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I will kick this one off Warren. This is one I made a little while ago and I am really enjoying this at the moment. It turned out a very nice beer.


I posted this previously when I was planning it but I changed the recipe slightly when I brewed it.


Grand Slamber Ale


1.5kg Liquid Light Malt Extract

1.5kg Liquid Amber Malt Extract

300g Dextrose

250g Pale Crystal Malt


20g Centennial @ 30 minutes

20g Amarillo @ 20 minutes

20g Amarillo @ 10 minutes

10g Centennial @ 10 minutes


US-05 Yeast

23 litres

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Here's two:


Big Island IPA

1.7Kg OS Real Ale


566g Amber Malt (liquid)

20g Cascade (30mins)

20g Nelson Sauvin (10 mins)

20g Cascade (dry hop)

28g Oak chips (dry @ ferment)

21L water


OG 1.056 FG 1.012 IBU 63


Golden Amber Ale

1.7Kg OS Draught

850g Canadian Blonde (1/2can)

275g Crystal 20L

566g Amber Malt (liquid)

10g Cascade (15mins)

10g Centenial (10mins)

10g Cascade (dry hop)

10g Centenial (dry hop)


23L water

OG 1.046 FG 1.012


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That IPA looks tasty Chad [love]


I am becoming a real fan of IPA's but they have to kick some butt in the taste department, some are very mellow, like the one i tasted from Western Australia the other night, if you going to do an IPA put some bloody hops in it, and i mean HOPS!!!.


I am going to do some oak chips soaked in wild turkey in the stout i am working on.

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That IPA looks tasty Chad [love]


This IPA turned out way better than I had hoped for. The Oak chips were an experiment that seemed to work out very well. They truly add another flavour profile to an already rich malty brew.


I have plans to put down another one coming up soon. This time I plan to add some crystal malt to improve the head retention and I may substitute the cascade for amarillo.[unsure] Soaking the chips in whiskey would add something I'm sure.[devil]

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Must add my latest.


Made a Wosiusco Ale formally Mt Selwyn Pale Ale.

Tried it at 3 weeks in the bottle, it is A1, but you will need to like Galaxy hops. But a very nice drink for such an early taste.




150 DEX







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Snags, the online calculator says 4.9% the other xls beer thingo says 3.7%. Guess its somewhere in between. But it sure taste good. [love] Could up the Dex a bit.


Chad did you make a 10L batch of Canadian Blond?[innocent]


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