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  1. Inspired by @Ben 10 and his dark wheat beer with Samba.
  2. I had the Booze Bud one a few years but then changed to Beer Cartel for the next couple of years. I found the Beer Cartel box much more interesting. I didn't buy one last year and regretted it. I better get in before they sell out.
  3. https://wyeastlab.com/yeast-strain/weihenstephan-wheat This is my favourite.
  4. Hamlet is a poor man’s Highlander though. Shakespeare could only dream of writing something as great as Highlander.
  5. It's not a big deal. You raised a concern that you had. The concern was addressed/resolved. The beer sounds like it was fine. Time to move on.
  6. Weihenstepan and Erdinger are my favourites. I picked up a six pack of Hoffbrau Hefeweizen from Aldi yesterday. It hit the spot.
  7. Sometimes it happens. Especially when you are short in volume. Provided it isn’t being stored for a long period it will be fine. Wait until it cools and then ferment it.
  8. OG of 1050 in 20 litres - Notto is a beast and you may be fine but personally I would use at least a 10g packet of yeast.
  9. If you haven't dry hopped it then you can definitely throw some extra in. It adds something different to the hops that you boiled.
  10. I don't mind instrumental prog metal.
  11. 100g in an 8.5 litre batch is a fair bit. Did you boil 50g and dry hop 50g? Some Amarillo in the dry hop may be nice but it won't change the body of the beer.
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