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  1. You are increasing the risk of infection when you pour it back in. Just go easy on taking samples. One at the start and a couple at the end. Try not to take them each day.
  2. Yep, I made one a long time ago. As RDT2 said it was the spices that created the pumpkin pie flavour and not the pumpkin itself.
  3. Is that 1 to 2 kg of Medium Crystal? If so, that is a fair amount.
  4. It is normal. The krausen from US-05 hangs around for ages. Cold crashing helps it drop a little sooner. If you gave it more time it will just drop one night.
  5. The kangaroos don't eat my plants but they keep crapping in my front garden.
  6. The AFL had started?
  7. Mate, you are a braver man than I.
  8. You can definitely do this. You can also give the batch a very gentle stir to get the yeast back in suspension too, but avoid splashing and vigorous stirring.
  9. S-04 has a reputation for stalling so I like to ferment it a little warmer at 20 degrees. Probably best to pitch some more yeast and increase the temperature a little.
  10. I have a MillMaster Mini Mill by MashMaster. It was expensive but works well. I did the credit card thing for the gap but I will try widening it a little when I mill this weekend. I have found it to be a bit floury and the sparge has been very slow.
  11. Norris is from the good ol’ US of A. But now lives in Australia.
  12. You should check out the book “Bronzed Brews: Homebrewing Old Australian Beers” by Peter Symons.
  13. I have only used WB-06 twice before in some extract brews and they turned out quite nice. My favourite is Wyeast 3068 though. I did stuff it up once by fermenting quite warm and producing so much banana it wasn't overly pleasant to drink. I have also used Wyeast 3056 before which produced a nice, albeit more subtle, wheat beer.
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