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  1. I do the same thing. Not sure how long I do it for but usually until I get bored (so less than 2 minutes).
  2. I fill it to a little below the gas tube.
  3. This morning was some "New" New Wave of British Heavy Metal from Sweden.
  4. Yeah, save the dry hopping for an appropriate beer. The IPA kit will be perfect for it.
  5. Yep, the Wyeast is the snack pack. Easy to use. I don’t dry hop Hefeweizens. Perhaps a small late hop addition in the boil but that’s it. It’s all in the yeast.
  6. Wyeast 3068 is a great Hefeweizen yeast. Probably my favourite. Yeast don’t discriminate between AG and kit brews.
  7. If you ever find that your PET bottles are over carbed then unscrew the lid to release some gas and then re-tighten. You may have to do it a few times over a few days before it is right.
  8. Hairy


    It’s not a bad prize though; winning a city.
  9. Brew day today. I haven’t posted many recipes recently so I figured I should start doing it again. All Killer, No Chiller Pale Ale #1 4.75kg Gladfield American Ale malt 250g Gladfield Munich malt 10g Centennial @ 60 min 10g Mandarina Bavaria @ 5 minutes 20g Mandarina Bavaria- whirlpool 20g El Dorado - whirlpool 30g Mandarina Bavaria- Dry hop 30g El Dorado - Dry hop 23 litres OG - 1051 IBU - 35 (no chilled) Mashed @ 64° Yeast - Wyeast 1450 Denny’s Favourite 50 Should be a good summer beer.
  10. Hairy


    For beach cricket?
  11. Hairy


    But since it is the A-League you are like the naughty kid that just gets a lump of coal and is extremely disappointed.
  12. I used to use an Italian Spiral burner when I had my 3v system. Worked great!
  13. The black can is the old style (based on my alcohol impaired memory).
  14. You probably had the lovely experience of Butyric Acid. It can be really nasty. http://www.milkthefunk.com/wiki/Butyric_Acid
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