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  1. Hairy


    I use a Grainfather which is 30 litres and make 23 litre batches. It helps that you can sit the basket on top to sparge. I will mash 5kg of grain in 17-18 litres of water and the rest of the water is from the sparge (approx. 16 litres)
  2. Hairy


    It is plenty big enough for a 23 litre batch. You just need to be innovative with your sparge and you can have 28 litres pre boil. It isn’t big enough to 23 litres with no sparge though.
  3. Hairy

    no head

    No need to boil the wort from specialty grain for 60 minutes. Some people don’t bother boiling at all but I liked to boil for at least 5-10 minutes. If you are using the wort for boiling hops then you only need to boil it for as long as the hop additions.
  4. Hairy

    Todays tastings

    Scored this bargain today. The girl in the store said it was delivered to them in error and they don’t stock that beer. The beer was packaged on 15 May 2019 so only four weeks old.
  5. Hairy

    Clearing beer after dry hopping

    It is a 90 minute boil that helps with clarity. Also, as Lusty says, a beta glucan may be beneficial if it is the beta glucan compounds that are causing the clarity issues. Something to try anyway.
  6. Hairy

    What are you listening to right now????

    Voivod are pretty cool. Their last album was pretty good.
  7. C02 is needed. The gas from naturally carbonating a keg will run out and you will need more to maintain pressure and to push the beer through.
  8. Hairy

    Todays tastings

    It’s a serviceable whisky. Not a patch on the Ardbeg.
  9. Hairy

    Todays tastings

    Blew the keg tonight. Now for something different.
  10. Hairy

    Gravities finishing high

    It would depend on the amount of grain. If only using 250-300g of specialty malts then I wouldn’t think that the steeping temp would have much impact on the FG.
  11. Hairy

    The English Bitter Thread!

    I have ordered some Bramling across, Fuggles, Challenger and Styrian Goldings. I already had Target with which I like to Bitter. I have never used Bramling Cross; I’m looking forward to giving it a go.
  12. Hairy

    What are the unusual floaties in my beer

    It looks like yeast.
  13. Hairy

    Rosella Saison

    Nice glass too!
  14. Hairy

    First kegging

    You can still keg and bottle. Just do it. And I miss the ellipsis.
  15. Hairy

    Clearing beer after dry hopping

    That’s easy for you to say! You make lagers; there is no flavour to be compromised. The Captain made me say it