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  1. They will just have to duck into their local Dan Murphy’s or BWS.
  2. Yep, Amco jeans; Bull Denim.
  3. KB Cup was the mid-week tournament; formerly Amco Cup. After KB it was the Panasonic Cup. The Winfield Cup was regular comp.
  4. I remember the KB Cup (Rugby League) in the early 80s.
  5. My first brewing book was by Willie Simpson. I think it was called Home Brew. It was about making kit beers and I read it before finding the Coopers Forum many years ago. I have also visited his brewery, Seven Sheds, in Railton Tasmania. Nice set up.
  6. Tastes like a dirty, Aussie lager. I like it.
  7. I bought a six pack of KB. I will try it tonight. Cold Gold!
  8. I made some great partial mash beers and I found that if you are adding 2-3kg+ grain to an extract/kit tin, then it is really similar to an AG beer. But I found that partials were taking me almost as long to make as a full AG beer. So unless I did a full AG batch and split it in two to make two partial beers, I much prefer to make a full AG beer. In the end it is horses for courses and up to your taste, time commitment and budget. Based purely on ingredients, AG is a lot cheaper.
  9. I'm not a big drinker but I am a regular drinker. I try not to drink Mon-Wed but that doesn't happen during lockdown. So a weeknight would be 1-2 schooners a night. Friday to Sunday probably 3-5 schooners.; 5 if I start in the afternoon.
  10. It's a nice drop; I have had it quite a few times. It is not the most memorable beer but decent, especially at the price it sells at.
  11. They didn’t mind a beer either.
  12. The Muppets, TV series in 2015/2016, was awesome. It was a shame there was only one season.
  13. This is my method. You will be fine.
  14. Sorry, I can’t leave the country so I’m not in London.
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