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  1. Hmmmm 75 ibu and 8.5% Can taste the booze. It's goooooood
  2. That one looks like cream, I think it is not white
  3. I wrote 2000 words of a 2500 word essay today and submitted it..... I am done... Pacific Saison.... saisony, and pacificy 6% and 39 ibu, Galaxy and Enigma....
  4. Looks great but did you not see the dead fly????
  5. Hoppy Saison. beersmith says 8% and 70 ibu. dunno about that. nice drink though
  6. Hoppy amber. It's amber... and guess what? Hoppy. 5.5%, 35 ibu, Mosaic apparently... smells like it
  7. Nice. I like 1g per litre. I still have in my head a staminade clone (boozy of course)
  8. Looks great MitchYABastard. How much salt? What was the eff gee?
  9. Beer. It's a "craft" lager. That means it doesn't need to be clear. Whatever. It's clean, dry and crisp. I like it. Cluster for bittering. M54 yeast because I am lazy. 5% and 28 ibu
  10. And a massive amount of active enzymes to convert the second mash
  11. So.... I had a read and may try and ruin my day sometime with a turbid mash. Can you post a pic of yours before it ferments please. Will yours be murky enough?????
  12. I heated water overnight, did an all day mash and boiled when I got home from a 12 hour shift. Made a great stout.
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