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  1. Thanks for the welcome mate!! no nothing too serious here' date=' nothing to do with the forum at least. My neighbour across the road is still full on brewing, his setup is huge now, in hindsight i am glad i didn't get that big, although my plans were to head that way, he brews all day on his brew day and cant leave home when hes setup, makes nice beer though [img']love[/img]. I am too active to sit around here all day watching the beer cook
  2. Hi all what happened? time lol i havent had time to build guitars, go metal detecting, brew beer and work in a high stress job, so the easiest thing to do was stop brewing, and just buy designer beers, mainly I.P.A, more hops the better these days. The brewing bug is starting to get to me again, i have changed my job in the last 2 months to a more relaxed one and still have my kit except i ditched all those horrible coppers plastic bottles. Might start a brew soon, anyway, i will go have a read at what people are up to, and get to some brewing ideas for myself. I don't know who's around from the old days, it was a lot of fun back then, hopefully i can get some good ideas, once i get back to brewing. cheers
  3. My Ceveza no hops Used Rice malt and honey Infused with some lime zest (like a dry hop) went down a treat at my Xmas party, guests drank the lot [annoyed]
  4. Great drink, really stands out, very happy with the result 2nd best beer i have brewed in the last 12 months the best being my grand final stout whicj i had the last bottle of yesterday.
  5. IPA for sure, its what i am drinking now and its [love] I wouldnt put citra in a cerveza, actually i dont hop my Cerveza i use Lime zest
  6. Kill the dex replace with malt [biggrin]
  7. Left this brew in the FV for 3 weeks instead of my usual 2, didnt even look at it, and my trial taste out of the test tube? meant i had to do another trial taste out of the test tube, this is yuuuum. OG 1.065 FG 1.030 = approx 5.5% in the bottle This will become a staple base recipe for me [love] Cant wait to get some age in the bottles.. Things i should of done? only thing i can think of was use 2 sachets of yeast but as i said left it to its own devices for 3 weeks straight, gave me a much cleaner beer.
  8. +1 Tony A great combination these two [love] . Mine involved a 7 & 5 minute boil but I suspect the result is very similar. It's one month bottled, sampled one tonight and just had to have another. Thanks for the idea Tony. Glad it cam off as i really liked it as well. I will do a 12volt when i get home from SOuth Aussie
  9. Happy B'day Bill [biggrin] I am busy getting ready for my holidays in March to South Australia, getting the camper ready etc, so would of missed this other than for a quick forum check. All the best!!
  10. I only did one brew without the bag and i had a clogged tap then was spitting out Nelson Sauvin particles in all my brews, since then i always use a bag thrown in before i top my brew up.
  11. Hi Adam i dont usually make too many Porters, i usually go the next step and make a big thick stout but i am using the Porters as a recipe base and trying a few things from left field. I am going to do a basic London Porter using (havent worked out my measurements yet) Pale malt Amber Malt Dark Malt It going to work out about 4kg of unhopped LME in differing measurements Addition of Fuggles and or Goldings Hops, majority to the boil a little dry hopped. Its derived from a recipe from the early 1800's but i intend to twist it around a bit.
  12. After a few homebrews i am usually a bit gruited, is this similar? [pinched]
  13. This brew has turned out nice even though its still green. In future in Porters and Stouts i will stick to my Fuggles and or goldings, having said that the Citra twang is nice but i prefer it in an IPA. Happy that i used the Munich in the brew, adds a nice character to the malt taste and goes down smooth, the colour is a dark amber. May try a Coopers Dark with the Munich and use fuggles/Goldings and the Nottingham again, should put me in the ball park for a nice Porter.
  14. I usually prim a bottle 700mm + with a teaspoon measure of dex Porters and Stouts i do 3/4 teaspoon of dex. I dont bulk prime but may down the track if i start doing a secondary fermenter
  15. OG 1.056 FG 1.016 = 5.75% Bottled Taste is quite nice but needs some time to mature.
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