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  1. draw 1, draw 2, draw 3 4 glasses of beer. happy friday
  2. just got my 6.5kg swap dropped off and i reckon this bottle is considerably heavier than my last one. it's like trying to lift a rock. maybe i just had a low bottle first time around. either way, going to spend tomorrow morning checking for leaks and have bought a bunch of new seals and will change one over this weekend.. once i kill it
  3. my crack at a hazy kit, kilo and partial with verdant yeast, maris otter and galaxy hops and a cooper's lager and brew enhancer 2 base. really happy with how this has turned out too
  4. cheers for that, i know what i'm going to be doing saturday morning. got a new tank ordered for delivery tomorrow but will make sure it's all fixed up before hooking it up. also going to grab some new seals for my kegs when i hit the LHBS tomorrow. learning the hard way sucks.. but sometimes its the best way to learn.
  5. melbourne weather has been a bit over the shop the past few days so i'll cross my fingers. it's a 6.5kg in service for 8 weeks (which seems a little early for a big drop)
  6. so when the high pressure drops from 550 to 250psi overnight and in to the red zone guessing a) i have a leak and b) there's not long left on this tank or is this a normal thing that happens?
  7. thanks @iBooz2 - just ordered a new liquid disconnect
  8. oh wow i've not thought of doing this and makes a lot of sense... just so i'm understanding you correctly i'd just need to add a liquid disconnect to the end of my existing bottling tube and then i could just literally fill up that way?
  9. doing the cooper's lager plus brew enhancer 1 again to celebrate my first year on the home brews, krausen kollar and all. 2 days in, i can see why this is a good starter kit as i had a pillowy krausen yesterday, it's settled to about an inch thick today and by the looks of the colour, fermentation is well underway. i know it's not going to be the best batch i make this year but its a fun little experiment. on the right - just kegged an attempt at a hazy with verdant yeast and galaxy hops, cleanup time
  10. $33 includes delivery yeah. i don't drive so it's a perfect solution for me
  11. sugagas. 6kg bottle rental @$4.95 per month, $33 per swap (next day delivered) [prices include GST]. melbourne metro.
  12. i need to get into this harvesting thing... currently using a fresh pack each time and wouldn't hurt to learn a new technique
  13. i was bored at work yesterday and downloaded a bunch of lallemand yeast fact sheets. nottingham is a beast with a range of 10-22c and an alcohol tolerance of 14%
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