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  1. spot on mate. the larger the bulb the better the end product. I save all the largest ones from the crop.
  2. G'day mate, Did that garlic look like an onion with the layers? So what happens with Garlic is it will bulg then split into bulbs. if thats the case, your probably about 4-6 weeks from being spot on. Just so you know
  3. Hey mate. Always from cloves from the previous year. It takes a few years for the garlic to be acclimatised to the growing environment but once they do. Bang, everytime if you treat em well. I’ve gone through 9 varieties and have settled on two.
  4. It is pretty easy mate. Simply sow in March and harvest in September-December depending on variety. Ensure there’s water up to it at the bulging phase and bobs your aunties live in lover. Garlic
  5. Garlic does take a long time but we’ll worth the effort. This is two varieties
  6. I’ve never done a single hop pale with Simcoe so here it is.
  7. Hey mate, I hand lift my double batches in the G70 mate. You’ll be fine to lift a few kilos of grain from a pot. I milk my grains farly chunky. Probably have a mm or 2 for the grains to passed through. it is worth rinsing (sparging) as long as you’ve accounted for the extra volume for the water. I usually go a degree or so higher than the mash temp but if your mini mashing I’d say only a degree. Ive made beers with milled grains a year old and it was fine. Not ideal but fine. best to crack them rather than turn them to powder. Put em in a bag and bash the bajesus out of em with a roller.
  8. So I’ve just been told that Grainfather are coming out with some new equipment to compliment the G70. Thinking it’s bigger FVs and Glycol chiller. If it is that, I’ll be pressing order pretty bloody soon.
  9. You clearly haven’t eaten a hop pellet or cone yet ha ha ha 180g. That’s for a pale ale. You should see the IPA version ha ha ha
  10. The thing with this one is getting the best Citra, mosaic and simcoe hops you can. I adjust the citra/mosaic/simcoe blend depending on the aroma/freshness or those hops. To give you the “candy like aroma and bubblegum flavour” or reminiscent of bubblegum. Not to be confused with the fermentation flavour of bubblegum that is an off flavour.
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