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Honey Lager ideas


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Hi there

Im thinking of making a honey lager for my next brew.Tell me if this sounds ok-ish..


x1 Coopers European Lager

x1 1kg dry malt extract

x1 500g Chateau Crystal

x1 50g Hallertauer Herbrucker Hops

x1 450g honey


Any pointers on what to add or not to add?[roll]

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I don't have much experience with honey beers but you won't make a lager with S-04, that's an English ale yeast.


Get yourself a lager yeast and brew at lager temps (around 9-12 degrees). If you want to use an ale yeast then I would use US-05 and brew it around 16-17 degrees. But it will still be an ale though.


I have never tried Chateau Crystal but I have Chateau Ver de Flor [crying]

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Yeah, sorry for taking your thread on a different tangent. I couldn't resist throwing that in [innocent]


My only other query with the recipe is the amount of crystal; 500g sounds like a lot. But then it might be fine.


If I was making it I would drop it back to at least 300g and revisit it next time you made it.


Also, what is the hop schedule?

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