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  1. I was only there for lunch.
  2. I tried about a third of the beers
  3. Today’s tastings...... where do I start......just a couple of taps So much to choose from and everything I had was great.
  4. I actually agree with Hairy here too but there’s a lot of sh!t too
  5. Here’s one that’s been a stand out in NZ over the past few days.
  6. Yeah I agree with Otto there. With this sort of stout, i think you don’t want that in your face bitterness. Just enough to balance the crystal. Anyway, I’m off overseas now so by the time I’m back on board you’ll be drinking it
  7. Seen as your going the Imperial oatmeal ha ha I would up that bitterness a little bit more to offset that malt, abv and sweetness from the 14% crystal malts. But it’s your beer, you have full control over that........ isn’t it great.
  8. You look really good for your age Marty....... Who would have thought that we are in the presence of the worlds oldest Homebrewer..... ha ha ha
  9. Sparkling is my beer while I’m at work. Goes down a treat after a long day in the sun
  10. Good on ya Niall. Looks good. Now to let it mature a little in the bottle......... good luck
  11. Don’t do it Muzzy. Vinyl sounds much better.
  12. All that says is that the majority of beer drinkers in this country are a bunch of tasteless morons. Or as Otto and Lusty have put it, it’s cheap to make and that’s what beer is right? And has been for ever.
  13. I’m guessing it helps with intonation, but at what cost?........ no idea. Still a load of wank. either way Muzzy, good share.
  14. Hey Muzzy. They are a great band. Really don’t know why you would cover that song though. Ha ha ha Also, I’ve never understood the whole angled fret board thing. Is it really a load of w@nk or does it make the sound better........... I’m not sure it does.
  15. Yep no issue at all. Like lusty says, months even is fine. A few days isn't going to matter at all. If it was going to be over a few months, id probably want to cryovac it, but realistically, even that is going too far.
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