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  1. Helped a mate with a brew yesterday. It was on a Brewzilla. Great bit of kit that. Was quite impressed actually.
  2. That was terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant believe that was ever a song.
  3. I had another of @Ben 10 Flanders red last night. Wow. What a beer. cherry and spice and all things nice. Think this was better than the first one Ben. it’s so complex it’s hard to explain but amazing beer as always
  4. Straight after will be fine but you don’t want to add oxygen when it gets close to finished
  5. So is it in the FV still? If so, bring it back to 20, add your orange and let that ferment out. It’ll only take a couple of days maybe more, then crash again
  6. Yeah for sure don’t open it now. I was just saying if your going to store a cube for a lengthy time then squeeze the sides to push all the air out before “canning” Your hot wort. just the safest way is all.
  7. Good on ya. If your going to store those cubes for any length of time I’d suggest just getting the last of that air out of the cube. Looking forward to hearing how your first effort goes when it’s in the glass.
  8. Great stuff, keep us posted along the way. great way to travel the bigger little island near Australia. Looking forward to hearing about some sensational brews from the locals
  9. What’s the worst that can happen? You cry into your beer?????
  10. If she has that bite, you won’t be disappointed in whacking some gin in the bottom of ya glass before the pour. Do it!!!!!!!!!!
  11. That’s awesome Benny. Might not be clear but it still looks delicious
  12. Plus one to above. like Greeny says a good deep watering every few days. They love water. Id probably add some manure and blood and bone as a fertiliser each year.
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