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  1. There are different ones in different kits, but it's possible one was just older if they are both the same one. Whatever they are, they wouldn't have been fermenting in an hour after pitching. Something else would have been causing the airlock to bubble.
  2. Bacon just out of the smoker. Will put it in the fridge tonight and slice it up tomorrow. It feels a lot firmer than some previous ones so I think the longer time in the cure was the way to go.
  3. I'm guessing the earlier bottled ones were initially in there when it was warmer and this one has had the cooler temperatures. Warming them up should help.
  4. They're probably too cold. Have the other ones been bottled longer?
  5. The OG can easily be calculated. Those ingredients in 21 litres would be around 1.055/56.
  6. I had a XXXX off the wood a few years ago at that pub. It's probably not the same beer it was in the 80s but still it was nicer than it usually is. Less carbonated and some influence on the flavour from the keg itself.
  7. I'd see what it looks like in the glass before making a proper call on it. I often find mine looks almost brown when I keg it, but once the yeast drops out of it it goes that nice deep red.
  8. It's probably a combination of all those grains. Caraaroma is pretty much a dark crystal, but mine only contains it and black malt. It also contains a higher percentage of base malt.
  9. I find finings work best at cold temperatures. The ones mentioned are likely only garden variety gelatine anyway, which may have an effect at ferment temp but it will be slower. Most of that cloudiness is yeast. If you let it sit for another few days to a week, some of it will drop out, and it will pretty much all drop out in the bottles. Point being, once it's in the glass it will not look like murky river water anymore. Personally I wouldn't worry about finings yet. Just get the basics down first. Learning good brewing practice is more important than getting crystal clear beer.
  10. I've had my crown for 7 years in October and it's still as good as the first time I used it. It may be more expensive initially but it will last for years. Whether you would get that kind of quality from a no name Chinese made unit, who knows. If it was me I'd save the extra coin and buy something that is well known to be excellent quality, rather than taking a chance just to save a couple of hundred dollars on a one off payment.
  11. The crown urns come with concealed elements or exposed, customer choice. I got the concealed one because it's way easier to clean it.
  12. Checked SG on the dark ale just now, sitting around 1.020 after 3 days in there so I have bumped the temp up 3 degrees on the controller. Will probably need the boiling flask again soon to maintain it until the cold crash.
  13. It would probably work fine, definitely shorter and wider than the crown urns so you'll probably boil off more volume. Definitely replace the tap with a ball valve. Those taps are useless for brewing. It would be better if it had a sight gauge but you could always install one I imagine, or etch volume markings on the inside. False bottoms aren't a necessity, but if you want to be able to heat the mash without lifting the grain bag, then you will need one.
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