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  1. In my experience it can hang about even after the cold crash has started, but I usually "solve" this problem by throwing in the dry hops in a tea strainer ball, it breaks it up and it disappears after a while. I've done it pre and post cold crash, the latter usually because of laziness The off flavour is more of a concern and I agree with the others in that it could have something to do with reusing the cake/slurry considering the ones with the fresh packets are fine. I don't agree about never reusing yeast though because it can easily be done without any problem and it saves a lot of money. A while back I had to tip out a batch of pale ale because it developed a flavour that made it taste like a Saison (I don't like them), it had picked up something in the fermenter, but the saved yeast was fine since it was done prior to pitching it so I didn't have to get more. That batch never saw a keg, I tipped it as soon as I had my usual taste test before filling the keg. I gave the fermenter a good bleach soak and rinse, let it air dry to get rid of any chlorine traces, and it's been fine ever since.
  2. I'm usually the longest or close enough to it in the groups I normally play in, this is a pretty recent development after a lesson that made a small change, and I reckon my new shoes having better grip and stability is probably helping a little as well. There is a scratch player I sometimes play with, I first played with him over a year ago and I thought this bloke hits it a mile and consistently. I played with him a week or two back and this time I was more or less matching him for distance, not quite as accurate but good enough. I felt good about that It can be hard playing with people who just constantly hack it nowhere, it can throw my rhythm out if they do it every hole but I've started using the extra time to just do little practice swings along the way just to keep the feeling fresh, for want of a better term. There's a guy who is quite new who's playing with us most Sundays now, when he makes good contact he hits it well, he's just inconsistent at the moment and often bunts it along the ground or off into the bush, but we all were like that in the beginning. He's just put his third card in and it's got him off 28.
  3. Sounds like he was pretty crap at cheating too I haven't come across anyone in my club yet that I'd rather avoid playing with. Generally I prefer playing with people around my level or better, mainly because the pace usually keeps up nicely as opposed to waiting around for someone to take four shots to reach my drive or whatever. A little while ago I was in a group with a couple of women on a medley day and one of them apparently decided she'd avoid playing with longer hitters like me in future because "we hold up the group too much waiting for the ones in front to be out of range", this after I'd made 2 birdies in a row, and she was the one holding us up on a par 3 after we'd been called up; she duffed her tee shot then had to wait for the green to clear before hitting the second shot I just missed the green but chipped in before the others putted. It's not my fault the groups in front were slow
  4. The usual pattern disappeared this weekend, unfortunately had a total shocker yesterday. I couldn't get my swing working like it normally does, bit surprising hitting 6 greens in regulation considering I hardly hit a fairway and was often punching out. Didn't often have the opportunity to hit over the trees like this hole. Putted like a moron as well I did get a NTP on 5 though so it wasn't a complete disaster. GA slightly back out to 12.4.
  5. Nice to see old mate get a century too
  6. Bit ordinary, but not too bad today. Swing wasn't quite in sync but enough to avoid major trouble. Holed a few medium-long putts which was nice and saved a few shots. This hole I didn't hit the second shot clean but left it in a good spot in the left rough, hit the wedge to about 3 or 4 feet for the bird. Handicap dropped again down to 12.1. Now watching the last bit of the cricket before I catch up on the golf from this arvo.
  7. Yes there used to be timeless tests about a hundred years ago. There's been other variations, they used to be six days with a rest day then changed at some point to the current five days. I'm not a fan of T20 at all. It's so far removed from what cricket is to me, that I just can't get into it. That stupid hundred in the UK is even worse. I grew up with test cricket and the old triangular one day series, and those forms are still my favourites, with tests number one. I haven't actually watched any cricket this summer until now. Couldn't care less about the big bash. I think the drop in wickets came about more because of the AFL whinging about players getting injuries on the wicket blocks, but at least the Gabba and SCG haven't bowed to them yet. In saying that the drop ins are a lot better than they used to be. The higher scoring isn't so much a drop in thing, it's just that they had been preparing roads in recent years, and the ridiculous bats they use now where the sweet spot is practically the entire face have definitely changed things. It's nice to see them leaving a bit more grass on the wickets more recently, it's a much better game to watch when there's a contest between bat and ball rather than bat completely dominating. I was a bit sceptical of the day/night tests at first but after seeing the first couple of them I really enjoyed the battle, especially once it got into twilight and early evening and the ball started hooping around. I reckon the series against the cricket Boks will be a bit more competitive so I'm looking forward to that one, I'll be on holidays for the last two tests, and probably doing a lot of golf practice or playing, but I can watch it back on Kayo at least
  8. Not as much of a road as Rawalpindi is, England 500 on the first day with four of them making tons. I hope the Windies keep going, I'd rather see a bit of a competitive match for the rest of it than just a walk over.
