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  1. Left arm for me but yeah. I have problems hooking with long irons, and just generally inconsistent with everything else. Hahah, I have always loved the footy, now that I have kayo I have access to all of it but I'll probably just watch a couple of games tomorrow. It definitely helped me through the crappy times recently.
  2. Yeah we've been lucky up here that the lockdowns haven't been very long when they have happened, this is the first of the more recent ones where we can't play golf though. Oh well, hopefully the 3 days knocks it on the head.
  3. Yeah it took a bit of trial and error mostly not carbonating it enough before I settled on the 20-22 hours at 45psi. I just do it through the gas in post though, not really a fan of bubbling gas up through the beer. Sometimes I carbonate the keg at the back on serving pressure for a week or so but this time I want both done quickly so I can have a taste tomorrow.
  4. Cheers, yeah I quite like the old bar and taps behind it setup. Ah well there's plenty of footy on tomorrow arvo to get through and work's unaffected by it. I'm on 18 currently but I'm going to have some lessons in the next few weeks. I'd love to get to scratch but at the moment I'm aiming to get to single figures.
  5. Well no golf now thanks to this bloody lockdown. Still got the kegs done and full gas cylinder as well...good thing I replaced it because it had f all left. Since I'll be home all day apart from shopping I've done my usual 45psi overnight carb. I'll turn it off around 10 tomorrow morning and give it a few hours to absorb before turning it back on to serving pressure and sampling some of it. Good to be back properly!
  6. Depends if they suffer from chill haze or not. Polyclar has no effect on yeast.
  7. First kegging day of the year for me today I have a few things to go and do first, one of which is going over to Hoppy days to grab a sack of pilsner malt and a new liquid disconnect and push in fitting to replace the right hand side one in my system. Once I get back I'll be filling the two kegs of pilsner and pale ale and putting them on high pressure until morning. Or I might use a bit lower pressure and leave it on until I get home from golf. Either way there will be beer on tap tomorrow
  8. Yeah, I'd agree a freezer would be easier. I have two fridges, one is a 60 year old beast that has no trouble freezing a batch if it wanted to, so it's easy enough to keep the beer at zero, the other is my old kegerator which struggles to get batches below 2 degrees. I usually use it for lagers because that's around the temperature I lager them at. Mind you I "cheat" in a way adding polyclar to get rid of haze
  9. Yep, just about every batch. It does make a difference. Once you get the hang of it it just becomes part of the recipe
  10. I try to do it every batch but sometimes I forget to put the cube in the fridge. A few ales I've actually started at around 13 because I'd chill the cube for about 12 hours. They still get going quickly enough and taste great.
  11. You're better off pitching lower then warming it up than going the other way. Most of the flavour is produced during the lag phase and following 2-3 days of fermentation.
  12. Should get a good whack of bitterness, hopefully it's not too much
  13. I use it, or the wyeast version 1056, in my Hoppy pale ale recipes all the time. My pitching is a bit different given I make starters but it's always up and going with half an inch or so of krausen anywhere between 18-24 hours later and generally at FG in about 6 days. The latest one was a little bit slower because it started below 18 degrees and took a couple of days to get up there but normally they finish by 6 days.
  14. Excellent. What is the AA content of those hops?
  15. I'd chuck in a kg of light dry malt and 200-250 grams of raw sugar. I wouldn't be surprised if most of those commercial English beers have a proportion of sugar used in their recipes these days.
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