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  1. I have 2 stainless steel ones that just sit in a corner of the lounge
  2. Hmm, 2 hours flight for the above drive
  3. I drove 1800 kms and remained in the same state. Just around the corner for you?
  4. Nice one, thanks for the update... Pacific Ale... so good...
  5. No gluten in rice. It's a simple sugar when mashed, like corn
  6. Salami - home made - and mushroom pizza
  7. I'll still try and remember to post you one, should be done soon.
  8. I have only had alcohol taste in my RIS - and at 11% + it is actually oart of the style
  9. I thought you only ate greek salad with your steak? wow. just wow. You make that?
  10. I was well above that Works though I shook it like a cocktail shaker
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