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  1. About 5% in 20 litres (give or take a little).
  2. My go to recipe used to be: Coopers English Bitter kit 1kg LDM 200g Dextrose 200g Medium Crystal Hop tea of something like EKG, Challenger, Fuggles, Styrian Goldings etc.
  3. From memory I think it is Nelson Sauv and Amarillo. Nice drop.
  4. Is Miller Chill still a thing?
  5. I have tried the Zytho White Stout. It was really nice with a vanilla taste. Tasted nothing like a stout though.
  6. It’s $13 and a bit of effort. Give it a go. You may like it and worst case is a tipper costing $13.
  7. 2 years for crushed grain is a long time. If it hasn't been vacuum sealed then there will probably be some staling. However, as the others above mentioned, if it is crunchy then it should be fine. Especially when using it in small amounts as additions to beer rather than large quantities as an integral part of the recipe.
  8. Leave them off unless I am expecting a massive krausen e.g. on a Hefeweizen or imperial stout.
  9. Personally, I wouldn’t use medium crystal in a Beez Neez clone/style of beer. You want it to be light and the medium crystal may be a bit overpowering. I would save it for a different beer.
  10. It is still a fun song though. He has had quite a few misses, both solo and with Wings. But since Flaming Pie in 1997 he has been consistently good. His most recent album is great; especially for a 78 year old playing all the instruments and producing it himself. Even though I am a metal head, The Beatles are my favourite band.
  11. It’s Coopers’ best kit, in my opinion. Yeah, the 500g LDM makes a bitter (mid-strength) but it’s great too when you pimp it up a little.
  12. Brewfather for me too. Check out the Cheeky Peak Facebook page for a heap of great recipes. They have also just released 25 recipes in December (one each day leading up to Christmas). You can download the Brewfather files for them. After a while you just create your own.
  13. At least there is some romanticism or nostalgia to the old beers. You tell stories about your Dad drinking KB when you were a kid. I feel sorry for the young ones now who, in 10-15 years time, tell their friends that their dad used to drink Great Northern. Unless Great Northern is held with the same esteem as KB in another 10-15 years. So the lesson is “Drink what you want but please think about the kids”.
  14. I have had this song stuck in my head for days now.
  15. That’s what I do. It still takes a while to get down that low though.
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