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  1. 33 points yesterday in the rain for half the round before it cleared up. Absolute garbage 24 points today mainly as a result of horrible ball striking, way too many fat shots, and I think I've worked out why - I'm inadvertently lowering my body on the backswing and changing the swing arc. Will work on that issue through the week before Saturday. I noted I didn't have the issue with chipping and short pitches, which were pretty good for the most part. A lot of shortish (8-10 foot or so) putts lipped out, at one point it happened so many times in a row I just kicked the ball away in frustration on one hole. I have a series of similarly crappy rounds to drop off my GA over the next little while so I'm keen to replace them with some decent ones to get the handicap trending back down again.
  2. 34 points today. Must be the strangest scorecard I've had to date, rubbish first hole but then nine 4s in a row, and +2 off the stick for that stretch of ten from 2-11. Unfortunately I got a bit tired or whatever mainly from 13 onward, and started swinging pretty inconsistently. Still enough to drop back to 15.1. This 4 iron into the green was a pleasing shot.
  3. Need to know the alpha acid percentage of the hops, what the boil volume is and how long the boil is for. As a rough guess I'd imagine it'd be quite bitter with that weight of hops unless the boil is short - 5 or 10 minutes.
  4. Back in Brisbane after the trip to Tenterfield, which apart from some ordinary weather for one of the days and the temperature wreaking havoc on my shot distances (120 metre 5 iron, really? ), was a really fun trip. I'm glad I went down on the Thursday, because I needed a round or two to get used to the greens there before the "Ryder cup" over the weekend that is the whole reason for the trip. They were very fast, and were extremely receptive to spin (I already knew that though from my last trip there). We only played 16 holes before it got too dark on Thursday, but Friday we got the full 18 in after the rain finally stopped. Started on 10 at around lunchtime, and I had my first hole out longer than a chip in, spinning one back into the hole from 82 metres out. Crazy shot. On Saturday it was a 2 person ambrose matchplay round. My teammate and I won our match over the oldies 3 and 2, and overall the young guns took a lead into Sunday's round. Sunday was a standard single matchplay with a young vs older for each matchup. I didn't play as well as Friday but still won my match and the young guns took the cup again. On Tuesday I went to my home course for a practice round, mum came along to have a look as well so I wasn't taking it too seriously, but I wanted to take some videos to show Dad who can't get out onto a course like that anymore. Got a few good ones of various shots. Also wanted to get used to the slower greens again before yesterday's comp round. I think I shot 92 or something. Yesterday was a pretty good day. I have been working on trying to stay relaxed through the round and not let the mistakes get to me, also to not focus on the scores and just each shot at a time. It seemed to work as I didn't fall over in the back 9 which has been an issue recently. Hell of a start with 13 points after 4 holes. A run of bad form sent my handicap out nearly 2 shots but it came back down a bit to 15.2 after yesterday. Next comp is tomorrow.
  5. Saturday was a total disaster, only managing 22 points. We were stuck behind a really slow group which didn't help, and I probably let it get to me too much as well. I need to learn to relax during comp rounds like I do when I play practice rounds, as I always play better when I'm relaxed. Sunday was better, no slow group in front, they actually got away from us, but we weren't slow either as a two ball behind never caught up. I was more relaxed and although the tee shots were still a bit wayward and I chunked a few irons initially, my short game was working well with 77% up and downs, and I was putting better as well. Last day before a week and a half off which includes the trip to Tenterfield from Thursday to Sunday, and plenty of golf. I'll also be getting a few bits and pieces next week to get the brewing started again, although I may wait until after club champs to get back to it.
