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  1. Even thought of that song when i wrote it
  2. First lot is in the kettle. second lot is cube hopping. I dont post ever brew. But thought this one qualifies. I guess I’ve brew intrial and what ever way and this works for me. this works for me.
  3. Ok. Maybe ten pints down School pick up is a b!tch ha ha ha
  4. Nope. It’s a great unit
  5. Hey, thought I’d give some more feedback on this G70. I really love this unit. ive absolutely dialed in my brew house efficiency. I’m right on 77% everytime. Doing steps is easy as and the recirc is making my wort o lot clearer. I brew 47 litre batches to fill two cubes and have chilled a brew too to fill up two FVs and the chiller works great. chilling beer for me works best in late autumn to spring as water is cold enough. Anyone looking at this unit, I hole hearted endorse this product
  6. Hoppy pale again. Not sure of the name I gave this beer to a few people round for comment and some of the feedback was. This beer is ridiculous. I think this is the best beer I’ve ever had I am obsessed If that was for sale, every time we wanted beer we would buy this every single time. I was a bit stoked with that feedback. Also I did not know these people. I gave to friends to give to there friends so it could be more honest feedback
  7. Thanks mate. I’ll give it a crack, but if it’s no good, I’ll hunt you down ha ha ha
  8. How did that go today Hairy? all to plan? What was ya gravity in the end?
  9. I looked at that yeast for a kolsch I want to do in summer for a poolside drink, and with the availability of liquid yeasts at the moment it might be a goa
  10. So medium ride the other day. Be warned, funny story. sneaky ride along the river to get back to pick my boy up in the way back, tight for time. All up it’s a 19km ride. Nothing special. Get 3/4 the way through and minding me own business, *8*8***8888 Magpie!!! One swoops and smashes my helmet. I’ve turned around and seen this black and white death assassin turn to face me again. I’ve waved my arms around and am keeping this Angry little douchebag again. He came a little close and made me swipe a little harder and turned out a bollard was the recipient of my front wheel at 25kms an hour. I came a cropper. With the bike on top of me this absolute degenerate of life swooped me at least 15 times till I got to my composure. I was swinging to the heavens to smash the thing to pieces. Only made contact once and the dirty Collingwood supporter buggered off a little. unfortunately I’m really sore from bruising and bark missing but I will go back and annoy that bird just for sh!ts and gigs. But better prepared.
  11. So the wife has requested a ginger beer. Has anyone back sweetened with stevia? My understanding is that its non fermentable. So would work perfectly to back sweeten?
  12. @Norris! Wet, fruity, cold, bubbly, body, white head. So really fruity, good body and dry in the finish. XPA territory. this is also fined and cold crashed for 14 days. Could not get this any clearer. I’ll be doing this one again with minor changes
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