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  1. Nice work mate well done that’s a great achievement
  2. Cooked just under 6 hours and rested for probably 2 1/2 hours wrapped in esky.
  3. Did a Brisket on the Weber today smoked with Apple wood really nice. I used a supermarket brisket for the first try in case I stuffed it. Turned out really nice and juicy, wife wants another one tomorrow yes!!!
  4. Pretty sure the server went down for 20minutes after you posted that
  5. Yeah not too bad thanks a head cold at this stage hopefully it buggers off! Had some fruit shakes today for vitamin c so hopefully that helps!
  6. Sitiva IPA a new hop blend with a bit of Columbus for bittering really nice. I get lime and maybe tropical fruit but definitely lime. Been in the keg for a month and has improved with time blending nicely. Took it to a barbecue the other night and it was very well received, with one person (younger person) saying he would pay money for this so pretty happy with that
  7. Tried my Captain Responsible Session Pale Ale tonight which is pretty much Hoppy Days brew supplies recipe with a couple of tweaks. Pretty good actually at 3.7% was shooting for 3.5 but harvested yeast attenuated a bit more than anticipated. Has a nice little citrus aroma and very easy to drink Been in the keg for 3days can’t wait to see what it tastes like in a few weeks.
  8. Sure it will I have some of that yeast in the fridge I eagerly await your results. Will be my next brew I think
  9. Now that’s a frothy as Billy Brownless would say!
  10. It’s cold, I’ve got a cold taking my medicine, Baltic Porter it is
  11. It does, I did a Baltic Porter with the yeast cake, it’s like a giant starter and smashed the brew. All I did was replace the tap with a clean one. I did a Pilsner first then the Porter with 34/70 About to have one shortly cheers
  12. You put a rub on first then indirect cook so oven or Weber etc at 135degrees till it’s internal temp is 56ish degrees then rest for 15minutes then as my dad says heat your pan/barbecue to a cherry red (joking) to a high heat minute each side and eat immediately as it’s already had its rest. You do it with a thick cut steak like tomahawk/rib eye etc it’s seals the juices and was devine
  13. My first attempt at a reverse searing a rib eye steak . I am now a fan it was so juicy. I just did it in the oven with a temperature prob and fry pan 1 min each side after resting for 15 minutes with a Texas rub. Can’t wait to try it on the Weber with some smoke
  14. I made a Baltic Porter with a lager w34/70 yeast cake, turned out really nice and that was around 1078OG.
  15. I use it every year I in my Stouts and Porters which it has been really nice. I used it in an imperial stout also using the yeast cake and it demolished it. I think I ferment at 20 or 21 and had no probs.
  16. Mine I was looking at the rollers when adjusting and obviously turned the dials upside down without realising and then the grain stopped feeding through. Stuffed my day up and didn’t have time to do my brew day as a result.
  17. Hey sorry only just saw your post I had the same issue you need to make sure the lines on the adjustment knobs are pointing upwards as in so they are visible against the width numbers/scale on the mill. I nearly threw my mill over the back fence as it wouldn’t take the grain through I was like wtf, then I realised the lines on the dial were pointing down and not visible. Hope that makes sense. If you can’t see the lines they are up the wrong way. Hope that helps and is the cause. When the dial was upside down only one roller would turn as well as soon as the dial was pointing in the right direction boom the grains went through and started crushing again with both rollers spinning.
  18. That looks awesome rye with Caraaroma will have a nice touch of spice and a bit of roast/caramel combined with the three whirlpool hops can’t wait to hear how it goes? I have some rye and Caraaroma left over so might try something like that as well.
  19. That was Bunnings there are other options but I just grabbed the cheap one in case it was a one barbie wonder but I think I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole
  20. It should be fine just try not to splash when you put the hops in.
  21. Yes mate works really well couple of fire lighters at the bottom they catch fire then you tip them in. That’s just a cheap one for $9 and so far it works really well.
  22. Both good hops it will taste awesome!
  23. I just used Enigma and Galaxy 2:1 really nice hope it turns out It’s been my quickest keg to empty yet
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