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  1. It is effectively another hop stand albeit at lower temps. I very rarely cube hop.
  2. I'm happy with hops in pellet form, cubing them wouldn't add much value. But when I cube hop I just add the hops before filling the cube. You will need to strain the wort when pouring it into the fermenter.
  3. I was going to recommend Craftd but I just noticed they have closed down.
  4. I love Sorachi Ace; it is awesome and a little goes along way. I just bought some more and plan to use it in an American Wheat and a Saison. Beer Baron, your 40g late in the boil will pack a punch.
  5. Brookvale? That’s a big trip for you. I used to live down the road at Dee Why.
  6. Dressed as Santa? Keeps the kids on their toes.
  7. Everyone borrows from someone else to some extent, with respect to music. Unless it is a direct rip-off or sample then I am fine with it. The Men at Work claim was just a money grab. It wasn’t even the original artist making a claim.
  8. Maybe those people are right; 150 Lashes is crap.
  9. If it is vinegar then it is likely acetobacter. That’s not good if it throughout the beer. It just doesn’t look like it. But taste is the proof.
  10. I think 150 Lashes gets a bad wrap (rap?). Sure it isn’t a mega hop bomb but that isn’t the intention. I have been to a few pubs/clubs recently where 150 was the best on tap. I actually enjoyed it and found it to be a great session beer. BTW, that Malt Shovel XPA is a cracking beer; I hope you get something close. I also agree with Lusty’s comments on Malt Shovel. In fact a number of years ago they released a limited run called Hoppy Hef. It would be one of my favourite beers of all time.
  11. Bamberg is also renowned for smoked beers. You would have noticed if you had one those.
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