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  1. David, just a "heads up", if you're including a visit to Beerbelly they are not open on Sundays or Mondays.
  2. Yeah, have to agree there, although you would probably see more "Driven to Succeed " than "Driven to Mediocrity " signs out there. In reference to Jenny though, she is correct, brew is all of the things she said. Although I am a kits and bits brewer I enjoy the "science " that is involved in brewing. Also what different ingredients bring to a brew. I wouldn't say I am very adventurous with experimenting, but have tried raspberries in a porter and cardamom seeds in a pale ale. Both brews were good but I wouldn't drink them constantly. Glad you are enjoying your brewing hobby Jenny.
  3. Sounds a bit like me Muzz. Set the bar low enough to make it reachable!
  4. Amazing (although slightly disappointing) how things change. When we were kids our family had 2 cows, which we milked morning and night. Back then it was called "milk" not "raw" milk that it's called today. I am surprised you can buy "raw" milk. A farmer was taken to court a few years ago because he was "endangering public safety " selling milk that wasn't processed. We lived on it until I left home when I finished school. You could stand a knife up in the cream we separated off from the milk we didn't drink. It was nothing like the coloured water sold as cream today. People don't realise how much processing our food has gone through before they buy it.
  5. GregT5


    Good comeback David after that start.
  6. GregT5


    Bought a Cleveland Launcher XL. 10.5 degrees. Regular flex. The guy in the golf shop was going to sell me a Taylor Made Stealth until I told him the budget didn't stretch that far. This driver has reduced the rate of spin on my drives so hopefully will straighten up my fade/slice.
  7. GregT5


    An improvement of sorts today. Monthly medal so a stroke round. Coming to grips with the driver and 3 wood finally. I won't say I have it nailed but today was an improvement on recent weeks. Shot 89 nett 76, finished 16th out of 69 starters. Could easily have been 4 or 5 strokes better if I didn't totally misread 3 greens. A bit sad when we play each green twice. We have 9 greens and 18 tees. On the 8th green I didn't allow for the hole being right on a ridge that runs down the centre of the green but I did exactly the same 9 holes later from pretty much the same place. There's always next week. Handicap is still 13.1
  8. GregT5


    Kelsey, I notice you use your 3 wood off the tee a lot. Or is that just on the holes from the photos? I am still a bit erratic with mine but the last couple of holes last Saturday showed there is potential there, I just have to let the club do the work, not try and overhit it.
  9. I am guessing by the title of this thread that you are just starting out and you have got some bottles that are out of shape when you unpacked the contents of your brew kit. If they go into shape when they are filled (try with water) they should be fine to use. If that doesn't work give Coopers a call on their help line 1300 654 455. Their customer service is excellent, they should be able to solve your problem or replace the bottles. Always use warm to hot water to wash your PET bottles, never boiling water which will deform the bottles. Welcome to the forum and the hobby of homebrewing.
  10. Big news announced by Coopers this morning with a new visitor centre, microbrewery and whiskey distillery planned. Might be some interesting Recipes of the Month coming up.
  11. Christina, that is terribly sad news. I have enjoyed reading your posts and appreciated your insights and knowledge of brewing. Please look after yourself and I hope you can keep this condition at bay for a long time. Best wishes, Greg.
  12. GregT5


    I can sympathise with you Kelsey. Par comp yesterday, finished -3. Drove OK, 3wood crap, chipping crap, putting pretty good. 87 off the stick is only 1 over my handicap if it was a stroke round. There's always next week, when I find out which part of my game deserts me then.
  13. GregT5


    I have been using Chrome Soft & occasionally Srixon Q Star for a while now and find they have suited my game. I will give these Taylor Made ones a go for a while, a ball usually lasts a couple of months so I am stocked up until next year now.
  14. GregT5


    I was given a 2nd hand Taylor Made 3 wood to try. It has an "Arthritis" grip which is larger than standard. I actually found it comfortable to use. I agree, if the head towers over the ball I used to tend hit down on the ball and "chunk" it.
  15. GregT5


    Taylor Made Soft Response. I will admit I haven't looked at Taylor Made balls much in the past. It felt good off the club but it also felt like it "sprang" off the putter face too. I sent a few putts further past the hole than I was comfortable with. I use a yellow ball too and these balls are a matte yellow which just added another level of difference to the day. How's the leg going David, did you play this week?
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