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  1. Otto Von Blotto

    Brewdog Coming to Brisbane

    Not yet, looks like it's being scaled down from the original plan, possibly scrapped altogether.
  2. Otto Von Blotto

    Export Pilsener - Saaz schedule suggestions?

    Leave out the crystal, it won't go great in a pilsner, or most lagers for that matter. Saaz is quite low in alpha acids so you will need more weight to get the same bitterness as something like Chinook. Maybe something like 20g @ 30, 30g@15, 50g@flameout.
  3. Otto Von Blotto

    It had to happen eventually

    I popped that cherry years ago, never done it since, although I did start filling the urn with water with the valve still half open recently Better than spilling wort though
  4. Otto Von Blotto

    Coopers Aussie Pale ale

    I think that was greeny who originally said that, but I tend to agree. I wouldn't say it's impossible to do it but pitching a lager onto a yeast cake isn't as much an overpitch as it is with an ale, and isn't likely to change the beer's flavour profile like it can with an ale. Lagers are meant to be clean anyway.
  5. Otto Von Blotto

    Export Pilsener - Saaz schedule suggestions?

    Yeah, that's basically what I do with mine although I use a 15 minute and flameout addition as well. Using a kit you probably won't really need a 60+ minute bittering addition. You could do 30 minute, 15 minute and flameout additions. The amounts of these will depend on how much bitterness you want in the beer.
  6. Otto Von Blotto

    Export Pilsener - Saaz schedule suggestions?

    Urquell isn't dry hopped. Are you using a kit for it or all unhopped extract?
  7. Otto Von Blotto

    Water questions 2019

    That isn't listed. Median is essentially the middle; half the samples are below it and half above it, hence the minimum can't be higher.
  8. Otto Von Blotto

    Bypassing boil-dry on a Crown Urn

    This is the brush in question
  9. Otto Von Blotto

    Bypassing boil-dry on a Crown Urn

    Yeah yeah I'll get one soon.
  10. Otto Von Blotto

    Water questions 2019

    Typo perhaps? Agree it doesn't make a lot of sense.
  11. Otto Von Blotto

    Marathon beer?

    You're probably just confused by aluminium poisoning
  12. Otto Von Blotto

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Just put my FWH Cascade ale into the fermenter now that the temp controller is fixed. Got the full 25 litres and sitting around 20 degrees so that's all good. Fermenting at 18. As expected the aroma wasn't as fruity as my usual pale ales but it'll be interesting to see how it goes.
  13. Otto Von Blotto

    Water questions 2019

    That's why I just decided to use distilled water for everything except the red ale. At least that way I know exactly what the water profile is. I looked at chemical test kits online but to get something with a decent accuracy that covers all the minerals related to brewing it's pretty expensive. I have an alkalinity test kit for the pool water which wasn't that expensive and I've mucked around with it with the tap water. Actually found it was lower than the water reports, but I guess they're only averages, not specific to one area.
  14. Otto Von Blotto

    Coopers Aussie Pale ale

    The only issue you'd have with a big overpitch is that the beer could end up a bit bland. A fair amount of the flavour influence the yeast brings occurs during the reproduction phase. This is also why pitching temp is somewhat important. It's probably not great for the yeast cells themselves either; given the lack of reproduction the cells are old and already been through one fermentation. Obviously reproduction provides fresh new cells.
  15. Otto Von Blotto

    Water questions 2019

    They probably do the testing, but leave it out of the water report. It's the same here, there are reports available online for the last few years and they all vary with the parameters they include. Most of the brewing ones are included, and they mostly stay pretty stable. If it rains a fair amount on the dam catchments, the water temporarily goes harder due to all the limestone out there. That's what dad noticed when he used to test water quality in his old job.