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  1. Hey Brewzilla dudes with BeerSmith, which profile is best to use for this type of system?
  2. Yeah I did a bourbon vanilla imperial porter. It was really good. I’ll be brewing this one again every winter
  3. Ha ha ha I was still in jeans and a long sleeve shirt ha ha ha
  4. Skulduggery IPA. Its Bens Big Red Rye malt Bill. Just the hops I have. It’s called Skulduggery due to the fact that I have blatantly stolen this recipe
  5. Latest IPA. Not as good as the first variation of this, gonna have to go back to the original recipe. Still, pretty good IPA
  6. And that’s why I’m saying it’s awesome. It’s good to see a NEIPA with head retention
  7. The amount of hops being used in NEIPA style beers out strips the head retention properties by the amount of oils present in the beer.
  8. Well if you want honest feedback and ya beer is sh!t, please don’t send me beer.
  9. Excellent. Obviously there’s a fair few that dont keep head due to the amount of oil content. Nice one mate
  10. Jimmy Hendrix Greatest Hits on Vinyl.............. Oh my word, what a great album.......
  11. Well that is one of the more reasonable things to do to a business that likes sending out hop grenades to perfectly good paying customers.
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