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  1. Hi Ally, I have used W34/70 one pack to ferment a SG 1047 Pilsner where I started the fermentation at 18degrees for the first 24hrs (yeast growth period) until it was cranking and dropped it to 12 degrees and followed Ottos temp regime after that turned out great. I think the start at 18 was Ottos idea as well I done it S23 as well was a cracking Saved on doing a starter and also money on extra yeast cheers
  2. I partially froze a bottle of brown porter once it actually tasted alright bit like an iced coffee
  3. At 54 bucks no worries lucky I liked them they are fresh too
  4. I have never used the tube you couldn’t squeeze it if take your hops out at the end unless you open it I spose and push out last bit of beer with a sanitized spoon but be careful not to oxygenate by splashing I use the bags and have been happy so far.
  5. Yeah I agree but when I initially used the bearings I thought stainless was stainless but i did some research and there is different grades and these ones were just rusty after 4 days I doubt they were stainless they stained the bag so beware eBay ball bearings. So I went marine grade after that
  6. For dry hopping I put mine in the bags you described with my stainless rings to weigh it down I boil the bag with the rings inside for 15 minutes (without hops) prior to use others use chux wrapped up with a zip tie or tied with a strip of chux I haven’t tried that and some go commando. If you use the bag or tea balls make sure they are big enough so the hops can expand. I used the tea ball the first time without issue but use more hops now so it wasn’t big enough
  7. Nuts and bolts area I think
  8. Don’t use ball bearings from eBay unless you can be sure they are definitely stainless (Chinese pretend stainless) as I tried that and they rusted luckily mine was an experiment with a Woolworths beer tin I threw it out not a huge deal. That’s when I did some research and went to Bunnings and bought Marine grade stainless steel rings which are smooth.
  9. About 5cm diameter approximately
  10. Gave my dad a glass could smell it from a meter away was thinking of making a stone and wood clone with vic secret instead of galaxy
  11. I made a Vic IPA aroma was outstanding
  12. I got a kg of Vic secret from grain and grape as well awesome hops also very fresh got them during the Father’s Day sale
  13. I use marine grade stainless steel rings from Bunnings work well as all smooth. Tried marbles but had some shatter due to temperature swing so decided on ball bearings but were Chinese crap and rusted so went for marine grade stainless after that as they don’t rust, don’t shatter and easy to sanitise
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