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  1. Wobbly74

    First Run Pale - New unit

    You can emulate underletting by filling the malt tube with grain and then lowering it into the vessel slowly. Helps to have a pulley setup. Seems to work well if you do it slowly.
  2. Wobbly74

    Grain Values Changing

    Does the grainfather app update and change grain extraction, diastatic power etc stays occasionally based on seasonal yield?
  3. Wobbly74

    Show us your current brewing set-up !

    I keep throwing money at it, does that count? No, there has been progress...the gearbox had just been completed, the engine is back together, the webers rebuilt...just need you source a few parts and get it back together now...
  4. Wobbly74

    Naturaly carbonated kegs

    And if you want flow control, go for one of these. Will work with a brumby tap. I've installed 2 (on regular taps) and they seem to work really well. https://www.kegland.com.au/flow-control-ball-lock-disconnect-flow-restrictor.html
  5. Wobbly74

    Naturaly carbonated kegs

    3ft isn't enough at 10-14psi. Most people will reduce the serving pressure using picnic taps. You need to be able to reliably carbonate (read: have constant pressure on the kegs at serving temperature) and have the right line length for your internal diameter of line or flow control.
  6. Wobbly74

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Brown death is what you get the morning after...
  7. Wobbly74

    Show us your current brewing set-up !

    Nice one Kelsey - might need to upgrade the kegerator now I've just rebuilt and relocated by control box. Moved all the cables behind the cabinet and ran 2.5mm cable everywhere. Added another SSR for sparge control and now using my old crab cooker for the sparge HLT. Does away with the old 10L urn and STC and puts it all under control of craftbeerpi on the raspberry pi. Upgraded the element to a 4500w ULWD jobbie running on a 20A GPO. Will need to replace one of the RCBOs with a 20A instead of the current 16A though I'm also playing with re-coding the pid algorithm on the pi to reduce the max draw. I was able to run the element at 90% duty cycle before it tripped the 16A switch. Now just waiting for some SS piping to make up a hard line for the recirculation feed...
  8. Wobbly74

    2018 Brewing Stats

    Looking over my records...about 40 cubes worth, plus two tippers (one cube got some mould on it after forgetting to invert it after filling, one was a kettle sour that picked up some unwanted bugs along with the wanted bugs). A few of these have been via double batches and 2 half batches. By my calculations comes to a bit under 900L. From that I have 6 full cubes yet to be fermented.
  9. Wobbly74

    It's Kegging Time!

    You can try some keg lube on the gas post, but posts are relatively cheap...
  10. Wobbly74

    Kveik ( mental Viking yeast)

    Err, basically everything Bitter, pale ale, Belgian pale, dubel, passionfruit sour, red kveik ale, 46&2, dunkel, saison...maybe one other?
  11. Wobbly74

    Kveik ( mental Viking yeast)

    I'm inspired. Dropped in to left barrel in Balhannah today, knocked back a couple of tasting panels and picked up a 4 pack of the 46 & 2. Sitting in the esky today and will stick it in a cold bag for the long drive back to Melbourne...
  12. Wobbly74

    Beersmith 3

    I've lost a couple of recipes in the beersmith cloud as well. It has a bunch of long running bugs in it that aren't getting addressed, and it's 1990's UI is getting tiring. Looking for an alternative and the recent threads on brewfather is tempting me to try switching for a while.
  13. Wobbly74

    Sticking with Mosaic

    Fancy. I wonder how these things go at avoiding blockages.
  14. Wobbly74

    Sticking with Mosaic

    That is a whirlpool addition. Fun fact time - a hopback is a device that's put inline between the kettle and a chiller. It allows the wort to come into contact with the hops at whatever your whirlpool temperature is briefly before being quickly cooled rather than staying at those temps for however long your whirlpool lasts for. Used more for aroma than flavour. There was an interesting how to on building one - https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/pimp-my-system/build-hopback/
  15. Wobbly74

    Boiling water

    Yep. I just sodium perc soak my cubes then rinse them out with the garden hose before draining and dropping hot wort in them. The only problem I've ever had is forgetting to invert one and ending up with some mould on the neck when I opened it (it got dumped). I drop my wort in at about 80C.