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  1. RDT2

    Thick krausen hangin about

    Mine was US05 as well still turned out fine
  2. RDT2

    Thick krausen hangin about

    Same as me just give it a gentle bash with your hand and give it a Little Rock and it should fall. Just don’t use a hammer 🤣
  3. RDT2

    Flat Beer

    Why did you dump it, infected, didn’t carbonate?
  4. RDT2

    Lemon Zest Weizen

    I have only done orange zest once in a witbier and now in a pale ale which is cold crashing tastes good so far. As for lemon zest I don’t know. I had a sniff around on the net one guy said if you to really want to taste the lemon use the zest of two if you want to play safe use one and put it in with ten minutes left of the boil I just put mine in my hop spider I don’t know if you are doing all grain or not though.
  5. RDT2

    Scum ring and cleaning

    You mentioned citric acid the other day and I have had a container of citric acid in the pantry for a few years never used it thought I would try it on my pot and do you think I can find it🤬 I would see it all the time prior to that🤣
  6. RDT2


    I third it then cause Otto and Captain said 🤣
  7. RDT2

    My first AG brew

    I don’t know if you have ordered grains from there before but best to email them what you want in advance if you have disregard my post cheers
  8. RDT2

    My first AG brew

    Good luck mate take your time maybe sit down and make a checklist before you start because you will forget to do something like add a whirfloc tablet or something like that, cause you get so excited well I do anyway. Take detailed notes so you know what you did so you can improve next time or if it’s awesome you won’t second guess what you did when you make it again. Looks tasty love Citra and mosaic
  9. RDT2

    Off flavours

    Maybe buy a cheap filter or buy some bottled water from Woolworths. Might be a little expensive but try it for one batch and see what happens, it will tell you if it’s chlorine or not. I doubt it would be the yeast, I love US05 I’ve used it with filtered and non filtered water with no probes and can smell chlorine in the shower here.
  10. RDT2


    How big big were you intending your batches to be?
  11. RDT2


    I agree go for at least 40 litres you won’t regret it I nearly had a boil over on Friday trying to do too many things at once I was making a 23 litre batch it just makes it easier and gives you margin for error. If I had a 35 litre I would of had a big mess.
  12. RDT2

    Gravities finishing high

    Cheers Hairy I was thinking more Mini Mash but he just steeped a few grains and the first one he didn’t steep any at all so I need to read slower .
  13. RDT2

    Gravities finishing high

    What temp are you steeping at as this would also affect how low it would ferment, as this could also be a contributor and how many grains and what type apologies if it has been said already correct me if I am wrong
  14. RDT2

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    I am so at one with computers I thought if I use the computer it would be easier to add the recipe not realising it would go outside the margins 🤬
  15. RDT2

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Good evening I had a brew day today and put down a American Pale Ale as below all good no issues other than the weather I finished two points lower than calculated but no big deal. The orange zest created a nice aroma and the only change I made was the first hop addition I substituted Magnum for the Cascade. It's now in the fermenter with re-harvested US05 yeast at 19 degrees Cheers HOX Style: American Pale Ale OG: 1.054 Type: All Grain FG: 1.015 Rating: 0.0 ABV: 5.14 % Calories: 178.92 IBU's: 30.75 Efficiency: 78.00 % Boil Size: 30.00 L Color: 10.2 SRM Batch Size: 23.00 L Preboil OG: 1.042 Boil Time: 60 minutes Carbs: 14 Grains & Adjuncts Amount Percentage Name Time Gravity 3.80 kg 73.64 % Coopers Schooner Malt 60 mins 1.038 935.00 g 18.12 % Briess Vienna Malt 60 mins 1.036 425.00 g 8.24 % Joe White Crystal 60 mins 1.034 Hops Amount IBU's Name Time AA % 28.00 g 16.63 Cascade 60 mins 5.50 28.00 g 10.08 Cascade 20 mins 5.50 28.00 g 3.32 Cascade 5 mins 5.50 28.00 g 0.72 Cascade 1 mins 5.50 0.00 g 0.00 Cascade 5 days 5.50 Yeasts Amount Name Laboratory / ID 1 dry pkgs Ale Yeast Coopers 0 Additions Amount Name Time Stage 28.00 g Coriander Seed 10 mins Boil 56.00 g Orange Peel, Sweet 10 mins Boil 0.50 each Whirlfloc Tablet 10 mins Boil