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  1. Hairy


    Lusty, how vanilla beans do you usually use?
  2. Hairy


    I keg but do bottle around 5-6 beers from a batch. Perhaps I could add vanilla essence to a few of the bottles as an experiment but leave the rest of the batch as a standard milk stout.
  3. Hairy

    Brews all taste the same

    I’m a bit late to this thread (and it is a bit too long for me to read it all ) so forgive me if it has been covered. You mentioned band aid / phenolic tastes before. It’s possible you have a wild yeast (your new house yeast) getting into the beer and out-performing the yeast you added. It may be the dominant yeast providing the flavour you keep tasting. Do you get any ‘gushers’ in bottles that have been stored for a while? Perhaps you could give the FV a blast with bleach, rinse thoroughly and then do your normal sanitising procedure. Is it possible to ferment the next one in a different location?
  4. Hairy

    Head Retention Bible

    I think there is a difference with head retention between all-grain or partial mash and kit/extract beers. I can’t recall ever having head retention issues, even smash beers with nothing but base malt. With extract, some grains or some wheat malt help but just using malt (DME or LME) is usually sufficient. I think most head retention issues are with beers containing a lot of simple sugar or insufficient time in the bottles or dirty/greasy glasses. Also, I love a little Caramunich in my pale ales
  5. Hairy


    Thanks guys. I have read a lot about people struggling to taste the vanilla or the flavor disappearing quickly. Given the cost of vanilla beans I am considering scrapping it and going with a stock standard milk stout. Given it is my first perhaps I should do that anyway null I'm interested to hear other people's experiences though.
  6. Hairy


    I am planning on using vanilla beans for the first time and I am interested in how others have used it themselves. I like to keep things simple and was thinking of adding it to the primary fermenter after fermentation has finished. I haven't decided whether to soak them in some type of alcohol or toss them in fresh. How have others used it and what were the results? How many beans did you use? Thanks Hairy
  7. Hairy

    Same Recipe, Different taste

    Beer Baron, you should try to get a water report for your local area as a starting point. I make water adjustments to my water but my tap water is actually OK for brewing most beers and although the water additions help, I wouldn't notice as much of a difference as you seem to have. If your tap water is fairly good, I would probably agree with Lusty and put most of the blame on the hops. My last pale ale was made with hops that were getting on in age. Even though they had been stored in the freezer, I noticed much less hop presence in the beer and the bitterness was well short of what I was expecting. Also, there are a lot of variables in brewing and it is hard to replicate the exact same beer in the home environment. You can make the same beer over and over and find there are slight differences each time. The difference you have noticed seems to be more than slight though.
  8. Brooklyn (Moutere) and Centennial. They are awesome together null
  9. Hairy

    Best can to use for lager.

    I really liked the Pilsner kit on the couple of times I used it. You could hop it up a little like a new world pilsner if you want to make it a little more exciting.
  10. Hairy

    To do ...

    I have a Saison (not much left) and a simple Galaxy/Cascade pale ale on tap at the moment but given the weather is getting cooler it is time for some winter beers. Next up for me is: 1. Vanilla Milk Stout - I have never made a milk stout before so looking forward to this. 2. ESB - one of my few regular, repeated beers. Will do this with Wyeast 1469 West Yorkshire yeast.
  11. Hairy

    Same Recipe, Different taste

    Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers by John Palmer and Colin Kaminski It isn't light reading and there are no wizards or elves in it.
  12. Hairy

    Who else brewed yesterday ??

    I didn't brew on the weekend but after having had to sit through 'the wedding' I had to do something, so I kegged a pale ale yesterday. I felt much cleaner afterwards.
  13. Hairy

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    I agree, I have always liked this beer. Sometimes simple is great. I prefer this to the steam beer.
  14. Hairy

    Profanity filter

    That is why I have been unable to post for a while. They keep getting blocked. I was only using the term ‘Port Adelaide’ but apparently that is highly offensive
  15. Hairy

    Resin, LupuLN2 and similar stuff

    You can tell by my use of the word ‘stuff’ that I have no idea what I’m talking about.