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K-97 Yeast Ideas for further brews

Red devil 44

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13 hours ago, Shamus O'Sean said:

Hey RD44, I know you are more of an all grain brewer, but some Coopers recipes that you could draw some inspiration from are:

In summary, something with citrus additions is what I suggest.

Cheers @Shamus O'Sean, I’ll have a look at those recipes 👍

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On 12/12/2023 at 4:05 PM, Red devil 44 said:

Hi brewers, I have a K-97 yeast slurry I just collected from my Kolsch All Grain fermenter.

Just looking at ideas for further brews with this slurry, any ideas welcome. 

Cheers RD 

Made an Altbier years ago with K97. Came out pretty good. Another option for you 🙂

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