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  1. Hairy


    If you want something fancy then I like the glasses from here: https://craftdglass.com/ Spiegelau make nice glasses if a little brittle. But sometimes you can't beat the versatile Aussie schooner glass like the Headmaster. A good all-rounder.
  2. Hairy


    The Captain started a thread a little while ago and made one.
  3. Hairy

    Now here's an idea I like

    Tickets please!!!!!
  4. I agree (especially regarding Corona). It sounds like the number of exploding bottles is quite small relative to the quantity of beer produced. Given the amount of significantly dry hopped beer now I would have thought it would be more of a problem.
  5. Hairy

    Larger Beer

    What about 19 litre stainless steel bottles? A Double Larger.
  6. Hairy


    I really don't understand this. Wouldn't going back to 1987 cause staling?
  7. Hairy

    Now here's an idea I like

    It will just go around in circles: Hairy - adds Magnum Lusty - removes Magnum Hairy - adds Magnum Lusty - removes Magnum And so on. Lusty - this is just a joke so no need for the usual anti-Magnum rant
  8. Hairy

    Larger Beer

    They are called Imperial Lagers but often referred to by the lay person term of Largers.
  9. Hairy

    Enzyme Activity

    I didn't notice any difference with foaming when I started using salts etc. There are a lot of posts about this in the Grainfather Users Group and the common response is that it is caused by air (from the pump during recirc) or by air in combination with high protein malt like wheat. Did it foam up after you stirred it?
  10. Hairy

    Recipe of the Month

    For those interested the new Recipe of the Month has been released.
  11. Good work Ben. It used to take me 4 days to do 4 hours work on uni assignments. I like learning but I hated assignments. Perhaps I should have started drinking beforehand rather than afterwards.
  12. Hairy

    I walked into a bottleshop...

    I really enjoyed the Red Nut. I bought a growler of it when I visited the brewery a couple of years ago but hadn’t tried it since. I think I prefer the Modus Operandi Former Tenant but it is up there with the solid red IPAs. I wouldn’t mind trying the Cluster 8.
  13. Hairy

    What are you listening to right now????

    I have listened to them 3 times. Nah, I actually haven't heard of them. I will check them out.
  14. Hairy

    What are you listening to right now????

    I was listening to it but I never said I liked it It’s OK but not something I put on repeat. For a change of pace I have been listening to: The Living End - Wunderbar Extra Arms - Headacher Now these two I like.
  15. Hairy

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    It is a nice set up at the Sauce Brewery in Marrickville too. The inner west of Sydney is great for a brewery crawl.