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  1. If you think like me then you must be one sick puppy.
  2. When I did 3 vessel brewing, I used a 1m steel ruler to measure volume in my 50 litre pot. I made a chart of the measurements and laminated it. It worked well.
  3. Hairy


    I don’t get out much that way anymore. I was at the Enmore Theatre for Abbey Road Live during the week and went to the Bank Hotel in Newtown. They have a couple of craft beer bars in there including Uncle Hops.
  4. Hairy


    Dark Funeral gig? Crowbar is in Leichhardt. There are probably some good bars nearby but if you are looking for breweries then head into Marrickville.
  5. You probably wouldn't even notice a difference between them.
  6. Hairy


    Head to Marrickville. Perhaps get a train to St Peters, walk down to Willie the Boatman, then head on into Marrickville via Batch, Stockade and Sauce. Maybe finish up at The Grifter.
  7. Yeah, I know. But it’s not as funny. At least I didn’t mention the phrase “would you like fries with that?”.
  8. I didn't realise that the Bridge Road Chestnut Pilsner used Galaxy. But I have had this a few times and it is a really nice beer.
  9. I reckon if they cut a few songs off it then it would be a great album. Still a good album though. Killswitch Engage has a new album out shortly (I think on Friday). I’m looking forward to that one too.
  10. If it has been down for 5 days then fermentation has probably finished (or close to it). You can do as you described. Just make sure you don't splash to avoid oxidation.
  11. Good stuff. BTW, Hairy moments are the best moments!!!
  12. Bruce. A manly beer but still a little bit fruity.
  13. They peaked with Empire and it was all downhill from there.
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