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  1. No worries Bill. Not my forte either unfortunately. [pinched] It's hard finding certain tastes in a beer, and trying to emulate them without knowing how. Anyway, I'll see how I go I suppose, I sort of know what I want, I'll just have to experiment a bit. . .it's ended in a few flops already, but that's how we learn isn't it! Mick.
  2. Cheers Graham, I'll look into that! Mick.
  3. No ideas guys? Oh well. I might try the recipe as follows, and see how things go, after a bit of reading I've decided to ditch the essence and add puree instead. OS Stout 1.5kg Coopers Dark Malt Extract 300g Treacle 2kg mixed puree (maybe blackberry, cherry, plum) 250g Unsweetened Cocoa 25g Goldings Dry Hopped 21LTRS Pack yeast
  4. Hey guys, I have an OS Stout here that I'd like to do. I would like to bring in a fruity (think prune/plum etc) flavour to it, and also a toffee/caramel/brown sugar/molasses flavour. So whats the best way to go about achieving these flavours? I was thinking maybe OS Stout 1kg Dark Dry Malt ???g Caramel of some sort maybe 50ml of fruit essence? 25g Goldings/Fuggles Dry Hopped As you can see, I don't really know how to go about this, so would appreciate some guidance. Cheers, Mick.
  5. Honestly, I wouldn't stir it in just prior to bottling. Too much risk of causing infection, plus you are going to disturb all the sediment. Why not add it now, to give it time to mix through, it's not going to make much difference. Why do you want to add strawberry flavouring to Ginger beer anyway? Lemon would be more appropriate. It's going to be a very odd tasting brew. I very much doubt it would affect priming in any way if you chose to do it the way you want to. Cheers, Mick.
  6. Hey mate, I mixed it as follows. Light Dry Malt was swirled first with 2 litres of hot water, to dissolve. Then liquid malt, Honey and Draught goop were mixed in, and water topped up to 23L. I then sprinkled on yeast after taking O.G, covered with Glad Wrap and that's it. Two days later after krausen settled, I added 50g of Goldings Hops in a chux wipe (dunked a few times in a cup of boiling water) At present, the Honey taste is lovely, not overpowering, just seems to compliment the brew well. I suppose time in the bottle will tell how long the honey taste stays around, being my first brew using honey I don't really know what to expect. Cheers, Mick. What stage did you put your Honey in, and how much?
  7. The Draught kit is a bloody excellent base kit! And the honey is shining through beautifully so far in this brew. Can't recommend it enough, try it! This is also the first time I've used Goldings hops, and a first for using flowers aswell, and it really has taken on a fantastic taste and aroma! Can't wait to bottle and age this one!
  8. Wow, sounds like a funky blend there![unsure] Let us know how it turns out! Mick.
  9. Hey guys, Haven't brewed for a few months, and thought I'd throw together something a bit different. After a taste test today I think it's going to be a really nice drop. [joyful] Ingredients were; Coopers O.S Draught 500g Liquid Malt Extract 500g Light Dry Malt 400g Australian Grey Box Honey 50g Goldings Hops (flowers), dry hopped day 2. 2 packs ale yeast Mixed to 23L. Will be bottling on Friday.
  10. [pinched] Maybe, just maybe, Mark means that he also had a flat beer in his last bottled brew, due to possibly leaving out carb drops or a dodgy seal. . . but the rest have been fine so far. . .[joyful] Well, thats how I interpreted what was written. . [rightful]
  11. Gunna give this a whirl.[joyful] "RIPA" 1.7kg Thomas Coopers IPA 500g Light Dry Malt 250g Crystal Malt 50g Roasted Barley 10g Fuggles (10 min) 10g Goldings (10 min) 25g Chinook (dry hop) Fermentis S-04? This will be my first attempt at an IPA/Red, so I'm interested to try this out. . . Am I on the right track? [pinched] [lol]
  12. Nice, I might actually try 500g dry wheat malt and 500g light dry malt myself, and might put two brews down, one with Cascade and Nelson, and one with Citra and Amarillo (you've got me curious. . .[lol] )
  13. Yeah it looks good mate! I'd like a few mid-strengths myself though, so I'll see how it goes at 23L. What would you vary if you're happy with the blend of hops? The tin of goop or your fermentables? Cheers, Mick.
  14. Yeah, Merry Christmas to all, and have a great New Year!!! Been great getting to know all the regulars, and the knowledge you guys have shared with me is priceless, and greatly appreciated. I'd love to tip a few down with you if the opportunity arose. Maybe a get-together could be arranged some time next year. . .? [joyful] Cheers to all, have a good one! Mick.
  15. I'm going to try a variation of your recipe Tony, as I like the look of it. . .[joyful] 1.7 Traditional Draught 500g Dry wheat malt 250g Light dry malt 23 litres US-05 yeast Dry hop with 25g Cascade and 25g Citra.
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