thanks for your knowledge once again.
  5. Is there any way of testing the abv of a brew after its been in the bottle for a couple of weeks? would pouring some into the hydro tube and dropping the hydro in it give an accurate reading to work out the abv?
  6. worry wort

    worry worts worst work

    2 weeks ago i wanted to make a particular type of beer but had the wrong grains and yeast. Working on the principle that ships are safe in the harbour, but thats not what ships are for, i took the plunge and made a brew based on the stuff I had, thinking what the hell, how bad can it be. Tonight I bottled it. Its the blackest beer I've ever seen, its so black it sucked light into the bottle with it as i filled them, its the black hole of home brew with an aroma of bitumen, cigar and a hint of either molasses or sarsparilla. I have been sampling it over the past week as i've taken SG readings and it actually taste not bad. If the bottles don't melt or split their seams under the pressure, i will let you know in about 3 weeks how its turned out. OG was 1048, FG 1014 for past 3 days so going by the database thing will be about 5% with the bottling sugar added.
  7. worry wort

    worry worts worst work

    hahaha, thanks for the build up! the samples I've tasted over the past week indicate it's going to be a very drinkable brew, i have tasted/made worse. but once i pour a glass, i will hold the glass up to the sun and take a pic, you can't see light through it, and couldnt even in those little tubes you use for the hydrometer! i agree it will be a long term brew, and I somehow think that i won't be having too many sessions on it, if the smell at this stage is like it is, well, i don't want it going through my system in large amounts, if you catch my drift....
  8. worry wort

    The innkeepers daughter

    wouldn't this be a bit too sweet/fruity with so much galaxy?
  9. worry wort

    testing abv from the bottle

    just to check, it OG-FG and then divided by 7.46 to get the abv, plus .04%?
  10. worry wort

    worry worts worst work

    i can hold the small sample i take for sg checks up to the sun and not see through it!
  11. worry wort

    worry worts worst work

  12. worry wort

    Coopers Aussie Pale ale

    Jackamundi, i know when you first start you're keen to get it down and bottled quickly to see what its like, but as frustrating as waiting is, it's better in the long run. I usually leave mine for 14 days, that way its well over fermenting, and nice and clear when bottling. In regard to hydrometers, I like the idea of taking a sample on brewing day and just using that for a week or so, but I take a sample for SG on brew day, ditch it, then start again 2 days after the brew stops working, and after taking the reading, I get to sample the brew to see how its developing. As advised on a million post here, 2 days of the same reading tells me its ready, 3 days confirms it. Happy brewing, welcome to the turning point of drinking.
  13. worry wort

    exceeding volume

    How much does adding extra water affect a brew? I usually fill to the 24ltr mark even though most brews call for 23l, and some 20l, I imagine it would affect it a bit, but to what extent would say an extra one or two litres of water make over the fermentation stage?
  14. worry wort

    base brew substitute

    was in discussion yesterday with a fellow brewer, talking about my recent swap from KnK to hops n yeast n grains, and he said he often uses coopers australian pale ale instead of inkeepers daughter to make the sparkling ale brew. Are those brews interchangeable like that? I only have 3 brews down at a time so tend to follow recipes to the letter for fear of a failure and having to rush a couple of brews to keep up supply.
  15. why is it, no matter how slowly or deliberately you do it, but the second you put a hydrometer into a sample, it will spin around so the readings are facing away from you......
  16. worry wort

    kit yeast build up

    Since branching out and using different yeast in my brews, I am getting a build up of unused 7gm kit yeast satchels. Is there a use for this product now? would 14g of thomas coopers yeast be a replacement for something, or should i just use it for snail and mozzie bait?
  17. worry wort

    hydrometer, by b*stards incorporated...

    i've got one I've had for years, but it only reads 0 to 1.046, so some of these brews I'm making now exceed that so had to buy this thing about a foot long with all kinds of markings on it
  18. worry wort

    kit yeast build up

    ...thanks, i think......
  19. worry wort

    It is Cheating - isn't it?

    I remember back in the late 70's living in Adelaide, Coopers bought out a box of beer, the wort with all the trimmings in a plastic bag in a box, you just added a bit of water and the yeast. That was before they moved to just the syrup in a can. It wasn't great, but then again it was only up against west end and southwark so it was a viable option.
  20. worry wort

    new brew name?

    so, when you totally stuff up a brews ingredients, and end up making a brew which is pretty damn good, how do you go about naming it?
  21. worry wort

    hops substitute

    was hoping to try the Pacific Summer Ale but don't have any summer hops. I'm trying to use up what hops I have left, would a Saaz be an acceptable substitute? thanks WorryWord
  22. worry wort

    draught issue

    Recently put down a Fresh Lager. The only change I made to the recipe was using Morgans UK Lager yeast instead of saflager w34/70. OG was 1.036, 12 days later SG is 1.016 and has been steady there for 4 days. going by the brew calculator thats an ABV of 2.63%, whereas the brews supposed to run out at about 4.6%. Would the different yeast made that happen? Brew temp has been kept at 16.5.
  23. worry wort

    draught issue

    so just one question here, as im stll new to brewing with hops, grains and different yeast. Most the yeast I buy for these recipes are in 10/11 gm packs, why do coopers only supply 7 gm packs and everything still works?
  24. worry wort

    airlocks, ay or nay?

    Whats peoples views on airlocks? I've been making coopers for 35 years and in the first 15 only used the plastic garbage can and damp tea-towel as my fv and lid without any problems, then got all fancy and bought a fv with airlock. Since then, I've always used the airlock, more of a visual aid for a brew working than for any scientific reason and can't recall noticing any difference in the quality of the beer. Today I bought another fv from my lhbs and airlock, and the guru asked if i really needed an airlock as they were not really necessary. I had never considered not using one, for a visual aid, keeping flying bugs out of the wort, allowing blow-off and relieving pressure inside the fv etc. Whats the view here, is one necessary, does it make a difference? cheers worrywort
  25. worry wort

    draught issue

    yeah, i was looking for one of 2 responses, either 'lager yeast does that, then springs back to life and works like hell', or 'bugger it, bottle it'. I'll go with that! I can guarantee it won't be the worst beer I've ever made!