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  1. Thanks titan. Weggl
  2. how does one post a photo in the members photo window? Weggl
  3. weggl


    Any body able to remind me on how too post a photo, been a long time and old codgers are prone to forget. Weggl
  4. Scotty see you wanted photo of the Budgie Smugglers, Sorry no Budgies the Budgie was too big. Weggl
  5. [bEER -O CLOCK, You might have success if you turn them over rather rapidly, I had no problem with ones i drank within a year. But ones that got past 1 1/2 years went flat. So if you want to age them go glass. Weggl
  6. 21-L water 6kg sugar, carbon, yeast clearing agent. Makes sugar wine 14%, into the Air Still out comes 6.6L of 40% Vodka. Then turn then into Whisky, Bourbon, Rum, or what you like. I'm glowing in the dark. Weggl
  7. He Muddy, I rescued the bottles bought 3, 5L PET kegs and gassed them as require. The beer had aged some 5 years some of the best beer I have ever tasted. some bottles i re-gased with sugar pills they came up ok, but will not leave then more than about 6 month in case the buggers go flat again. Weggl
  8. Don't use them. made about 500 bottles whithin 1 -1/2 years they were all flat. seems the PET leaks gas out through the bottle walls. Coopers should put a warning on the box about this FACT. Weggl Made 500 bottles the bugger all went flat so i'm on this forum just to have a chat the best bet is to stick with bottles made of glass as for PET you can shove them up you jumper
  9. weggl

    Hey Paul

    Thanks Paul, getting a little feeble minded, still can't remember how to post a photo. Weggl
  10. Scottie, actually my Whipper Snipper turned out better than the Lawn Mower, you see it runs on 2 stroke, bugger to start at times. Weggl
  11. Walon, maybe you have discovered a new way to stop infections?!!! The only drawback i see is that it may well kill yeast as well as bugs. Weggl
  12. weggl

    Hey Paul

    Beerlust, that link takes you to the Coopers home page. i was using Label Maker last week, but now it has disappeared with all my labels. The label Maker has lost a link.
  13. Wail on, Walon at least there will be no bugs in it! Weggl
  14. Dear Paul, could you please let us know where the Label Maker has gone?
  15. Hey Gag, I reckon you may well be right,5 years didn't think it was that long, just shows how fast time goes when your having fun. Weggl
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