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  1. I have tried the Malt Shovel XPA. It’s a really, really nice beer. One of the best XPAs I have had.
  2. How about the sentence “Adelaide is good for nothing (except Coopers)”?
  3. Most people know this but it is a Rogers’ Amber Ale. Because it was named after a couple of Rogers. So a Roger Roger Ale.
  4. What is there left to do, but to drink and watch the view. Always a fun gig. RIP.
  5. I like Challenger and it would go well in that beer. But if you have extra Cascade then that would probably be better in that beer to be closer to the original. Both would be fine though.
  6. Some Bluegrass for Otto. Its the Soggy Bottom Boys!
  7. Great idea. I’m at Rusty Penny tonight. Nice beers.
  8. Notepads can be lost, damaged or destroyed. You should make copies. Perhaps photocopy them or employ a Monk. And make sure you have back up pens in case one runs out of ink.
  9. Here are the BJCP style guidelines if you are interested. https://www.bjcp.org/docs/2015_Guidelines_Beer.pdf
  10. I read it along time ago too. Very funny book.
  11. Guys, keep it down. You are hurting my workers comp claim for the typing injury
  12. I thought oxidation occurs post fermentation. Any oxygen introduced during the no chill process would be utilised during fermentation.
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