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  1. magic spreadsheet puts the OG at 1.058 so I'd say that's pretty close
  2. That's how I've seen it done in some youtube videos. I haven't got around to doing that myself.
  3. I do think it should come with a disclaimer that if you have too many of these you may fall asleep at a tram stop in munich and you wife will yell at you. I mean I've heard that can happen anyway.............
  4. would that work on a gas stove, or would you need a proper burner?
  5. good to know why it did that, was confused when i did my first cider
  6. if you're reflecting something that has already been seconded, you've fourthed it
  7. It's the beginner level of the Cicerone certification
  8. those are horrible. send me your address and I'll come round and dispose of some of it for you
  9. If you only did it a few hours ago I'd mix it really good now. Oxygen at this stage of the brew is a good thing for the yeast.
  10. I didn't know you made your beer in my kitchen too
  11. you're all making me sad. something on wheels would make my life a lot easier, but there's a big f-off step in between the kitchen where i make the beer and my fermentation room
  12. I don't think they ever did a version of WAP
  13. has anyone split a big can in half and put it into two baby fermenters to mess around with different yeasts or hop additions or something? would it just be very messy trying to pour out half the can?
  14. it's back, but its out of stock
  15. california dreaming seems to have disappeared from the site now. dunno whats going on
  16. Citrus Crush Kolsch for the big one California Dreaming XPA for the little one Already ordered mine That is all
  17. they would have different locations to ship stuff from in the online store. when I click on the link I still get brew cans and the real and dark ales aren't even reduced. The only stuff that is out of stock for me is the woolies cans, which is annoying as I want to grab some of the woolies draught. I've only got one dans near me and like all the woolies nearby theres no homebrew instore. i know there are people around who homebrew as theres a home brew club that meets at the local mini brewery once a month, and we do have a local home brew store.
  18. I've done some calculations and I'm pretty sure I'd have enough bottles when I have between 900 and 1100 longnecks.
  19. I read that the other way around. If he likes VB, you don't have to worry about him drinking all your good beer
  20. beef ribs make me sad, if I'm going ribs, its gotta be pork
  21. My back isn't great, so I sit down when I'm filling the bottles. Yeah I do my brewing in our second bathroom. I had one of those shower heads that you can take off the wall put in and I use that to clean the crud out of the fermenters easily. I did take care of that before I went to bed.
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