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Heat belt safe ?


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2 hours ago, SimonWA said:

Hi brewers ,

Im setting up a brew fridge , ive got a ink bird 308 .

Just wondering is it safe to run a heat belt around a coopers fermenter ? 


Hi Simon.  Yes, it will be fine.  The Coopers FV's are pretty heat resistant.  I pour boiling water into mine the help dissolve Light Dry Malt.

Having said that, I place my heat belt on the shelf holding the FV rather than touching the FV.  This way does a good job of keeping the temperature stable without hot spots.

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an alternative to a heat belt or heat pad

is a ultra warmer  from keg king

Ultra Warmer - Temp Controlled Fermenter Heater

it works in 2 ways with the fan and the elements you can see at the top,  the only problem that i see with this   is condensation dropping on to the top elements shown in the photo above

the good thing having the fan it will circulate warm air around your fv

it comes with a temp probe  and you can plug this in with your temp controller

not cheap at almost $80   but you dont need it near the plastic fv's

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 Hi @SimonWA,

As a new brewer, I have recently been getting advice from forum members about heating options for my brew too. Have a look at the thread "recommendation needed - heating mat or pad for FV" for a lot of good ideas. I live near a regional city, but there is no homebrew shop here lol! 


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