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i am looking forward to going to Jail


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Hey All , looking forward to  be going to Jail soon 

Lucky for me¬† i will be able to walk out a free man the same day¬†ūüėā

Now what am I talking about might you ask and why has a a Prison got anything to do with  beer and in particular that famous HM Pentridge in Coburg Victoria  might you guys and gals ask?

Well a Scottish brewery called brewdog is about to open a huge beer room over 12000 square metres and boasting 28 taps

Brew dog will be found at HM Pentridge  in E division and will be open  opened sometime in Spring  So it will not be long Before us victorians will  get this world wide  Brewery   and what an iconic location


See you guy on the Inside


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5 minutes ago, DavidM said:

Agree, are you sure they are going to let you out!

Might be an elaborate plot to Lure in Wanted pep's..¬†ūü§£

i may not want to be let out¬† i wouldnt mind doing life¬†ūüėā

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13 minutes ago, Stickers said:

when i was a young tacker i asked my mum where they put all the real prisoners when they filmed Prisoner.

when they filmed prisoner iby that i think you mean  prisoner cell block H  with  queen bea  and lizzy   and vinegar tits
that was actually film at the studios of channel 10 lol


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