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  1. I used to use a lot of grolsch bottles and had the same problem. The solution for me was easy - I just centred the lid and pushed down on it as I secured the latch. Never had a flat one after that!
  2. I've never heard of Brooklyn Hairy...What's it like? (Sudden urge to listen to "No Sleep till Brooklyn"....ahhhh...urge satisfied )
  3. Not going anywhere Scottie but thanks for the good wishes. I've been kegging for a few years and the bottles have just been gathering dust. I store them in borrowed space and the space owner is a bit sick of all my crap everywhere Listed here for first dibs but will offer them on AHB soon.
  4. Not sure if this is the right spot for this but I have a heap of bottles I want to get rid of asap or they go in the bin (or eBay if I could be stuffed). I stopped counting but at a minimum I have... I have 60 + Coopers 750ml longnecks some dusty, some with beer (probably not very good or I would have drunk it years ago - The stouts are probably good though...all aged for 5yrs +) I also have 40 + grolsch bottles. I'd prefer someone to take the lot for FREE....or you can pick and choose for 50c a bottle (Hint: take them all for free and give away or sell what you don't need). PICK UP - SYDNEY....NORTHERN BEACHES NEAR MANLY Cheers, Muddy
  5. To be honest the only difference I really found was that liquid was a bit easier as it is less effort to dissolve. I'm sure plenty will disagree but my view is that the taste and fermentability was the same.
  6. I use an old sleeping bag and wrap a large blanket around that - I only 1-2 degrees max no matter what the season
  7. It's been a long time since I used carb drops but I always found that 2 drops in a longneck or 740ml PET overcarbed my beer. I would suspect the lids aren't properly tightened or you are drinking them too early or storing them too cold for the bottles to carb up properly.
  8. I should add that the trub should stay in you FV and mostly out of your keg or bottles. Sometimes you will have a lot of true and sometimes a little but.
  9. Hi Farmer Boy, The crap on the bottom is "Trub" which is basically the layer of sediment that settles to the bottom as and after the yeast ferments your sweet liquid into alcoholic liquid. The idea is to let it settle and definitely do not stir - You should never stir during or after fermentation (There may be a few exceptions but not worth going into that now.. The smell is generally beery or yeasty or if you have an infection it will smell rank and taste rank.
  10. I think cheacter is something my brews lack..I must be doing something wrong How's it going Chad?
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