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  1. Sounds much better than the much hyped Biggie Juice and Rock juice coming out of the WA market
  2. My father is from Upper Ferntree Gully. My Grandad built his home and lived there for 70 years in Tarana Ave. beautiful spot
  3. What also gets me is that all these seeds being bought up are probably new to gardening. Which is good. Im still growing fruit/veg from seeds I bought 8-10 years ago. #seedsavingforlife
  4. I’ve noticed more people putting in vege gardens around our neighbourhood
  5. Paddy is a well educated and personable human being Greeny, of course he doesn’t.
  6. I’ll go down with the ship Greeny. Not happening on my watch. Clean saison on a day like that instead. Actually not even clean, just good. Got another Du Pont in the fridge. Developing a Kolsch recipe. Nearly have everything just need a kolsch yeast. Probably have to have a bloody 5l flask for the one too!!!! Over my dead body is that happening.
  7. Really nice hey. Cherry and funk. Delicious
  8. I use 3L flasks as I’m not an idiot as I do not brew lagers. Lagers needing all that more precious yeast volume.
  9. I think once I get my wood oven I’ll start a sourdough mother. If I think I’ll get time anyway. Think my mum has had one going for a number of years
  10. You’re probably right there Marty you just won’t get that Aussie pale ester that you do with say coopers yeast but it’ll be a tamer ester profile for sure
  11. Yep. No different than normal for me though
  12. Full harvest and pickle of jalapeños today.
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