  6. Cheers. It's nice to finally have irons I'm confident in as well. Makes a huge difference.
  7. Practice 9 holes today, pretty good for some ordinary ball striking with the irons. Didn't happen every shot but a few I hit a bit thin, luckily they stayed more or less on line though. I think I've found the sweet spot for loft on my 3 wood, changed it back to 15.75° after the first hole and every shot after that was straight down the middle. Forward tees on this hole turned it into basically a par 4 but I'll take the bird. Now to replicate it or better on the weekend
  8. Not quite as good today, can largely blame my crappy short game and putting for that (38 putts is horrid), although a fair few missed fairways ended up in positions where trees blocked any sort of normal shot at the green, so that didn't help. I was happy with the start, but got a bit loose after that unfortunately. The start of the back 9 ruined any chance of playing to handicap. It held at 14.5 after I got it down a little yesterday I couldn't get the pace with the putts today, along with a few uncharacteristic skill errors. I set the 3 wood loft at standard 15°, it went alright but not sure if I'll keep it there or go back up to yesterday's setting. When I did get opportunities to hit full irons I hit them mostly straight on target, but the ball striking was a bit off today resulting in inconsistent distance. Was nice to land one on this long par 3 green for once too. I will have a practice session during the week, as well as 9 holes on Thursday to get ready for next week's rounds.
  9. I never noticed any flavour carryover when I'd interchange soda water and beer kegs. I did clean out the line and tap with perc after the beer keg ran out but even without it I doubt it'd be noticeable.
  10. Did better today. It was actually 35 points not 36. Energy levels and concentration back to normal again thankfully. I sorted out my alignment issues from last week, but still working out distances with the new irons so I missed a few greens long and short, but was pleased to hit the ball straight on target most of the time. The wind got up through the back 9 which created problems of its own, had a couple of approaches knocked down by it. I also delofted my 3 wood a bit to see how it went, and the average distance across the round was nearly 10m longer. It was at 15.75° today down from 16.5°, may go further down to the standard 15° tomorrow and see how it goes.
  11. More likely the temperature killed the yeast. Just sitting there won't drop enough out to prevent carbonation happening.
  12. Maybe there's something in the tap, line or the keg connection itself causing turbulence?
  13. I didn't do a lot today either but I was 7 shots better than yesterday. Similar issue with concentration which mainly affected the short game and putting. Tee shots were a little less erratic, but I didn't take advantage with the irons. I struck them well enough but the radar was off. I think my alignment was off, most of them went dead straight but left. Late in the round I decided to shuffle my alignment a bit to the right and all of a sudden the ball went straight at the target Either way I am enjoying how much easier these are to hit well, hopefully I can get rid of the after effects of the head cold and have a better time next weekend. I won a stupid NTP as well, I say that because it was 8.5 metres from it and I nearly didn't even bother putting my name on it but I thought nothing to lose. Something positive for the day at least.
  14. Total mare. Coordination was rubbish, and got tired more quickly than usual. Tee shots were unusually all over the place. I had a head cold Thursday and into Friday which probably hasn't helped. Only positive was that I did hit my new irons pretty well when I wasn't punching out of trees and could actually play full shots. Chip in for par on 13 was nice too. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
  15. Anyone else watching the open? I watched a bit last night but took this arvo off to try and shake a stupid head cold so have had it on since the start, and might even forego the footy tonight to continue through the night. Enjoyed watching Cam Smith's round yesterday, and keen to see how some of the other Aussies go tonight. I won't last through the 16 hours of coverage or whatever it is but should see a reasonable amount of it. The old course is one of my favourite courses, I haven't had the chance to go there yet but I love watching golf on it. It's definitely on the bucket list. Closest I've played to a links here was Belmont in NSW about 20 years ago, which is also on the beach/seaside.
  16. Golf, although that has its own thread. Also like to make my own cured and smoked meats, mainly bacon and ham. Love watching the AFL footy as well, although tonight it might be pushed to the side in favour of the open
  17. You'd think they'd have fixed it by now. I didn't even know about this supposed temperature thing when I started cold crashing. I was still using carb drops at the time and the results were the same, so I just translated that to bulk priming. Then I saw this nonsense one day and thought WTF are they smoking?
  18. Use the highest temperature the beer got to, or just ignore it completely and go by your own preferences. I did similar when I began bulk priming beers. Can't remember what I started with, probably about 160g or so, gradually increased it each batch until I was happy. I did use dextrose though which you need more of than sugar for the same carbonation level.
