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  1. Boom keg gone! Nearly got a full glass. This is a great Caffreys clone and very clear!
  2. You’ve mentioned before you’d rather watch your grass grow that could be four??
  3. Me too some of them probably should be in the museum though they are so heavy and thick. I dropped one on the tiles about 5years ago🫣 as it went down like a brick and tile glider I was heading for the broom to clean up the smashed glass. But to my amazement it landed on the bottle opening/mouth part of the bottle and bounced about four times leaving a perfect half round chip in the tiles. If it was a crime show it would of been a perfect fracture fit and I’d be in jail. Dad mentioned the other day he has more crates of bottles if I need any more. He’s had them for well over forty years, so who knows how old they are.
  4. Well last one was really nice so making another raspberry sour as requested! I’ve done a full volume mash whilst watching the western derby and sipping a few Munich Dunkels!
  5. I had a Stout at 12months that was awesome when I was bottling, don’t think that will ever happen again kegs are too big to lose 🫣
  6. It appears your oven has gone full scramjet mode which you’ve pushed well over Mach Ten! (Can you tell I’ve finally watched topgun) Was the ejector seat propelled by festive nitro gas canisters on standby???
  7. Smoked Porter it’s 3 years old this month and it still tastes good found it in the cupboard My neighbours over and we worked up the courage to try it. It’s past it’s best but it’s still good can’t believe it and still has a Smokey taste.
  8. Yeah he’s starting to show off a bit now, it’s ok I’ll counteract with a couple more xxxx’s under the hood!
  9. Let it chill and pitch it the next day when at ferment temp!
  10. First pour of the Munich Dunkel. This a great beer so moreish! I kegged 16-17 litres for my mate and put about 5litres in my small keg. I think he will be happy
  11. 2 and a half hours in the oven at 160c turned out nice
  12. This is what is in my fridge two xxxx golds which assist with fermentation stability! About 5 years old now. I avoid commercial beer at all costs unless I want brew it so I know what I will get roughly!
  13. Drill and brush doesn’t get much easier IMO better than stuffing around with cleaning chemicals/soaking etc other than a rinse with starsan!
  14. Beer and Thyme beef cheek stew, these turned out amazing love how they gelatinise?? One of favourite cuts
  15. +1 to Shamus definitely boil and just cool it down with ice bricks in your sink then pitch. I use an Erlenmeyer flask it’s much easier you don’t have to worry about sanitising another vessel just boil in the flask cool it in the sink and pitch in the flask covered with foil! If you don’t have a stir plate just give it gentle shake/swirl to stir the yeast into suspension when you walk past it! Make sure you give it a good swirl after pitching to get some oxygen into the starter!
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