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Reschs Dinner Ale clone?

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Good mate of mine brought a case of Reschs  Dinner Ale and shared a few cans with me ...& it was delicious. It was like drinking a piece of 1970's Australiana.


Any ideas about replicating this brew would be grand. (I am k&k brewing too)

I was thinking something of the effect of:

1.7kg of blue mountains lager kit

1.5 kg of lme. 

500gs of dlme. 

200gs of carapills 

20gs of Hallertau m.f (at 15mins)



... but no doubt you forum brewers will get a lot closer then me.

Thanks in advance. 


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@Bribie G posted the following (he knows his aussie swill)


I'd start with a tin of a pale and lightly hopped Coopers and build on that: 

1 tin Coopers Lager original series
1.2 kg White sugar
1 teaspoon Parisian Essence. 
A Pride of Ringwood hop finishing tea bag (from ESB if you are in Sydney).

Make up kit as usual and pop in the teabag and the Parisian essence at the same time as you pitch the yeast.

If you have temperature control and can keep the brew under 15 degrees then use a dry lager yeast such as s-23 for 10 days then lager as cold as possible for 10 days. 

Otherwise ferment with Nottingham Ale yeast that will give you that dryness, but watch out for foaming. 

 and this bloke's book will give you an idea https://www.lulu.com/spotlight/prsymons/

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41 minutes ago, interceptor said:

It's legit if it comes from Bribie

+1 for that, it’s his fault I fell down the AG rabbit hole🤣

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On 5/26/2022 at 7:55 PM, Ocean's of Ale- said:

"Parisian Essence " ?? @interceptor mate, what sort of beer's are you drinking???

Thats total diybeer that, haha...


Parisian essence is simply caramel colouring. If you are interested in UK beers for example, it was the mainstay of coloured ales, especially in Scotland. A similar product is still used in many Australian beers - for example VB and Melbourne Bitter are brewed as "bitter" then the stream is split in two and "dressed" by the addition of different hop extracts , and the slight difference in colour between VB and MB is achieved with a touch of caramel - however at Abbotsford I doubt that they send a runner out to Coles to the Cake ingredients section for a bottle!!

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The Parisian essence is difficult to get these days. When I was in my failed quest to find a good old school Resch's clone and was making loads of historical recipes from Pete Symon's books I could not get it as it was a discontinued item at both big supermarket chains.   So I tried Black colouring and it turned the beer green. 

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