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  1. Thought i'd try the Canadian Blonde can with some bits and pieces left over from other brews, dry hopped tonight with 16g amarillo and 36g cascade. Used the can yeast and a leftover coopers aussie pale ale yeast on it. should be right to bottle on saturday morning.
  2. the cascarillo amber ale recipe is a good one if you want to experiment with using the liquid extract only (that recipe uses the amber variety), i was initially disappointed by my first glass but it really did grow on me over the course of the batch. (next time i'll leave it 3+ weeks at the secondary bottle ferment stage)
  3. so this is my one and it is yum! main differences to what you're planning is i used BE2 + 1kg of coopers brewing sugar, a different yeast and fermented around the 20c mark. the PoR seems to give it a familiar taste without being overpowering. this is going to be a good drop for grand final weekend
  4. very similar to one that i'm planning on cracking open tomorrow. started at 1.047 and got down to 1.007, should be around the 5.5-5.8% mark. will let you know how it tastes tomorrow overnight cold steep .250kg cracked light crystal malt in 2 litres cold water (16 hours) room temperature sparge 2 litres add 1 litre room temperature water bring to boil along with .5kg LDM 20 minute boil 20g PoR hops @15 min 20g PoP hops at flameout cover and remove from heat and sit for 20 mins cold water bath the pot for 15 mins then strain into FV add mex cerveza can + 1kg brewing sugar to FV, mix well top to 20 litres check temp top to 23 litres aiming for 19c check OG pitch bry-97 yeast dry
  5. I've done 5 so far (consumed 3, 1 should be ready tomorrow and another on the go at the moment) and although the recipes say a clean chux straight out of the packet is good enough, i still give the chux a 15 minute soak in sanitiser before adding hops. also started to tie off with cooking twine (also sanitised) and weigh it down a little with some marbles. before bottling i extract with sanitised stainless steel tongs and give it a little squeeze with a food-grade-gloved hand. i feel i have enough bases covered there also if i'm taking off the collar at the same time i'll pop on a new sanitised lid.
  6. maybe think about the mexican cerveza can, i'm a couple of days away from trying my first batch using it but i've had it before from another homebrewer and it is a pretty bland/neutral tasting beer
  7. that one was made on a saturday, dry hopped on the wednesday and bottled on the saturday (7 days total) and brewed around the 19c mark. i don't have a brew fridge so no cold crashing for me. (the one I have on the go will also be 7 days btw start and bottle). I had no real issues with sediment, a bit trapped in the little wells at the bottom of the bottles but they poured pretty clean
  8. heh i just put down a second batch of this yesterday too! looking at my notes from first batch, OG 1.040 and FG 1.008 (and got 1.040 yesterday too). i haven't been calculating my ABV but remember it being a fairly good strength beer for me
  9. "no worries" k+k pale ale. og.. didn't check it. fg.. didn't check it. no temperature control used and melbourne went from hot to cold over the 7 day ferment. 7 day bottle carb. this will tide me over until my blonde ale matures properly (that one took a lot longer than expected and this pale batch was rushed through so i had something for this week!). happy with this little experiment.
  10. the thing (vinator?) makes it fairly painless
  11. starting off friday with a cascarillo amber ale . so far it's ok.. hope it grows on me as i haven't got much else in the cupboard this week happy with the colour and the carb level though.
  12. for the proper fair drinkum I used the specified New England yeast but for the variation i used the left over yeast from the pale can and the yeast from the draught can and pitched them both at the same time. and yeah, a delicious drop i'll be making again in a few batches.
  13. Read an article today that mentioned "the first Expresso machine" in Melbourne. I bet they made a lot of cup of chinos
  14. just finished my batch of fair drinkum pale and currently drinking a variation that only has vic secret hops in it. i personally think it's worth getting some VS because it has a really balanced 'this is a real beer' taste to it and you can throw some in other brews down the track.
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