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  1. Yeah, my water is terrible. Gypsum is for a drier finish to help the hops pop more. I’ve been using a little less since doing this for the same effect. Still this is trial and error. Going to order a water test kit shortly as my water tester at my wife’s work fell through. Then I’ll dial in my water profile. Ive been flying in the wind for this time why not keep going?...... soon as my wife stops buying snowboarding gear I’ll be able to afford a test kit ha ha ha
  2. Yep no chilling allows over lap of brew day and pitching/cold crashing. I brew on a Thursday. Have the cold crash on another brew, keg and pitch Monday.
  3. I’ve never had an issue when I drank them straight away. I just kinda forgot about these ones in the cupboard so it’s taken a few months to get through the residual sugars. I reckon if I left it any longer, there may have been a few bottle bombs. The IPA finished around 1.012 and the sample from the bottles now was 1.005 so that yeast was definitely chewing through.
  4. Yep. King of the D bags. Thing is, in a grand final, they won’t care about suspensions. If there’s any of that crap, give him a tap.
  5. Yeah he’s a grub. If you could just knock a bloke, I’m sure he’d stop all that sh!t
  6. Do you just wash then sanitise with starsan or equivalent?
  7. That’s not a bad idea Lusty. Not for this one though. The wort has already been infected by the clean ale strain.
  8. It’s pretty funny hey @PaddyBrew2, most of the state has realised that the disposable income has gone, it’s only a few that have forgotten that WA is struggling.
  9. I thought that I cleaned and sanitised with an iodine based sanitiser. Clearly I didn’t do this batch. And the bottles were last used for a Saison. Therefor infected
  10. Tell you what I’m not drinking, this batch of diastaticus infected ipas. if anyone says that diastaticus infections are BS, well, here’s the proof.
  11. Just another pale. Ive always wanted to try a centennial and Amarillo hopped pale so today is the day
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