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  1. I would not use the yeast. Grab something fresh from your local hombrew store. As for the extracts, it's a matter of how much you value the time you'll put into brewing what could be sub par beer, compared to the cost of buying fresh cans
  2. I was confused why this thread was here as the lady big bash is over (still trying to forget about that final) and the mens hasn't started yet. I sometimes forget we even have a national team because I hate them so much.
  3. Was drinking this with doc last night at sweeneys. Was really good. Perfect level of spice. Looks like its on tap at big shed for you adelaidians
  4. reminds me of a one off mountain goat did many moons ago called hopweizenbock. I drank a lot of that beer. i just looked it up and it was a collab beer with brooklyn brewery
  5. PCMCIA, they still technically exist but aren't really used much these days
  6. I reached a milestone today that I don't know if I should celebrate. In one of the bars I used to frequent a lot when I worked in the city, the manager was checking the security cameras from home and saw I was here so told the bar staff he'd sort out the next round. I can't decide if being shouted a beer from a manager that isn't even at the pub is an achievement or an indication that I drink too much. Anyway, the "Maybe one more PSI" from verdant brewing in England was the most expensive beer on tap so that's what I chose for my freebie. Was really quite nice.
  7. I remember reading a comment on Facebook where a bloke said he didn't buy Cooper's because they didn't have a mid larger. Quite impressive for them to brew and launch a new beer based off that Facebook comment from a couple of days ago
  8. I prefer ISO date standard: 2022-11-05
  9. they look like fans which are used to blow the cold air around to keep the temperature even around the keezer
  10. I've done the woolies draught before, but with a box of be2 instead of the sugar it lists on their instructions. and it produced a mild very easy to drink beer. Probably the homebrew I have finished the fastest. I will brew again (I have bought two more cans)
  11. While I like the step, I bet "Crack open a pale ale" was never part of the original recipe
  12. It's a bloody lovely drop. Can confirm drinking a few of these at the schneiderweisse brewhouse in munich at the end of the night and you wake up at a tram stop with your wife yelling at you.
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