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  1. yeah its been mentioned here before. woolies are no longer going to stock those lines so they're discounted
  2. whilst australia post are fairly useless, they're still better than most of the other delivery services I've come across.
  3. good to know. I'm not quite ready to buy anything in bulk as I haven't brewed a successful batch yet, but I'm sure I will be soon
  4. was it home brand? that's woolies old store brand. I bought a can of their draught and put it down at the same time as a coopers draught. Only bottled last week so can't tell you what it tastes like yet
  5. I was thinking about this last time I saw bulk dry malt on a homebrew store website. What sort of bags do you use to split it up? Big snaplock bags?
  6. I assume you can only condense the wort so much. There is another company around that does 3kg cans that you only need to add the yeast to
  7. Can I borrow your wife? Mine will help with capping or filling bottles, but nothing else
  8. I went slightly overboard with the free delivery the other day and had 3 boxes turn up on monday, 4th one had shown no update since making it to sydney last thursday. I was starting to freak out that it had been lost. Magically appeared today without being scanned at the depots it would have travelled through since the main sydney one. this box was the one with heavy stickers all over it. It's my 6 cans and 4kg of LDM. I assume someone dropped it at some point (there was a big split along one side of the bottom of the box) and that nobody wanted to pick it up after that. All 6 cans are dented and the LDM is all squashed. No burst bags tho. Now that I think about it, how bad are dents in extract cans?
  9. she'll drink a sour. nothing with any hint of hops in it. she might like porters or stouts, but as I don't drink these, she hasn't really had a chance to try them. in all honesty, she's been a very reasonable wife over the years. I'm still basically doing KnK so I haven't made anything that can be smelled all around the house yet.
  10. Just had my second mini fermenter arrive and about to chuck a NW pale into it. Seeing as this now puts me with two mini fermenters and two regular size, how much longer do I have before my wife starts getting the shits with me?
  11. I dunno, I tried going to the website on his boat and it said its shut down
  12. how effective is this method supposed to be. I did a PET on a few of my original batches, and they got very hard but my beer was never very carbonated
  13. wait, so you oven bake it, then rest it for 15 and then you pan fry with some rub added at that point? I've never heard such witchcraft before.
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