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  1. Hey mate, can you recommend a good commercial example? I've never managed to find a lager I like but I would dearly love to. ?
  2. Thanks mate, I had a blast doing an AG brew. I had really forgotten how much I loved it.
  3. 1st brew on my old rig today! Gotta say it went very well considering I didn't have any of my old settings to punch in. Boil off was a fair bit more than Beersmith's default, and I fecked up my mash water volume by a bit, but ended up 1 point shy of target OG. 002 - AIPA 6kg JWM Traditional Ale 200g Wheat 200g Med Crystal 60 min boil 50g Cascade cube hopped 50g Simcoe cube hopped 1.062 OG Mash started at 65 and dropped to 63 so should be a VERY fermentable wort. Got 600ml of the unhopped wort in a mason jar to wake up some slurry. First time using a pump, and I can't say I'm a fan. Gravity was always quite good to me, and I really have no need to recirc. The trub cone was not as tight with a mechanical whirlpool either. Overall, I'm stoked. As I had suspected, the extended dry hop in my slow to finish IPA that I'm drinking now has killed all the aroma and flavour, so it'll be nice to queue up something tasty. Cheers all. Philbo ?
  4. Also, my bad, it's beer at this stage, not wort. Lol.
  5. Sorry, just realised that came across a bit negative. Plenty of people re-pitch and get results. ?
  6. Notto is meant to be a monster, so you should be okay there as long as it's happy being thrown into mostly done wort with no oxygen. I've still never used it, but might have to fix that soon. Good luck mate, and I hope she ferments out.
  7. She finally stopped! A little over 1.010 from 1.064. Fark, that's a seriously attenuated beer. 84%AA. 7.1% before priming. I've had AG beers drop that low from the high 1.040's before but never in my life a mostly malt extract batch from the 1.060's. Maybe the MJ is just a beast? Who knows. I doubt it's going to be my best beer, the dry hops have lost their zing after being in there so long, but it will make something I'll still be happy drinking. Still going to prime low, but I always do. All grain stout will be happening in the next couple of weeks. Can't wait.
  8. Hey @Otto Von Blotto I'm loving catching up on your yeast posts man. Fantastic work. ?
  9. Hey @Beerlust how is your stuck one going? You may remember every attempt of mine to grow the CCAY was a failure so I feel your pain. Hope it's alright.
  10. Unless it's a slow burn spoilage organism. Just took a sample and she's hovering between 1.011 and 1.010. Still tastes good. I'm stumped. At least it's dropping clear now. Fact remains it's dropped at least 3 points in its 3rd week. If I were advising someone else I'd be hesitant in telling them to bottle.
  11. Lol. You'll keep mate. ?? I honestly have no Idea what the hell I've done. It was at 1.012 from 1.064 last night which is as low as I'd expect from a bigger extract brew, yeah? The sample still tasted fine but the dry hops are starting to present some vegetal flavours which sucks. Will check again tomorrow but man I've drawn a lot off for readings. Even if she does stop I think I will definitely be priming on the low side.
  12. Shone a torch through the cling wrap on my IPA last night after raising the temp to 23 the night before. There's now clear yeast activity all over again, so I'm not even going to bother with readings until it stops. It'll be 3 weeks in the FV on Sunday. At least it's still protecting itself with CO2 i suppose, so there's that. I'm trying to decide whether to dry hop it a second time, as the first lot have been in there a while. With 2 packs of yeast well under BB date rehydrated I just didn't expect this!
  13. So 750g of speciality grains all up? She'll be on the sweet side, but hopefully the dex dries it out a bit. I'm keen to hear how it goes. Love those PL beers. ?
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