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ben 10

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6 hours ago, beach_life said:

Hi all, any reason not to buy this? >> https://www.kegland.com.au/products/brewzilla-65l-gen-4

My advice to you is to upgrade the pump  from  the6 watt to the 25watt i,  the pump whats in it  is the same in the 35l  which is only 6watts

the 65l is upgradable to the 25watt pump  and the pump is easily changed over.

this is the 100l pump  

(Green Demon) 13mm Barbed 25 Watt High Temperature Magnetic Drive Pump (220-240v) - KegLand

2  get the heat exchanger plate shown in the image below

65L BrewZilla Gen 4 - Heat Exchanger Dish (HED) - KegLand

the heat exchange plate is meant to keep the temps hold better when recirculating

the only thing you may find  when filling a fermenter is you could run the pump dry  due to vortexing  but with the falsebottom in place and the heat exchanger in place vortexing should not be a concern.

i dont officially have the 65l one but have its little brother  

you will enjoy it 

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1 hour ago, beach_life said:

Thanks, I will go with your advice.....

Appreciate it

if you can afford to get the bluetooth thermometer if it is in Stock  you can bluetooth it to the brewzilla   and use it to get the temp  from the top of the grain bed as well  and the temp will show  on the   bz screen panel  and i also think it will show on the rapt portal


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