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  1. kegland neipa fwk with verdant yeast and citra hops (the one where i lost a litre or so on the kitchen floor). recommended
  2. the closest i get to clear beer.. this kegs about to blow really enjoyed the centennial hops i used, going to make this one again
  3. finally have the right sized fittings so thunderkegs are go. testing them overnight and tomorrow with sod perc, a rinse and sani to clean the lines and if i get no leaks or troubles will fill the first one of my new ball locks on sunday. (8mm duotight on liquid and barbed fitting on gas with a 316 stone cold stainless clamp holding it on)
  4. you get what you get and you don't get upset i really like this one though. it's really similar to my last one, canadian can and BE3 with a partial of 100g amber malt, 200g red x, 700g or maris otter and i've only used centennial hops and 2 packs of cooper's R007 yeast.
  5. you'll appreciate the drip tray @Classic Brewing Co
  6. had to update one of the drink menus i look after today, i have no idea how long this menu has been promoting Tuborg larger but i quietly corrected that today
  7. i made some vinyl stickers for my kegs i chose the wrong size liquid out disconnect so my keg line upgrade is on hold for a week
  8. 3 days in keg at 20psi then served at 12psi. this was about 5 days after first pour
  9. my yummy little canadian blonde/BE3 with a partial of red x (200g) and maris otter (800g), cascade and amarillo hops with nottingham.
  10. both the dark ale and the canadian blonde would be my recommendations
  11. i like to think i had the right strategy.. just didn't quite account for the velocity. one of those moments where a second pair of hands would have really come in handy.
  12. keeping costs down i reckon. i know where i went wrong so next time i try one of these goon bag style fwk's i'll draft in a helper for sure.
  13. tipped in a 15 litre kegland giant goon bag style fwk today. probably 14 litres made it into the FV, i'll get my technique better next time.. i'm on mopping the floors duty tomorrow great value though, $49 for 15 litres (5 litre top up) which included 100g of citra and verdant yeast. it'll christen one of my new kegs
  14. SMOTY saison, cooper's SMOTY recipe with added BE2 and BE-134 saison yeast. three weeks in the FV and 3 days on the gas and we are good to go. this is pretty damned evil, very happy with how it turned out
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