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  1. I thought lagers weren’t my thing but these ag Pilsners have changed my thinking after being in the keg for over two months it’s delightfully refreshing with a nice noble hop aroma. You can’t beat fresh home brewed beer in my opinion.
  2. That’s so awesome hope it works out There were some 5 litre demijohns on gumtree cheap, wish I had bought them now to try something like this looks
  3. I have one of those picks. I received two second hand kegs from my dad and bought one of those kits and replaced the seals for piece of mind cheers for the heads up.
  4. Cheers mate pretty excited about this one. Very interested to see what the lager yeast brings. I’ve only ever had one Baltic before and liked I think I’d had a few other beers prior so can’t wait
  5. Brew day yesterday Baltic Porter hit 1077 og, first hurdle, thought I had Chocolate Malt but didn’t so just added more Carafa II. See how it goes I no chilled and dropped it on my OTTO’s Pilsner (kegged this morning) yeast cake this morning. Can’t wait for the Porter hopefully all goes well with fermentation being a big beer and lager yeast fingers crossed will definitely be a sipper.
  6. +1 to this I had a stout I had aged in the bottle for 12months it was bloody awesome, and recently found a smoked porter from a year and a half ago it was still good but could tell it was past it’s peak. That was surviving a summer in the garage as well so as @Greeny1525229549 said would be interesting in consistent cool cellar temps
  7. Which yeast are you using just out of interest? I can’t see it probably right in front of me
  8. I love Carlton Draughts “brewery fresh!”
  9. I quote just because there is no reaction
  10. Sounds like something is happening with condensation and bubbles it will be fine. When I have used US05 with oats in the grist there is hardly any krausen but it’s doing it’s thing, but just doesn’t look like it. If you have a coopers fermenter shine a torch through the wall and you might see movement. Good luck it sounds ok to me.
  11. Nice work! I am now a big fan of Saisons and was amazed how a simple grain bill of Pilsner Malt (DuPont style) with the Saison yeast can be so tasty Hope it turns out how you want it
  12. Sounds like temp to me as well, I used to take a few bottles inside the house in the cupboard where it was warmer and by the time I drank those the ones in the shed were ready to go
  13. How long have they been in the bottle?
  14. That’s really cool
  15. Is that what the krausen will look like from@Greeny1525229549 ‘s wild yeast during fermentation
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