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  1. If it stays clear after the weekend it'll be open next week, but maybe it will start clearing earlier. It's been gloomy all arvo today but not a lot of rain. I have a social club game on Sunday as well, not sure how that course is going though.
  2. Yeah I reckon. Some of those sections went under in the floods earlier this year which didn't exactly help, but this time none of it went underwater, it's just the relentless rain has completely saturated the ground. The forecast is for more showers until Thursday when it's supposed to start clearing up, then fine days across Friday and the weekend... might be too late to reopen Saturday though depending on how much rain they get before it clears up.
  3. https://youtu.be/gaKxWbSo8O8 This is why my course is continually closed at the moment. The rain isn't over the top but it was a week or two ago which caused this, and the light showers that keep passing through prevent it drying out properly
  4. I'm glad I did that now, even though it was forced due to weather. It's useful information to have. I didn't take a lot of notice of the spin rates but I did notice that the sidespin was almost always under 1000, quite a few in negative numbers. Backspin around 2000ish with the wood.
  5. That's no good mate. Hope you recover soon. We still play if it rains too normally, but it's so saturated right now that even a light shower makes it pretty much unplayable. I still managed to get a hit today though at an indoor range. The simulators have a virtual range as well as being able to play courses. I think the calibration of the thing on courses was a bit off though, the ball speeds were rather ridiculous and my club distances were about 20-30 metres longer than usual. I don't think I've ever hit my 58° wedge 110 metres unless I blade it My best effort was a 90, but with stupidly positioned OOB that wouldn't exist on a real course (seriously a few metres off the fairway wtf), and putts that should have dropped not doing so, I probably played better than the score would suggest. It was more realistic on the virtual range, and I found my swing speed to be around 100-105mph with a 3 wood. It might be slightly faster with a driver, being a longer shaft, but it's not in the bag currently. It's certainly faster than a couple of years ago when I bought my driver, at that time it was around 90, so it confirms my hunch about needing to replace the shaft in it.
  6. Yeah, but I don't really care... it'll get done when it gets done
  7. Yeah that ain't happening If it rains all weekend the course will be closed again so Sunday would be free. But then of course the brew area would be soaked again. I might as well just give up until this crap goes away.
  8. It's a joke to be honest. We shouldn't be getting this weather at this time of year, we shouldn't be getting this relentless miserable crap at all really but yeah, can't do anything about it. I have to restock a couple of things as well as replace the water distiller, although I have enough water for a couple of kegs so that's not urgent. Need more citric acid for cleaning the urn, extract for starters, and a 5 litre flask since the one I had decided to break the other day. I'll get there eventually
  9. Both kegs are empty, pilsner spluttered Monday night and the red ale last night. No idea when they'll be filled again, I'm planning a brew day next Saturday, but if the useless weather ruins golf for the second week in a row I may play both days next weekend. Might be able to sneak a brew day in on Sunday if things are cancelled, but if I can get one game in things will stay as planned.
  10. Yeah of course, my point originally though was that you could carbonate it overnight and still leave it for a week or so before drinking it, and it won't taste any different to carbonating it on serving pressure for the same week or so.
  11. Yep, I always notice improvement the longer they stay on tap too, but it doesn't make any difference which way I carbonate them, it's the time that's key. If stuff would stop getting in the way of brew days the kegs could have a bit of conditioning before they even get in the kegerator. My plan is to brew the next couple once the fermenters have been emptied into kegs but it never seems to work out at the moment.
  12. If you do it properly it doesn't over carb the beer. It might take a bit of trial and error initially but it's pretty easy not to muck it up. When I do it, the beer is usually a little underdone at the end of the high pressure period, and another day on serving pressure it's pretty much there. I do this deliberately to avoid over carbing it. I agree with Kmar on this one, the speed of carbonation makes no difference to the taste. If you do it overnight then leave the keg for a week or so before drinking any, it'll still taste the same as leaving it for a week or so on serving pressure.
  13. That's pretty normal with dark beers in my experience. I managed to get a powerful torch to shine through a porter or stout I'd brewed a while back and it had a burgundy tinge to it.
  14. Yeah I couldn't live in that. Bad enough being cold but miserable rainy crap half the year on top, no thanks. We had one of these unusually wet winters a few years ago as well although the amount of rain was nothing like this year, mostly it was drizzle.
  15. It was actually different to normal at my course last weekend too, but usually it's a South Easterly so most holes are either into or with the wind, not many where it's a crosswind. Around August it switches to westerly and it's usually stronger than the normal breeze the rest of the year. Last year I hit a 320 metre drive assisted by that westerly
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