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  1. I think, whatever works for you. I usually CC for 5 days, if for whatever reason like I’m too busy, it’ll get another 10 days. The ones with the extra 10 days get the clarity that I desire. I do not use finings. Well yet, anyway. I also CC at 2 c, after a few too many eisbocks. I think my current process has the balance between getting beer soon enough and the level of clarity.
  2. What was your volume @MitchBastard? 1.040 is quite low for 5.15kg of grain
  3. Yep. Sure does. Clearly if your preboil og was 1.052, after boiling off water, the gravity will be more.
  4. Yeah same. Got a couple of kilos of it a year ago. I chuck about two table spoons in the kettle after use. Makes everything sparkly
  5. I’d say citric acid would also help with this build up of beer stone. Works better than anything else I’ve used in the past
  6. I’d say the coopers red malt would go well in that. I actually really enjoy the coopers malts.
  7. Personally I believe serving pressure. Then wait about 5-6 days. If you can’t wait, turn it up to 45psi for 20 hours, degas the keg then put it back on serving pressure. Wait a few hours, enjoy. These days I don’t change my pressure at all, I just wait a week and it’s ready to go.
  8. Largish IPA and a mid stout in the FVs today, Going away for the weekend in a few hours so when I get back I’ll turn them up a few degrees and do the first dry hop of the IPA Had so much oil in the FV on top of the wort it looked and smelt fantastic. Looking forward to this one
  9. At the moment at grain and grape you can get 1kg cascade for about $32. Cheap as.
  10. It was actually a bit of a challenge for myself to see if I can make a really good tasting pale ale using the cheaper hops. Not the sole reason, but one of. I really like cascade and mosaic, and those together are amazing
  11. Yes mate. Just took delivery of over $5 kg hops the other week.
  12. Just looked up my latest pale for cost. 25l batch OG was 1.052 Malt came to just under $12 200g of hops come in at around $9 whirlfloc 30c yeast, I reuse over and over but let’s say $3 $24.30 Which is equal to 97c a litre. Or 48c a pint.
  13. Drinking a Flanders Red from @Ben 10 Great beer mate! Nice Brett cherry notes. Carbed beautifully. Weird and funky. Love it. Colour and clarity is exceptional
  14. Think that all depends on hops. That’s ya biggest cost, well it is for me.
  15. What sort of batch size for that thing @Norris!
  16. Yep. Sure is. I think overall my favourite but I’d like to get into blending yeasts this year I think. Also gonna try the DuPont strain this year too.
  17. Oh yeah. Totally agree, or at least smallgoods made at home by people you know.
  18. Think everyone is looking past the classics ha ha nice one @Ben 10
  19. 11 month old Saison. Oh my it’s delicious. So smooth, and funky and fruity and delicious. So good aged.
  20. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a more tried and true pils recipe on this forum than Otto’s Bo pils itll be in the last page of the brew day thread
  21. Yeah right. Nice one. Kinda what I was thinking I reckon.
  22. A Gin IPA and an Italian tomato salad or Bruschetta.
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