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  1. To add, I believe there is a big difference between the beer finishing dry with body and mouthfeel and a beer that has mouthfeel but has sweetness. what i am trying to do is reduce the sweetness in my beer to produce a drier product but still having body. I believe that step mashing is my answer to that. In IPA abv territory, alcohol, for me leaves a sweetness in itself. I reckon, without actually doing it, is what I believe wilL make my IPAs make a change to being better for my tastes. I think you’ll realise by now Lusty that I like to perfect what I like to drink, then move on to another style
  2. Without actually doing it I can’t answer completely honestly however from my understanding it drys it out, not thinning. Just ensures all the fermentables are done as far as possible, however has body. If I have an issue with that I’ll add a little more raw wheat to fill it out. I’ll be sending you a House pale when I brew it next so you can understand what I mean by filling it up with raw wheat. But again, I don’t know, until I do it on my system with my process. oxygen first though.
  3. @Beerlust this is the reason I want to have a crack, to dry out my IPAs a little more
  4. Welcome Fergy. cant wait to here how your first brew tasting goes
  5. Not yet, however I am purchasing a strainer type thing so I can start doing step mashing. Thinking of getting the second temp controller too.
  6. I’m Sorry Lusty............. Just Joking................ not really. I run the keg king and I think it’s awesome
  7. I’d go with ALL of them, why not........
  8. It’ll take a few years but I’m working on it. ultra small batch brewing. Captains Ale House. It’ll probably have a Red IPA on the menu called Skulduggery I’d say ha ha ha......
  9. So they are getting better batch by batch then Ben? The one you gave me was superb, so if they are getting better batch by batch, I can only imagine how good these are now
  10. My next purchase may be something like this..........
  11. Yeah my porter was just under that as a reiterated mash. Long brew day but you get the end result.
  12. I love La Sirene, The urban pale is one of my all time favourites
  13. I love my urn too. Easy, simply, only got one dial to not work. The older I’m getting the more I look at stuff that has moving parts or lcd or flash things that probably aren’t needed but “make it easier” and I think, that’s just more stuff to go wrong with it that I can’t fix myself. The urn is super simple, it does have some drawbacks such as higher gravity brews but your still in control of the whole process. For higher gravity IPAs I’ve dropped the batch size which means I can get up to 7% easily. The hop absorption does get up there in these types of brews though and struggle to fill a 19lt keg. Now that I’ve had my urn for a number of years I’m going to be getting a 3v system.
  14. Probably going to be more bitter than you envisioned
  15. I’m sure it would have been fine 10 days ago ha ha ha ha
  16. Honestly I think it comes down to budget and features. What are you willing to pay for, what are you will to go without. There are many many options out there. If I was to start again, it would probably have been the grainfather.
  17. Hey Sandman, Have to tested your hydrometer in 20c water? Might be out a little?
  18. RO wastes a lot of water. Depending on how bad it starts off it can be up to 4-7l for every litre produced.
  19. I really don’t mind at all that they come and drink my beer. That’s what it’s there for. It’s just this time, I was left with nothing at all.
  20. Don’t put it in the freezer, just a nice cold fridge
  21. We’ve got some pretty awesome rides here in the SW of WA. Some are mental. There’s a few in Balingup that would test the world elite. One thing I’d love to do is ride the Cape to Cape. Just casually not racing like what’s on every year, those guys are nuts. No one likes riding a bike on a beach.......
  22. Yeah that looks like heaps of fun. My wife would kill me if I went on that track ha ha ha
  23. See, it sounds like so much fun! And I know I won’t be able to help myself, cause I’m an idiot
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