  9. I agree a temperature controlled fridge is the easiest and most reliable way to achieve the desired fermentation temp, provided you have the room for one and budget etc. The power consumption is small because they're probably switched off more than they're on. The temperature controllers work by turning the whole fridge on and off (like turning it on and off at the wall), they don't have any interference with the innards of the fridge itself. I have two of them now that sit in the patio area. The original one I got from the olds, it was just sitting there doing nothing so I started using it for a brew fridge when I was living there, and took it with me when I moved out. The other one is my old kegerator. I wouldn't be without them now, being able to ferment anything at anytime is great.
  10. Probably a bit of both. I usually raise mine in the last third of fermentation which is usually around the 5th or 6th day and it's usually finished a couple of days later, by raise I simply turn the controller up to 18 and let it rise by itself. The better information I found suggested it is best to raise it while the yeast are still active. Then just leave it a few more days before ramping down to lager temps across another few days and leave it for a couple of weeks. Still spends about a month in there but they taste great. They get even better the longer they sit on tap as well with the extra lagering in the keg. I'm not sure why the old idea was to leave it so long at fermentation temp. Maybe they didn't pitch enough yeast for the low temperature back then.
  11. So do mine with the more or less equivalent amount of Wyeast 2278 (or any other lager yeast I've used) with similar pitching conditions. I'm waiting for 2001 to be available again at some point, it was my favourite lager yeast I've used.
  12. The method would work for anyone if they did it. I agree it wouldn't work if they're just pitching one dry packet, but I never suggested it would. It would probably work if they pitched 2 or 3 packets, but that's prohibitively expensive I'd imagine. Like I said I've pitched lagers warm in the past and prefer them pitched cold. That's about the extent of my initial comments on it. I make starters for more reasons than that.its also to save money by reusing it
  13. The only pathetic stuff is coming from you. Not once did I suggest my way is the only way to do it to get a great outcome. Not once did I criticise your method, or anyone else's for that matter. I don't really care if you want to do it that way or not, it's your beer. All I did was give a legitimate reason for why old mate was pitching the yeast warmer, and described my method and the reasons I use it, and you get all bent out of shape and carry on like a total idiot about it for reasons I still can't work out. It's well known that yeast rehydration is best done in warmish temperatures, nobody is disputing that but rehydration is a completely different thing to fermentation. Sure it grows faster when it's warmer too, nobody is disputing that either, that's why I do my yeast starters at room temperature and not 10 degrees. But since the yeast is already grown in the starter there's no point pitching it warm into the batch, and since I have the capability to chill the wort down low, and prefer the outcome of the beer when doing so, it makes sense to do it that way. Maybe other brewers who are making starters might want to try it to see how it goes for them too. How the bloody hell you can extrapolate making people nervous and losing confidence in their own brewing from that sort of discussion is beyond me. Or are we only allowed to talk about beginners methods here now because you decided it are we? I would rather end this ridiculous excuse for a discussion as well but don't ever attack me like that again just for making discussion about different methods. That's the whole fn point of the forum isn't it? It's quite insulting being accused of knowing nothing just because I don't work for bloody lallemand, and I will defend myself against this bloody nonsense. There's a lot more information about lager yeast and fermentation practices than a few instructions on the back of a yeast packet.
  14. Cheers mate. Yep, watching on delay being I was playing at the same time. Handy being able to fast forward through the suspensions in play due to storms though they missed my course thankfully. I thought about going to see it live but didn't in the end. Might do the course volunteer thing for it next year though.
  15. Fair call lol and yes very true. That 9 I had today was a bad drive that was literally in position Z. Just couldn't get out of there. The other one I sprayed wide was on 18 but it wasn't too bad. I just stuffed up the pitch shot after chipping back to the fairway. I'm happy with how it's been tracking over the year given I don't get as much time to practise as I'd like. I just wasn't happy with my back 9 today, after going out in 36 I should have done better than 85. In saying that I still enjoyed it, not keeping track of my score I don't get as angry with bad holes because I'm largely unaware what it's doing to my overall score. Obviously it's disappointing walking off the green after, but it's easier to leave behind and just focus on the next tee shot. I'm finding I'm not stringing several bad holes together since I stopped tracking the score because I'm staying more level headed/relaxed.
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