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  1. At the moment, I’m trying to scale down. I have approximately 72kg grain and 9kg of hops. I’m on a upward spiral of purchasing hops more than use. Which is not advisable
  2. LabCat. I’m talking about your comment that NO beer will get below 1.007. This is completely untrue. With guys that are trying to understand brewing this comment is completely not the case. A lot of beers end up below this.
  3. I’m completely lost as to those comments. do you not fully ferment your beers? Being that fermentation is the consumable sugars being converted to alcohol by yeast. Yes, the more that a wort ferments the more alcohol is produced. However I have had beers that were below 1.000 that were under 5%. So I’m not sure what your supposing. yes, with KNK brews, getting below 1.005 is rare due to the amount of sugars unavailable to the yeast.
  4. MMMmmmmmm Manky gym socks...... so so good. If you like Manky gym socks. ha ha ha hope it tastes good for you
  5. If you want to brew a kolsch than yes, this would effect it dramatically. Just use the koln yeast and ferment low for best effects.
  6. Sorry I need to step in there. I’ve had many a beer get below that using US05. And even further with other yeasts. I’ve had Saison’s and other styles get to 0.995. Maybe wouldn’t get that close with “most” extract based beers. Lex. You need to take a reading in 20c water to calibrate your hydrometer. Take that reading which should be 1.000, then adjust your reading to suit. Your temp of the sample can effect the reading. let us know after you’ve done that.
  7. I’d say that if it isn’t a kolsch yeast it’s not a kolsch. Not saying ALL examples are like this but if you want a kolsch you’ll need a kolsch yeast and ferment it low and slow, drink it small and fast!
  8. @Smashed Crabs Mine finished at 1.000 however it has a sweetness to it. probably alcohol sweetness. Maybe something to consider
  9. @ChristinaS1 My next ESB will be the Jamil version, just as a starting point. But with some brambling cross thrown in at the end for the blackcurrant. Got the book the other week.
  10. you can use the dry hop to bitter. Its a bit of a guess as to what is left though and how much to use weight wise. I couldn't be bothered to work it out, but if you do id like to hear about the outcome..
  11. used this in my latest pale ale. 5.2% Sabro Citra Cascade centennial. Has pronounced the hops for sure. Next one im going to clarify a little to see how it goes then. Pretty impressed with this yeast though. Going to purchase another lot soon. Don't think ill be using 05 that much anymore.
  12. Thought as much. It must take ages to get to WA and bottle shops aren’t looking after the product.
  13. Ha ha ha all good mate. Raw wheat definitely brings haze. Loads of body but it does ferment out. It’s a weird beast. That beer will definitely get below 1010. So dry AF
  14. Ahh now I get ya. Yeah. I’m lazy. my recipes are not exactly user friendly. There’s always mistakes but I know what they mean. If there’s any anyone want to recreate best hit me up cause yeah I’m lazy and people would definitely not get the right actual recipe. For instance the wheat in that recipe is not wheat malt. It’s raw wheat. Massive difference to the end result.
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