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  1. Guys, I sincerely apologise for anything Ive done to offend the regulars, newbs, hosts. This will be my last ID and post here on this forum, I just wanted to have to have the opportunity to say that Ive really enjoyed learning with you guys and also enjoyed learning from you guys in my time here.. it is with regret that I go to siberia and leave this forum. I was always happy to impart my experience and knowledge here and I feel that I should have been the better man when it came to the trolls I responded to with such inappropriate manner.. at the end of the day I should have been the better man and in that I failed. I do not want to degrade this great forum any more than I have, but I would like it to be known that Im proud to have taken those trolls with me. I value the friendship Ive found her over the last few years. Unreservedly, I apologise to Paul, Coopers, regular forum members and guests for my behaviour.. really I should aspire to better. For those that wish to stay in contact, Im also Yob on AHB and can easily be contacted via PM there. Brew strong people, brew hard, if it aint hoppy you aint tryin.. I dont want this place to become a mess of broken links, guest names and deleted posts. With respect, apologies and Beer/Hops best wishes [love] Yob Exits (with an edit for typos)
  2. ditto brother[biggrin] [biggrin] [biggrin]
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    im not a post remover,,,cheers you all.[biggrin]
  4. I too see trolls under a bridge but I believe online a troll is someone who just presses the right buttons to get people fired up. Something of which both Ben and Running Buffalo did perfectly from what I saw. That Running Buffalo was a real piece of work. Nobody did anything wrong to him at all but he was into everyone regardless of whether they helped him previously or not. Total phsyco I reckon. yaaaaaay someone noticed....
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    promise i wont come back and be "inflammatry" but i will say this....my friends whether they be next door or on a computer...are my friends,,thats how "i roll" as the term is now.......if im to be banned from somwhere i fully expect the decency of a "boot you" email. i enjoy thid site very much but ill be damned if ill sit by and watch a troublemaker cause good people to be banned. Yes my good friends get abit abnoxiuos at times but hey...its a bloody beer site. Id lov e to see the end results of people drinking Coopers in Hindley street on a given nite.......get this forums sorted proffesionally or just close it...it aint rocket science....Coopers your wealthy lets not play the poor family route!!!(although the family side of it creates the loyalty...as it should) Sort your forum site out and get it run properly...its in your interest as far as i see it. Your a good company that many aussies will support...why spoil it now ? Cheers Ned We know weyre not an important part of your structure....but we have supported you for mant many years, cheerrs
  6. what about julia?????shes hot.....well she has her pics up at the Lifers Unit at Long Bay anyhow lol they're not really in the position to be fussy...and obviously they're not my point EXACTLY lol.......
  7. make sure you fill in the box what with....a dumpster???
  8. what about julia?????shes hot.....well she has her pics up at the Lifers Unit at Long Bay anyhow lol
  9. the one i saw was way better, might have been photo shopped but well shes got my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. see!!!!!!!!!site needs chat......as well as more orgainised site....biggest homebrew site in the world for heavens sake....would cut down most of the rubbish...only IMO
  11. invite sarah and he'll pitch his own i wont go down in history...sarah...thats another story Hey Nedster, i have an old email somewhere with a pic of Sarah and she aint a blonde old mate...will flick to ya if i can find it she will be blonde when im finished with her lol...or white
  12. hey!!! you nutters are BEHIND us....dont start....you sent us here to die and we prevail...and 11 hours in front of yas [biggrin]
  13. Indeedy, it's a shame that things got messed up like they did. I tried advocating for ned, yob and bill because all 3 were/are good for the forum. Just a shame that whoever it was ended up being an excellent troll and master baitsman. in my humble ignorant opinion it wasnt Ben that was the main offender......to me i took total offence at running buffalo and his comments,,,very very rude...if it was a pub id slap him silly....to me Ben is just a pedantic type of "look at me " type.....all good...bloody hell all iwanted to do is learn to make not so mega swill beer. Yes Bill and Yob are as far as im concerned good mates they say what they feel, say it howw they see it...that will do me.....and if we could look back on the deleted posts neither of those guys were crude or offensive...till the "precious ones" began their tirade....and NO IM NOY PISSED...JUST PISSED OFF. for heavens sake in other frorum ya muck up..1 days banished next one 2 days then member ship.....hewre its a email to say a post was deleted, then its banned but no correspondence entered into...not real proffessional...i just hope peeps gewt to read thgis before it al;l gets deleted...cheers all and more important i hope i can affoed typing lessons I think Ned would not have said it any differently. thanks John...appreciated
  14. invite sarah and he'll pitch his own i wont go down in history...sarah...thats another story
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