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  1. next week i'll be mostly drinking coopers canadian, BE2, 1kg maris otter partial, 30 min boil with lots of cascade at various times, dry hopped with cascade. bry-97 yeast. oh yeah, this works.
  2. i'm going to try one on the last day of february tomorrow then pretty much save the rest until june. @lickedthestamp make sure you keep the thread updated with the results of your various carb combinations
  3. red draught. coopers draught can with 250g cara aroma steep addition. i didn't know i liked amber beers until i started this homebrew caper, pretty much every third batch now is some form of red. it's working for me
  4. i use a jar of pasta sauce to roll with and about 5 mins, shaking and flipping the bag a couple of times. seems to work fine for me
  5. i've got everything i need for an ol brown dog ale except the bry-97 yeast. my options are wait, use kveik voss or use 1.5 packs of coopers apa yeast from the stash of gold packets in the fridge. the recipe involves using the yeast that comes with the dark ale can also so i think i should be OK using the cooper's apa yeast
  6. another one from the mixed sixer in the work fridge for beer o'clock friday in a frosty glass Hawkers (Vic) IPA 6.0%. not my favourite one from the range but i don't drink IPAs so i can't really gauge how well it hits the style. a well made beer with lots of life, good head and retention and plenty of flavour, it just doesn't do it for my personal tastes though
  7. i've ordered a pack from my LHBS and will give it another go next weekend, kit and kilo pale ale with 1kg 2 row partial and sprinkle this time and see how we go
  8. i might have to give verdant a second chance based on this. i did rehydrate my one attempt, maybe that's what slowed it down for me?
  9. would have been low 20s, i don't have a brew fridge so there would have been a bit of temp fluctuation but we had pretty mild weather in melbourne when i did that one (november)
  10. we should all crack one open on the first of june and share our thoughts
  11. used it once last year in my favourite batch of my debut year, a coopers larger can with my first ever 1kg mash partial (maris otter) and cascade hops. i'm only in my first year of brewing but i did find it a really slow working yeast, most of the batches i've done have been ready to bottle in 6-10 days, my verdant batch i bottled after 14 days and i think i went a little early too as when i was bottling there was some activity shooting up from the trub. but it was definitely the best batch i made last year. it's just how long it took that has put me off using it again.
  12. souped up pale ale kit and kilo with 250g of crystal malt and nottingham yeast. 24 hours in and it is like a tornado inside the FV. nicked the steep technique from the fair drinkum pale recipe, 30 min steep, 5 min boil, add some hops (cascade 20g citra 10g), sit for 30, chill for 15, add the can, brew enhancer 2 and top up to 23 litres and pitch. will dry hop with 20g cascade / 10g citra.
  13. i get this stuck in my head everytime i use light crystal malt
  14. if you're planning on making ales and pale ales, kveik voss yeast might be something to try. it likes warmer temperatures and works really fast, can get it mail order from pretty much any homebrew supplier
  15. still working my way through a mixed hawkers sixer in the work fridge for friday beer o'clock Hawkers (Vic) Pilsner 5.0%. not a lot to say about this one but it is one i highly recommend. looks like a beer, smells like a beer, tastes like a beer. nothing really stands out as such, just a nice balance of everything working together.
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