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Big Mistake? Mucking around with recipes

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Should have asked the questions before I started the brews, but too late now, but your opinions are highly appreciated.

Wifey went overseas on  the weekend and I thought I quickly pump out a few extract kit recipes before the Brewzilla comes out of the box, to quickly build up some stock. Bottled the Cali Coast IPA and the Lost City Brown Ale and inspired by my highly enjoyable consumption of some Cooper's Extra Stout and Dark Ale I thought I give them a go. Comparing prices on the net I discovered that Dan Murphy's member prices are far superior to anyone else. Unfortunately they don't sell the Liquid Malt Extract so I tweaked the recipes:

  • Dark Ale:   1 can Cooper's Dark Ale
  •                   Kit yeast and one Mr.Beer Ale yeast
  •                  1 kg Brew enhancer 3
  •                500gr Brew enhancer 1
  •                200gr Dextrose                  And I plan to dry hop it with some East Kent Golding I had in the freezer, around 20gr
  • Volume:                                OG: 1053                                            THOUGHTS?


  • Stout:      1 can Cooper's Stout
  •                Kit yeast and one Mr. Beer Ale yeast
  •                1kg Light Dry Malt Extract
  •                500gr Brew enhancer 1
  •                200gr Dextrose
  •                  80ml of Cachaca, aged for 2 years in French Oak and Brazilian Amburana Wood. QUESTION: should I have waited till first fermentation finished with this addition, did the alcohol kill the yeast?
  • Volume: 19.5l                        OG: 1056

Both the stout and dark ale where made on the same day. The Dark ale is still going off since Sunday, the Stouts' airlock only bubbled for one day

And for my third fermenter I wanted to brew ROTM The Dark Monk (did anyone try it?) to get the ingredients I rushed Monday after work to my local Brew Shop in Marrickville but they close Mondays at 2 pm. So back to Dan to get some stuff

  • Cooper's Pale Ale:  1 can Cooper's Australian Pale Ale
  •                                Kit yeast plus packet of same yeast
  •                               1 kg Brew enhancer 2
  •                              500gr Dextrose
  •        And I plan to dry hop it with some East Kent Golding, 20 grams?
  •  Volume: 23l                           OG: 1044



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9 hours ago, DavidM said:

The Dark sounds fine

The Pale might be a bit sweet but still very drinkable

The Stout: I don't know what the added "Cachaca" will do to the Brew..

I was after the alcoholic wood flavor. Amburana in  beer is delicious, had it in Brasil and here, made by Otherside Brewing Co. in Fremantle. Just worried that I added the 40%Alc too early, killing or inhibiting the yeast



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