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  1. Although not recommended practice if everything is sanitised properly it will probably be fine is there anyone that can pitch it earlier whilst you’re away?
  2. Also the grain bill when I use US05 with a standard grain bill I get a good Krausen nearly around an inch but I have one of my brews with oats, flaked barley and flaked wheat there is no krausen at all.
  3. I have used it as a first bittering addition 60minutes only a small amount with large late and whirlpool additions it was nice but it’s not a bitter beer which probably doesn’t help your question my wife loves it especially the aroma
  4. That is one of the greatest movies of all time some classic one liners!
  5. Shouldn’t you be in bed by now then I could of said mintox I spose
  6. I took about a third out and drained it then slowly brought it to the boil for 15minutes I stirred it the whole time as I was petrified of burning it I then mashed for another half hour and then sparged can’t tell you if it made a huge difference but it made a nice I had mashed an hour before The decoction as I had to take the kids to school.
  7. Just used two table spoons of citric acid and two litres of water boiled it in my brewtech pot left it for 15 minutes to remove the crap off the bottom and it’s like brand new it peeled off so easily thought my pot was going to be discoloured forever. Wish I had taken a before shot I think it was Ottos idea so if anyone had the same issue It was so easy
  8. Oh yeah I didn’t think of that I do a sparge so have a smaller mash volume so didn’t have that problem with needing to go too deep to get the grains. I did the decoction cause I didn’t have the same grain bill as what you use and was worried about the flavour lacking but it’s great anyway
  9. I just scooped it out with a metal strainer worked great It was a good work out as I was scared of burning the grains one arms bigger than the other now from stirring just like Nadal, ok maybe nothing like Nadal
  10. Cheers it’s just so clean and fresh I would be interested to try a IPA or Pale Ale with the rainwater to see if it’s makes a difference for 37ibu it’s very well balanced. Can anyone tell me why you don’t get tannins etc when decoction mashing??
  11. Hi guys just trying my bohemian Pilsner for the first time this beer is amazing it’s 95% Weyermann Pilsner malt and 5% Cara-Pils, I mashed at 66 and did a single decoction mash it was the clearest mash I have done I assume cause the Pilsner malt. I used S23 yeast heard people bagging it but it tastes great. I started it at 18 degrees dropped to 11.5 after 24hrs due to no starter one packet of yeast used. I let it come back to 22 when the fg hit 1018. Left it there till it finished at 1007 and cold crashed for a week used finings but to be honest probably didn’t need it. I did a 90 minute boil with 60 min bittering addition with perle and then 30min 50g Saaz and 5min again 50g Saaz for 37IBU. I also used rain water which could be another reason for the clear mash etc Not a big lager fan but this tastes awesome and I haven’t even lagered it yet. Thanks to everyone for the general information on here especially @Otto Von Blotto .
  12. I saw one guy on Instagram who carbed his bottles with sour lollies and another carbed his keg with sour lollies but said it was a pain in the butt to clean out they said it worked well.
  13. I have so many beers I want to make this being one of them your convincing me to move it up the list
  14. I just did a hazy session IPA with oats, flakes barley etc cold crashed it and it’s one of the clearest beers I have made. I made it before without the cold crash and without the filtered water it was hazy and probably tasted better too might have to do more research into water. It still tastes good but not as hoppy.
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