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  1. I did a 90minute boil once it came out really clear and vibrant but that was an elite lager batch (Pilsner)
  2. Looks normal to me give it a little tap and it will probably start to fall away. US05 can do this as well sometimes.
  3. I bought it for my dad can’t remember what liquid malt I bought with it he said it was nice. I didn’t taste it, it was gone by the time I saw him so it must of been good
  4. I used the Morgan’s English Ale Yeast went like a Rocket finished at 1020 and used S04 before both were good
  5. I made this one recently it was ready to drink in less than two weeks quite smooth. Hops are arse about magnum 60minutes etc
  6. There’s a story of a bloke who used to be at my work where he kept them under his bed and they started detonating in the middle of the night. I don’t know if he is still married or not He was old school and retired now, I knew him but didn’t know the story till later it was typical him he loved a drink, I laughed and laughed when I heard about it
  7. Have you checked your hydrometer to see if it is reading high?
  8. I have been happy with US05 and wasn’t going to bother with CCA but now you have given me something to think about nice beer
  9. I loved Caffreys then it vanished in Perth, that’s one of my dreams to clone that and have a nitro tap. Tried a Kilkenny at the pub before Covid it was horrible probably old with all the craft beers being the preferred now.
  10. I bottle mine cold can’t see how it would make a difference other than the first couple of hours it takes to get to ambient temp and then it’s job on for the yeast. It’s probably quicker as it would take longer for the fermenter to cool then the smaller bottles smaller volume etc. My pilsners also had very little visible yeast/sediment in the bottom of the bottle and carbed fine. I just have to leave the bottles out for a bit otherwise the condensation from the bottle warming up causes the shelf to warp.
  11. They go in hot dishes water you would think it would be alright.
  12. Nice work looks awesome how did the 10.5% go?
  13. Sorry I meant the length of the cold crash i was unsure how long I was going to cold crash for as I have a ipa on the go as well and need the fridge. It was cold when I put the finings in. I was pissed when I realised I forgot the whirlfloc tablet it wasn’t dropping out like it normally does then I realised hadn’t put it in. It just has a bit more trub in the fermenter than normal It seems to have dropped out now though and is clear so see how it goes and tastes good had a try today. Hopefully cause I chilled it will be clear have read other people don’t even use it.
  14. I just mashed at 67 melanoidin gives a stronger malt flavour I believe so no need for decoction mash I used it in one of my earlier pilsners as well which was Ottos recipe plus it also says it goes well in dark German beers. I think it can be used as a substitute for honey malt also. Still undecided on cold crash I added finings today not sure if it is needed had a little taste it was malty can’t wait!!!
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