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  1. You are not wrong. No air con in the place we are staying either but the water is refreshing.
  2. American Pale Ale
  3. From a few days ago. Some craft beer in Bologna.
  4. From a local brewery near where I am staying at Tremezzo in Lake Como. In a world of Peroni, this lager was great.
  5. I am away for a few weeks but when I get back I will get stuck in to my to-do list. 1. Frosty Fruits Pale Ale (a standard concoction of mine) 2. Deep Creek Dusty Gringo clone 3. Smoked Porter
  6. There are some posts on here from PB2 (former admin) about his Choc Porter using 1kg choc malt. I made it (with some skepticism) and it was surprisingly good.
  7. At the Hordern Pavilion. It's not bad for a bigger venue. I have seen them plenty of times before but not for quite a while. They always put on a good show.
  8. I'm seeing the Hoodoo Gurus in September. It has been rescheduled about 5 times so hopefully it goes ahead.
  9. I read that they had a DA approved for a taproom at the Emu Plains facility.
  10. Brewery stops on rides are usually quick breaks for a couple of beers and then keep going. Just a refuelling pitstop.
  11. Mountain Culture is opening their new brewery not far from me. A quick bike ride there and back. Well, the ride back may not be so quick.
  12. I was about to say I wouldn’t drink hairy beer but who am I kidding.
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