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  1. I’ve never done a single hop pale with Simcoe so here it is.
  2. Hey mate, I hand lift my double batches in the G70 mate. You’ll be fine to lift a few kilos of grain from a pot. I milk my grains farly chunky. Probably have a mm or 2 for the grains to passed through. it is worth rinsing (sparging) as long as you’ve accounted for the extra volume for the water. I usually go a degree or so higher than the mash temp but if your mini mashing I’d say only a degree. Ive made beers with milled grains a year old and it was fine. Not ideal but fine. best to crack them rather than turn them to powder. Put em in a bag and bash the bajesus out of em with a roller.
  3. So I’ve just been told that Grainfather are coming out with some new equipment to compliment the G70. Thinking it’s bigger FVs and Glycol chiller. If it is that, I’ll be pressing order pretty bloody soon.
  4. You clearly haven’t eaten a hop pellet or cone yet ha ha ha 180g. That’s for a pale ale. You should see the IPA version ha ha ha
  5. The thing with this one is getting the best Citra, mosaic and simcoe hops you can. I adjust the citra/mosaic/simcoe blend depending on the aroma/freshness or those hops. To give you the “candy like aroma and bubblegum flavour” or reminiscent of bubblegum. Not to be confused with the fermentation flavour of bubblegum that is an off flavour.
  6. dry hop was actually 180g per 21l batch equal in amounts. This is a batch that makes two 21l cubes. Once dry hopped to the bejesus it just fills a keg.
  7. An undryhopped version of my Hoppa Bubba. tastes a lot cleaner but overall prefer the Uber hopped version.
  8. Noted mate. If it was on the kettle I’m wondering how much isomerised……….. I’ll be getting a couple of syringes and putting them in the mash to warm up. Then into the boil.
  9. Either the SS brew tech gear that I can expand as I turn my system to a pilot brew set or brew tools with the SS brew tech glycol, or grainfather and just keep this set up for home
  10. That’s a fair call. I don’t have the time to fix and stuff up so I would send away if I could otherwise buy a new one.
  11. This’ll be on in a couple of days. But will probably forget to post. Dutifully Scrupulous This’ll have a 200g dry hop with a fairly equal parts of each hop in each 21 L batch.
  12. I know most people think the G70 is way over priced, I beg to differ. I love using mine. and although I don’t brew as often I’m thoroughly enjoying making the same beer over and over. I’ve really started to dial in recipes. Now I think the only changes in my beers are how it’s fermented. I’ll be upgrading to a glycol set up soon enough so I can really start to hone the craft. im not saying that you can’t do this with other brands and models I’m just saying that the G70 works for me.
  13. Threw a couple of pales into kegs the other day for when I get back home from work I’ll have some goodness to get into. I’ll be sending a few out to people.
  14. Garlic crops are coming along just fine Tomatoes, onions, herbs all going in for summer veges.
  15. Good stuff Marty. Im a little bit on the side of make an impression with what ever you are trying as long as it is balanced by something else. I find dry beers work well with Rye too. that hit of a dry palate and spicy rye flavour kicks it for me
  16. @MitchBastard my thoughts exactly. if ya going to do that Muz, jump on the funk train........ Allll aboard!!!!!!!
  17. If that works for you then I'm happy for you. all depends on what youwant I guess. I find 11% on the lighter side of rye. I also find using it with chinook as a battering hop accentuates the spiciness.
  18. Rye is awesome stuff when used right. I find a spicy, bready, "rye like" flavour imparts itself. Admittedly only 11% but feel thats enough to balance in this respect.
  19. The G70 is very user friendly. The differences in the 30 and the 70 do make it easier to use. Ie the recirc arm is inside the unit so you can put a lid on. The precision of the G70 is great. I would have no problem scaling up recipes built on this to a small commercial system. The overflow pipe would need to be in on the g70. Not that I've ever had any over flows, just watch the record isn't too hard. Then walk away. My double batch days consist of about 60 mins actually doing anything with the G70. This includes the spare, which I like to take my time with. The G70 is a hefty price tag however believe it is warranted.
  20. Nah mate, I made 4 cubes, so ill ferment 2 this week and two the next. Different beers and both a favourite at the Captains Ale house. G70 is awesome mate. Quick, precise, repeatable beers everytiime. Took me a little to dial it in but all good now. Ill either be making a few batches for myself or be doing a batch, 1 for my brother and 1 for me.
  21. Just a couple of pales to fill the kegs for a month of so
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