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Tim Tam beer challenge


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Hi Guys

I've had a challenge put to me to make a brew which tastes similar to Tim Tam, I'm pretty new to this and have received help from the lovely people at coopers and here.

I have made a few straight brews and quiet a few "this could work" brews.


Any suggestions on chocolate biscuity taste from specific malts etc ?


thanks Michael


so much fun this brewing

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You could try something like this....


Coopers English bitter

1kg DDM

100g Wheat chocolate malt, stepped

200g Choc malt, steeped

200g medium crystal



Maybe some Fuggles or EKG at 5 or 10 minutes for an added touch.


I reckon a Tim Tam beer would be good primed at a low volume with Nitrogen/Co2.


Anyhow it is good to think outside the square.

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I just put down a brew today that I wanted along very similar lines to what you're after.


Coopers Dark Ale

1kg DDM Extract

100g Briess Victory Malt, 30 min steep

150g Thomas Fawcett Pale Choc Malt, 30 min steep

100g Weyermann Rye Caramel Malt, 30 min steep

200g Medium Crystal

25g EKG @ 5 min



Smells fantastic.[love] See how it goes I suppose. . .


Cheers, Mick.

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