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Malted Grains. Hot steep vs cold steep.


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Why do some recipes call for grains to be steeped in hot water


and others say to steep in cold water for 24hrs?


Does it make any difference?

All the ones I've done so far have been cold steeped but I'm planning on doing the Coconut Porter soon and wondered if it makes any difference.

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I believe cold steeping extracts less harshness/astringency from the darker roasted grains. I've never done it myself so I can't comment from experience. I brew all grain and whenever I use darker roasted grains they just get mashed with everything else, usually in the mid 60s, much like a hot steep. I don't find them harsh to my palate though.

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Plus one to above.

ive been doing some research on this topic for a few weeks now.

I came across a a podcast with Jamil Z saying that the side step is a load of sh!t, his words, not mine. 

Then the latest show from Experimental Homebrew says that on a live triangle test in Melbourne, results were unanimous that the side steep was preferred. 

This is not to say that they were cold steeped or hot steeped. Just on the side. 

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58 minutes ago, Kegory said:

@Triple B Brewing here's a thread on steeping for you. And here is another https://community.diybeer.com/topic/6410-spec-grains-hot-steep-or-cold-steep/

Here is a Brulosophy exbeeriment

And here is an article by Briess with links to more on the topic

I haven't read either of the latter yet.


Brilliant - thanks a heap @Kegory I’ll get busy some reading 👏👍🏻🍺🍺

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1 hour ago, Kegory said:

Here is another interesting article on hot vs cold steeping.

Hey @Kegory thanks for this article - an interesting read (some of which I have to be honest was a little over my head - but that’s how we learn right 👍🏻)

Also very interesting to read about the effects of squeezing that bag full of steeped grains at the end and the potential results, especially the potential for releasing harsher flavours from roasted malts that have been steeped. 
Thanks again @Kegory for forwarding this info on and to the author Mr John Palmer for his really interesting insights. 👏

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