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Brauhaus Fritz

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18 minutes ago, Brauhaus Fritz said:

Bummer, missed out on the recipe of the month. The e-mail ended up in my spam folder

you should be able to mark it as not junk in future    and maybe  make a designated folder for  stuff like this moving forward so you dont miss out  and having everything like the coopers rotm sent to a coopers folder


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I was talking about the release date months ago on here and we came to the conclusion that it comes out on the second Tuesday of the month, but I've noticed since then if the first Tuesday is late enough (5th or so) they will drop it then. It really makes it difficult to set a reminder for. With my reminder I will often have bought the ROTM two to three hours before the email arrive. I've only missed one ROTM in the last six months or so. But it shouldn't be this difficult.

Hey @Coopers DIY Beer Team can this be raised with the people who release the ROTM packs so we can get some consistency on release date?

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