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Diacetyl rest in the bottle?


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Sometimes I do things because I've read them somewhere on a blog. Then months and month's later a tad more experience makes me wonder again why the hell I've been doing it.



I always do a Diacetyl rest with my lagers/pilsners.

But I always bottle which means the beers sits at pretty much Diacetyl rest temps for 2-3 weeks.

So am I wasting my time doing one when perhaps it happens in the bottles anyway whilst carbonating?


would love to clear that one up.


Cheers j

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I don't disagree with it, but I still did/do it in the primary anyway. It's a part of my fermentation schedule though, using the Brulosopher's quick lager method. Of course now that I'm kegging most of a batch I kind of have to do it in the primary... but yes it can be done in the bottle as well.

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