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  1. Otto Von Blotto


    If you fermented in a sealed container without any pressure release, the thing would blow up. So I'd say unsealed is a requirement. I have two fermenters, both airlock style ones. My main one had the grommet perish ages ago which I noted above. The airlock never bubbled on it anyway, but since the grommet perished I just put tape over the hole and back the lid off slightly. Gas escapes, nothing gets in. It's opaque but the lid is see through so I can still observe foam/condensation forming. I can also see the foam through the side. Point being, airlocks aren't necessary and they shouldn't be relied on as a sign of activity because 1, any leak in a seal stops them bubbling, and 2, they can bubble for reasons other than fermentation. All they really indicate is gas passing through, and while a lot of times it will be from fermentation, it's not always. Ignore it, look for visible signs and use your hydrometer.
  2. Otto Von Blotto

    Max percentage of crystal malts for ales.

    My standard ones are about 5-6%, but mashed higher around 67. I don't think I'd ever make a beer with 20% crystal. I'm also led to believe that when crystal is mashed, the enzymes in the base malt reduce its influence compared to steeping it on its own where no enzymes are present. I haven't bothered testing this theory as I'm happy with the current outcomes.
  3. Otto Von Blotto

    BrewBQ (or Brew n Q) - for you Kelsey

    Just following the recipe in the charcuterie book mate, not sure what the boiling is for but anyway. Although I obviously leave it in there longer than two days like it says. Maybe their loins are different but it never fully penetrates in two days.
  4. Otto Von Blotto


    It is. I think the last stout I did before that big one was just under 7kg grain and I ended up with an OG of 1.069 in 21 litres. That was just a single mash with all the grain in there.
  5. Otto Von Blotto


    Hm, yeah even with the reduced efficiency from the bigger grain bill it should have gotten more than 1.045 post boil. You didn't measure the sample too hot and not compensate or something? What was the pre-boil SG? That big stout I did was about 9kg or a tad over, and I got 1.0855 OG from it, so a reasonable efficiency can be achieved with big grain bills. I did use a reiterated mash though... which I'll be doing on any future hugearse grain bill beers as well, despite it lengthening the brew day by about 2 hours.
  6. Otto Von Blotto

    Flat Beer

    The bottles going softer when chilled is nothing more than a pressure drop inside them from being chilled. Other than that, what the others said
  7. Otto Von Blotto

    BrewBQ (or Brew n Q) - for you Kelsey

    Hahah. Mine doesn't usually last a hell of a long time either. I didn't get a chance to get more going before the last lot ran out so I did buy some from the butcher (just the stuff they make there I think) to supplement in the meantime. Actually not too bad, I prefer mine but it's still a lot nicer than the packaged stuff found in supermarkets etc.
  8. Otto Von Blotto


    How much grain did you use?
  9. Otto Von Blotto

    Half recipes

    Yep, halve all ingredient amounts except the yeast. No use having open yeast packets laying around.
  10. Otto Von Blotto

    BrewBQ (or Brew n Q) - for you Kelsey

    I have to mix up and boil a curing mix today. Putting a loin in tomorrow to cure, will take it out next Friday and smoke it Saturday. It's quite a large (height) one, so I expect it will need the extra time to fully cure.
  11. Otto Von Blotto


    That's not long for the grommet to last. The one that came with mine lasted well over a year before it perished. I simply replaced it with tape and ditched the airlock altogether. Condensation and foam on top are much better indicators of activity. There's nothing wrong with 22 litres in a 30 litre fermenter. It might take a bit longer to build enough pressure to make the airlock bubble but it won't cause the yeast to take longer to start fermenting.
  12. Otto Von Blotto


    No yeast will die at the sort of higher temps you'd experience over summer. They will likely throw some shitty flavour though, which is why most of us employ some form of cooling, whether it be a fridge or something else. The other option is to use saison yeasts, but they may or may not be to your tastes. At the end of the day, if you're not using saison yeasts your beer will be better if you use some kind of temp control to keep the temps down around the high teens to low 20s.
  13. Otto Von Blotto

    Mixing different yeasts

    The cerveza kit yeast is an ale/lager blend. I don't know if it's the same as the kit yeast in the Mr beer kits but I can't see any issues with using both of them other than that the flavour profile might be a little different to using US-05.
  14. Otto Von Blotto

    Wheat Beer Failure

    I used to get a bit of tartness from the 1272 yeast without any wheat malt in the grist, but I didn't really like it much so I went back to 1056/US-05 instead. Maybe it was a bit more than very slight though
  15. I used to put varying temperature priming solution straight into the bottling bucket and transfer into it. Every batch carbonated the same. I should note that the beer being transferred was at about 0-1 degrees though, so it would have cooled the priming solution pretty much instantly.