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  1. I have used Amarillo for flavour and Nelson For aroma one of my favourites
  2. Mine sink initially then float after a few hours, just surfacing I seem to be getting plenty of aroma so all good
  3. Just a query Lusty wouldn’t this depend on what temp you are dry hopping if you dry hop at say 20degrees I have found the hops float and yes there is plenty of room in the bag. But when I have cold crashed the hops sink.(obviously reason for cold crash) So if someone didn’t have the means to cold crash they may need weights which I have used stainless steel rings (easy to clean no corners or crevices for bad crap to hide) from Bunnings don’t use cheap bearings from China/ ebay they rust and marbles be careful if sterilising by boiling cause they can shatter if the heat change is too rapid. cheers
  4. I had to use Wb06 thanks to Covid the liquid yeast didn’t arrive when they said it would I had the wort ready to go but the liquid yeast didn’t arrive it’s ok tastes good just be more organised next time.
  5. I am jealous wish I had nitro for stouts
  6. In bottles mate I think I will try the Whitelabs WLP300 next time not unhappy with the beer just wanted to get the banana clove aroma/taste.
  7. Brew day today Victoria Secret Pacific Ale as below everything went fine other than the grain bag split not a big drama one less thing to clean and efficiency was down a little. Smelt pretty nice
  8. I brewed one nearly two years ago with brew enhancer 3 and the kit yeast my notes said it was nice and I did enjoy it for a simple beer. It will definitely be better than the lager. Welcome to the forum by the way.
  9. I do the same as you Hairy and I mash while I take the kids to school
  10. He is actually quite talented can sing play every instrument under the sun and got me into all grain surprisingly. His best moment was cooling his keg in the snow near his back door that was gold. He does waffle on though. i enjoy the home brew challenge makes a good vid and enjoy the ones that taste the beer at the end like claw hammer also but they’ve gone a bit weird during Covid19.
  11. Trying my AG Hefeweizen tonight nice beer pretty easy to drink not sure if I am getting much banana/clove out of the WB06, will probably try one of the liquid yeasts next time this was fermented at 20c cheers
  12. Relax sounds ok to me check for condensation on the lid which also indicates the yeast is firing up
  13. RDT2


    If it was something like Pilsner malt you should boil it for 90 to get rid of dms (bad taste) with the lid off and if you put the hops in too early it will be too bitter so you wait until 75 minutes to go to add the hops. Some say it produces a clearer wort also but there also some who say modern malts don’t need the 90 just 60 I guess just do what works and tastes best for you.
  14. That’s what I thought because it doesn’t make sense that say mosaic is so potent but poor old beaten up magnum is not as potent but have similarly alpha acids. I will have to sit down and look at the difference in the oil levels etc or just keep experimenting trying different hops. cheers
  15. I never use mine but take it off before you dry hop because the krausen would of mostly fallen by that time and won’t rise again because of the dry hops.
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