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  1. Well I have a gas leak! I always tell people to turn the gas bottle off when not in use well guess what??? My gas bottle has a leak now, luckily I don’t have any leaks any where else. (Touch wood) I now have to wait till the bottle runs out so I just have the regulator set to serving pressure. The problem was I would set the reg to 40 psi initially and turn the bottle and I was like it doesn’t seem to be absorbing the gas into the beer. It wasn’t that at all the bottle is leaking. I was wondering why my beer was overcarbing???
  2. Aussie Lager in my new little coopers glass! Feel like I am at the pub! Pretty happy with this! It was kegged on Sunday and is pretty clear already! Bittered with Superpride and Por at the end!
  3. Are you talking about fermentation as the beer will start clear with trub settling to the bottom then as the yeast kicks into gear it stirs all the trub up giving a pale/tan colour then as the yeast winds down all the remaining trub and yeast settle to the bottom and the beer starts to clear. I think of it like the ocean it goes all murky when there is a big swell from a storm it goes all murky! The yeast is the storm.
  4. I didn’t put a whirlfloc in a Munich Dunkel once by error and was worried I had stuffed it but it turned out fine. I think I chilled that one though so I wonder if chilling makes a difference.
  5. Vienna Lager today! Been wanting to make this beer for a long time. Was pondering what to put on my southern German yeast cake and I thought what the hell I’ve got 4kg of Vienna in stock so Vienna lager it is. Perfect brew day hit my numbers spot on with the no chill method. Then I realised I didn’t change my hop times for no chill. Wort still tastes really nice still and doesn’t seem too bitter I am sure it will be fine! I also kegged my Aussie lager VB style ((with southern German yeast ) beer and that’s tastes pretty good as well. 17litres for my mate and about 5 for me! Can’t wait to try both beers!
  6. Nelson Saison top little midstrength beer! Unfortunately the keg just ran out! It interesting as the beer matured the hops faded and belle saison came to the party!!!
  7. Pacific Ale with rakau and Galaxy not bad!
  8. Southern German Pilsner is outstanding!
  9. Cheers maté didn’t even notice it was ale on the software so apologies. No he didn’t appear to put sugar in it which surprised me also but thought I would just try it as is! I made an emu export with sugar which was bang on. I have also used the German lager yeast which might not be perfect selection either but it’s what I had so see how it goes!
  10. Sure mate no worries! I think I might keep a couple of litres for my self anyway as my stocks are lower than I thought!
  11. What are you talking about the Bottle seems to have good head retention ( just think laughing emoji)
  12. Made this last night it’s actually Gash’s recipe but changed a couple of things the scale of the recipe, acid malt and I’m using trusty old southern German lager yeast which is firing up in a starter from the previous harvest. Making it for my mate so will be interested to see if it tastes anything like VB! I cubed it so I put the bittering hop in at 45 and por at 5!
  13. I use growlers when I go out somewhere! I have 2 x 2 litre growlers I fill from the tap with some food grade hose! Just have make sure everything is chilled before filling!
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