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  1. Yeah its a good yeast. In fact when I do lagers, Ill continue using this one. I don't much care for the "lager taste" however, the attenuation is something that is good. Drying out a fair bit. Ill do a commercial style lager soon, with a touch of dextrose and try to get it around the 1.004 mark and about 18-20 ibus. with only a bittering addition of hops.
  2. Yep it is a bit low, (according to MJ) did this intentionally through the growth phase. Result was a very clean, highly attenuated NZ Pils.
  3. I think I fermented it at about 15 then let it free rise to 18 at the end to make sure there was no diacetyl. Turned out pretty good. Ill back off on the bitterness next time. Just a little.
  4. Of course you bought a motorbike. Be like those hairy biker lads on the food channel. ha ha ha
  5. Last photo from on top of my piano. Unfortunately lost that in the divorce. Oh well better buy another one
  6. On advice from our good friend Ben, MJ54. it clearly doesn’t have the same sulphur producing properties as other yeasts as I never got sick from this type. Pretty much tastes like an ale though
  7. Right everyone can go fluff themselves. I brewed a Lager not that long ago. Cheers to Ben for a heaps up on some yeast. This one didn’t make me feel sick which is good. Shocking I know. And to be honest it was quite tasty. NZ pils. Riwaka, Motueka and Nelson. 5% bitter as Fark and hoppy as Fark. should have fined it with some biofine but couldn’t be bothered.
  8. spot on mate. the larger the bulb the better the end product. I save all the largest ones from the crop.
  9. G'day mate, Did that garlic look like an onion with the layers? So what happens with Garlic is it will bulg then split into bulbs. if thats the case, your probably about 4-6 weeks from being spot on. Just so you know
  10. Hey mate. Always from cloves from the previous year. It takes a few years for the garlic to be acclimatised to the growing environment but once they do. Bang, everytime if you treat em well. I’ve gone through 9 varieties and have settled on two.
  11. It is pretty easy mate. Simply sow in March and harvest in September-December depending on variety. Ensure there’s water up to it at the bulging phase and bobs your aunties live in lover. Garlic
  12. Garlic does take a long time but we’ll worth the effort. This is two varieties
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