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  1. I really enjoy this one on a nice cold night. Brilliant beer.
  2. https://open.spotify.com/track/1fAmp0wr0XmI4w1L7RJ3qH?si=fleSMlRbTQOWpMUgtIDJrQ A mates new/ well new to Spotify album. Bunch of blokes just constantly taking the piss.
  3. @Bearded Burbler You’re a man after my own heart.
  4. Truth be know, if they are nitrogen flushed then vac sealed in those special foil bags they can be left in a fridge. Once opened they then should be vac sealed and stored in a freezer.
  5. PBW is also good for a urn wash after use, however have Found citric to work best. Sodium perc for nearly everything else.
  6. Putting a 10mm approx wedge underneath the tap side of your FV so it tilts the vessel slightly. At bottling/kegging time, remove said wedge and sit flat so the yeast cake is at a lower point on the tap side which helps not draw the yeast into the last few litres
  7. Should have seen my place as a roof carpenter ha ha ha
  8. Looks like a nice simple recipe that! Looking forward to hearing how it is in the glass
  9. Mate, totally agree with you. Seems a lot of skullduggery going on there.
  10. Bin em or use them in a sour beer
  11. Ha ha ha ha Nah, lagers just taste like cr@p and I feel sick from them. The extra work is just to take the piss.
  12. I think that has more to do with big stouts, barley wines and the like but yes that might have something to do with it. my understanding with the flavours you’re explaining that these are 3 plus hour boil times. Sometimes longer
  13. Is your next beer going to be a Dwight Gooden Ale
  14. Yeah, not going to need that soon. I’ll be moving to a grainfather and I’ll have a 40l urn for heating sparge water and double batching.
  15. @Fale Welcome to the forum mate. Id personally whack another one in but hey, while your in this space why not leave a couple with just the one. Mark them up and compare the two and see if you like the less carbed one too. Just something to think about
  16. I guess officially, on my BIAB system. I’ve drained and poured a little over before but not really calculated it out to rinse properly. On other systems yes. Plenty
  17. Yep, did a two litre sparge. I could do a side by side
  18. Gday Beerlovers, So my last brew day I was doing a 6.8% IPA in a 22l batch BIAB urn. Ive never done a full 90 min boil, up to 75 but never a full 90. Ive been having efficiency issue which ended up being the roller gap had slipped making it a larger crush. I decided to do a 90 minute boil with a 2l sparge which is the boil off rate for 30 mins roughly. Things I have so far noticed: The wort going into the FV was significantly more vibrant in colour and clearer. Now I knew about getting clearer wort I never thought the colour would be as vibrant as it was The trub after whirlpool was a bit more in size but more compact than usual. I think I will start to employ this method moving forward. Looking towards having a taste of it to see if the flavour is different.
  19. I thing out of the ordinary. Ended up tipping it today. Didn’t taste much chop.
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