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  1. No, the serving pressure would just be really low, and that's the problem with having short lines on a proper setup, you'd be constantly burping the keg and turning the pressure down to serve, and turning it back up to maintain carbonation.
  2. Both fermenters full now. Not gonna be in full swing just yet as I can't really do a yeast starter until we get back and there's no cubes full but I'll get a brew day happening next Saturday and pitch on the Monday or Tuesday. Fridge and inkbird going well, brew has risen to ferment temp and is cycling between 12 and 12.3, everything working as it should be. Not long now until I won't have to be buying cartons of beer every week for a month or more
  3. Marketing Obviously the quality of the tap and its construction plays a part, but there wouldn't be many out there that would pour well with half a metre of 8mm ID line on normal serving pressure.
  4. I've heard of people doing interesting things with crushed up hop flowers.
  5. What he said ^ I've been doing it this way for years. Didn't even bother buying an airlock when I got my new one, just the FV, lid and tap. It's now in the other fridge with a pilsner batch in it and a fresh piece of tape over the lid hole
  6. Swap them over, ditch the airlock, leave the krausen kollar out of the other one and you could put a ply shelf in the bottom as well, making it easier to get samples.
  7. So would mine, I always angle it too. The font fan helps though, especially if I actually remember to turn it on when I go back to work in the arvo. Definitely less foaming when it's been running a while.
  8. That's where mine's set as well, no foaming and the beer lines are about half that length, however I have flow control taps and the beer is colder which helps.
  9. Yeah my reg has increments of 1 on the psi scale, doesn't even have kPa but it is a yank one so no real surprise.
  10. Just pitched my pilsner, didn't look at the volume markings but it looked about 21 litres. I'll check it next time I go out there. Wort temp stabilised at 8.5 degrees so I'm happy with that. It'll warm up to 12 over the next half a day or whatever. Inkbird settings the same as the STC, although I forgot to calibrate it before I taped it up so I don't know whether it's reading totally true or not but it shouldn't be too far off anyway. I'll have to remember to check it before the next batch goes in there. In the other FV is the centenarillo which has been cold crashing since Saturday (or Sunday really). I'll add isinglass tonight, and polyclar either tomorrow day or night. Thursday we're off to Melbourne.
  11. Yeah it's not really that good on that one. Maybe kPa would be easier. It'd be around 82kpa. Although looking at the picture again neither one is precise
  12. As with anything in brewing there's always a risk, so yes it could happen. I had an infected starter once around the time I began making them, but haven't had one since. The risk can be minimised obviously by taking the necessary steps to prevent such a thing happening. My starters get boiled up on my work breaks and are usually at or close to pitching temp by the time I get home again. Once they hit that point the yeast goes in. Haven't had any problems doing this.
  13. Never seen it here, but I have tried Murphy's stout, still got the empty can. You used to be able to get it from Dan's, but I haven't seen it for ages.
  14. Yes. Although I usually turn the gas off to the keg and let it sit for a few hours before doing that so it can absorb what's in there, or most of it, rather than just venting it off.
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