  19. It shouldn't be. It doesn't drop out enough yeast to affect carbonation level, that's all about the amount of sugar added. Usually when the calculators take cold crashing into account they suggest a ridiculously low amount of priming sugar like 90g for a whole batch. For some reason the creators of the calculators seem to think the CO2 expelled during fermentation magically gets pushed back into the beer when it's chilled, despite most of it exiting the fermenter completely.
  20. Yeah, while I'm single and have the time available to dedicate to it, I'm taking full advantage. I reckon once I get my distances dialled in with these new clubs I'll start to see the scores drop. From the limited hitting I've done so far I'm gonna work on a rough theory of each one going about 10 metres longer than the old set for the first round. Most of the holes at my course are better off missed short than long, so if it's not quite right it won't cause too much damage. Once I hit a few decent shots with each and can track the actual distance I'll obviously have a better idea. I was pretty ordinary when I started too. Looking back to what I remember doing in the first few rounds back there probably wasn't much right about my technique gradually I got myself down to about 18-20 but I knew I'd have to get lessons to go further... I was at the stage where I'd hit draws, fades and straight ones but have no idea why these different shapes were happening. Now I know the techniques to play those shots, I just need to get more practice at doing it. It was difficult to do with the old irons because they're designed to limit that sort of thing, but these are really workable but also forgiving. I have kept the old 3 iron in the bag, specifically for situations where I'm punching low out of crappy terrain e.g. bare patches with rocks/tree roots all over the place. I'd rather not ruin the new ones on a rock. Next on the list is to sell the old ones and all the other random clubs I have lying around to fund a new driver, and then the bag will be pretty much complete.
  21. Lie angle is different to loft though, you wouldn't be changing lie angle every summer and winter. It can be checked periodically or if I start having issues with consistent misses in one direction that aren't necessarily swing related but otherwise it should remain pretty stable for the foreseeable future.
  22. Yeah I probably won't worry too much about that, winter during the day is usually low 20s anyway so the distance isn't as affected. Early morning probably a club extra, and I did notice late arvo the distance dropped a bit, but yeah overall it's probably not worth doing up here. I suppose I can hit the long irons just as well as the short ones anyway because the shaft weight varies across the set so they all pretty much feel the same to swing them, so it's easier to just pick a different club than get the lofts changed. My coach did the fitting, but he is experienced in that as well. I got them at a discount as well being floor stock, so saved about $300 in the end.
  23. I still haven't watched it yet originally I saw this model somewhere online and thought it looked good, but without having actually hit one I didn't know if it'd suit me or not. But yeah now that I have I'm glad I decided on it, and got a proper fitting as well. I had a bit of fun on the range trying to fade and draw, the draw comes pretty easy, fade takes a subtle swing adjustment but I can do either on cue a lot more easily with these irons than my old ones. That's an advantage in itself
  24. Cheers mate. I'm glad I waited the year though so I could get the lessons and sort my swing out first. I have no doubt it's gotten faster during that time which would have changed the shaft recommendations, and also a better swing overall. But yeah these are great to hit, everything feels a lot better than what I was using.
  25. Yes, I think I will have to adjust distances a bit. I picked them up today in the end after I had a long break and decided to do some chipping practice. Had a hit with the 4, 7 and PW on the range as well and other than a couple of ordinary swings they all went more or less at whatever my target was. They're easier to deliberately fade or draw with, tried a bit of that as well. I was landing the PW what looked like about halfway between the 100 and 150 markers which is about 10 metres longer than the old one, although I don't know how far away they actually were from the tee area. The 7 was going at or just past the 150, and the 4 looked about 180ish maybe a little longer with rollout. I prefer the smaller heads and thinner topline, they make the ball look like it's teed up on the grass which gives me confidence in making a pure strike. I also prefer the minimal offset compared to the old ones. Can't wait for Saturday to use them in a round to see how I go with accuracy.
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