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Swooping Season Brown Ale - September 2022 Recipe of the Month

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16 hours ago, PaulS36 said:

Hi all,

When adding the hops , just throw them in loose or bag them?

And do go into the fermenter too?


Hey Paul, Welcome to the forum.

The Cascade hops in the boil should not go into the fermenter.  So either bag them for the 5 minute boil or add them loose, but strain the cooled liquid into the fermenter.

@Coopers DIY Beer Team, Frank, perhaps revise the recipe instructions to show:

  • Add the Thomas Coopers Innkeeper’s Daughter Sparkling Ale, Amber Malt Extract, Light Dry Malt and the strained cooled liquid to the fermenting vessel (FV) then stir to dissolve. Don’t be concerned if lumps of Light Dry Malt persist as they will dissolve over the course of several hours.
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