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  1. I'll drop in tomorrow for lunch while the brisket is cooking Yes, the butcher is great
  2. Yes, been a while. That was well priced too, $60
  3. Cluster lager again. Pale, carapils, cluster, M54 Clean and crisp.
  4. Today was lamb leg vindaloo. Tomorrow is https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/spice-rubs-and-pastes/big-bad-beef-rub-recipe/ with home grown pepper
  5. Yum. Carpaccio but not. and that too.
  6. cheers! I'll need to buy another stainless FV and give it a go sometime, ,love my Flanders and Berliner too much to give them up!
  7. Yes they will. I bulk buy hops and use what I have. Buying a pack, use what you have, apart from the rubbish yeast, Similar profiles.....
  8. good venue that one... great beers too, I love the gaytime stout. the Coopers one is a cracker, as it Southwark's
  9. Nice one mate! Look forward to seeing how it is when it is ready.
  10. It's about as interesting as slamming your nuts in a drawer. Perle is not overly great either. You could just use PoR if you have some mate
  11. @Bribie G posted the following (he knows his aussie swill) and this bloke's book will give you an idea https://www.lulu.com/spotlight/prsymons/
  12. Had beers at Soapbox and Felons on Friday.... The went out and partied until 3 am.... go BRISSY!!!
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