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  1. Not even for a brown ale. As I would never brew a brown ale.............
  2. Thats unfortunate. I will never commode dry hop again ha ha ha
  3. A lot of breweries pull the yeast after fermentation and before the second dry hop to reuse however they will over use a couple of times due to the contamination. Personally, I and other members reuse yeast by over sizing starters and drawing 500ml to reuse. This keeps the yeast “clean”. I also wouldn’t use a yeast that was commando dry hopped by 10g per litre. It’s not asking for trouble but for $6 why risk it.
  4. A cold crash will help with the bottling if you've gone in commando with those hops as the clogging of bottling wands helps no one.
  5. The clogging happened to me once with an Arrogant Bast@rd clone, after I chucked the sh!ts it ended up as lawn food.
  6. Does Ben 10 put the Laughter in Manslaughter? Chuck Norris does.......
  7. When I brew a 7.9% IPA, Chuck Norris Calls it a mid strength!
  8. Rye Pale, 5.6%, Citra, Amarillo, Simcoe and Nelson. So freaking good
  9. Nah I didn’t, cause I’ve got NFI what they are.........
  10. Is it? I would have thought on the lighter side but still in style?
  11. Interesting. How does one get banned from a public forum?
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