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  1. found the old shilo which was my dad's but a young 8 year old me and a blue biro did the dot to dot
  2. not an actual physical walk today but had a rare quiet morning so got a chance to walk the mind so to speak and blend some gold colour into some colour palettes on a printer that runs a true gold toner. i'm really happy with these ones in particular.
  3. the BOM is suggesting nothing higher than 23c for the next week here, i reckon being nottingham it'll be ready to keg around then.
  4. mid 20s, ambient melbourne. i'm not worried by it, it looks a typical krausen splat i've been getting from these FWKS, just much, much taller
  5. had my mate over for a look at the brewing and the kegging side of things. we did the regency park red ale ROTM (a bit under 2 hours), ran cleaner through both my beer lines and then did a kegland ipa FWK with nottingham yeast this time (4 minutes). good day had by all and i think the seed has now well and truly been planted. 24 hours later, i wasn't expecting the notty IPA to nearly blow the lid off but there you go. (also the hair is thankfully not inside the fermenter.. phew)
  6. been a bit lazy and yet to start a brew this year but at a recent friend's birthday i got to talking with one of the guests that was an all grainer.. and then one of my mates piqued up with a bit of interest that i've been homebrewing so they're coming over on sunday and i plan to do one of the two ROTM kits i have lying around and one of the FWK cubes to fully demonstrate the ease of getting started. and whilst i have some labour here learning on the job so to speak, time for a good keg and keg fridge clean
  7. now that's what i call a tasting paddle! (golden hills brewery, diamond creek, victoria)
  8. the tin lids sure grew up hey.
  9. speaking of gas bottles one thing i have always wondered.. if the 6.5kg one i get is nearly 20kg.. how blooming heavy are the 20kg ones the pub gets!?!
  10. that's the other problem i have with this recipe @DavidM there are a lot of Hallertau hops! like @Hoppy81 suggests it's probably the MF (mittlefrau) but there are a few hallertau varieties
  11. poor wording on cooper's part if you ask me
  12. Recipe of the Month Pack Includes: 1 x 1.7kg Coopers European Lager 1 x 1.5kg Thomas Coopers Light Malt Extract 1 x 250g Carahell Malt 2 x 25g Hallertauer Hops 1 x 15g Coopers German Lager Yeast 1 x 250g Coopers Carbonation Drops if you're only reading the recipe link it'll say you need to supply the hops yourself but the pack itself seems to have them included. all the ROTMs i've bought have had the hops included, i'd assume this one is the same
  13. @jennyss if you buy the ROTM through coopers the hops are included, it's only if you're sourcing the ingredients yourself that you'd need to buy them (along with the carahell malt and the yeast pack..)
  14. given the weather conditions it might be worth a chuck in the deep end.
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