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  1. It shouldn't stall at those temps. It may just need more time to chomp through all the sugars in that brew. How much yeast did you use? And what yeast? Also, those beers may need a bit of conditioning time before they are good to drink. They don't seem like early drinkers.
  2. It should be the same if all ingredients are multiplied by the same factor. However, 23L is a little more than 2.5 x 8.5L. It shouldn't make a big difference but perhaps you could scale the volume back to 21L.
  3. That has happened to me before. I transferred to a secondary FV and crash chilled it. Some trub gets into secondary but it was well below the tap and bottling was easy.
  4. No problems Baib. Its really just a term of endearment.
  5. All good. The colour for the ESB is quite a large range. My standard ESB is usually of the darker variety and probably darker than the style guidelines suggest. The guidelines state an ESB should be within SRM 6-18. Mine sits at around 9. I made it at the lighter end because of the ingredients I had on hand and wanted to use up.
  6. I have left beer at 1C for 6 weeks and still had sufficient yeast to carbonate the beer. I wouldn't be concerned about that.
  7. A 1kg mash in a 10l batch would make a difference. It is the same as a 2kg mash in a 20l batch which is the equivalent of replacing around 1.5kg liquid malt. I did all my partials using a 19l SS pot I got from Big W for $20.
  8. Sorry, I'm a bit late to this one. I used to always mash a little lower when doing partials. I found it countered the extract which tends to finish a little higher.
  9. I make it with UHT milk and also add milk powder to give it more body.
  10. I have had this happen to both my taps at different times. The nozzle washer split or deteriorated and caused an interruption to flow and a lot of foaming. Changing the washer fixed it. I'm waiting for it to happen again. Now I try to limit the amount of times I remove the nozzle.
  11. I kegged a beer a beer on Sunday afternoon and set it at 12psi. I tried it last night and it was carbonated enough to drink but it wasn't fully carbonated. It was an ESB so it was fine. A few more days and it will be good. It tasted great so once it is carbonated get stuck in.
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