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  1. I read that they had a DA approved for a taproom at the Emu Plains facility.
  2. Brewery stops on rides are usually quick breaks for a couple of beers and then keep going. Just a refuelling pitstop.
  3. Mountain Culture is opening their new brewery not far from me. A quick bike ride there and back. Well, the ride back may not be so quick.
  4. I was about to say I wouldn’t drink hairy beer but who am I kidding.
  5. The answer is always to buy a brand new shiny one.
  6. This is similar to my setup except my heat pad sits on a shelf about 20cm below the FV. It just heats up the ambient temperature of the fridge rather than the wort directly.
  7. My Dad was drinking VB throw downs or Tooheys Draught cans in the 70s and 80s. I still don’t know how I ended up as a well adjusted adult.
  8. Hairy


    I use one for sparge water. I used to just heat water in a 20 litre pot onthe stove but now I use an 18l urn from Grainfather. Generally I only need 15-16 litres of sparge water.
  9. Post-workout alcohol free beer. Larry approves.
  10. Not green tea but I have tried black tea IPAs before; both commercial and home brewed. I hate black tea with a passion but really liked those beers.
  11. Carlton Zero is awful. I seem to prefer the hoppy ones. Of the "Mainstream" alcohol free beers, the James Squire one is OK.
  12. I have been drinking a few alcohol free beers recently. If I feel like a beer during the week I have one and leave the alcohol beers for Fr-Sun. There are some really good craft ones out there now. My favourites: Brew Dog Punk AF Big Drop (Pale Ale, IPA, DDH IPA) Athletic Brewing Co Mornington Pale Ale (AF) Bridge Road Brewers - Free Time Big Shed - Desi Driver
  13. Sorry mate, Obeseus only understands Latin.
  14. Obeseus says “This beer goes down Japaneasy”.
  15. I can’t go away with you on a rock climbing weekend What if something is on TV and it isn’t shown again.
  16. Use three balls and play from the best ball. Bring someone else along to chase the other balls for you.
  17. The rough marble creates points of nucleation in the same way that an etched glass does. I don’t recommend swallowing the marble.
  18. The EB kit is great. Your recipe looks good but I prefer the London Ale yeast in an English Bitter. You could also split the hops into a hop tea and a dry hop.
  19. You need to put a fence around that pool in the backyard.
  20. A syringe works well too. Pull some beer up the syringe and push it back in whilst submerged. It usually gives a good head but does make the beer go flat quicker. Great for stouts.
  21. Dextrose has its place in beers but you just need to use it judiciously. Whilst I understand the sentiment, saying you should only use malt is limiting. I found that using all malt in bigger beers can leave a sweet, cloying residual taste and also a high final gravity. Using mostly malt with a little dextrose can help with this.
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