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  1. Definitely worth tinkering with the water profile. Otto gave me a recipe about a year ago for an Urquel. With the water additions (distilled water) it came out by far my best. About to do one again this xmas, had to look it all up again as I'd forgotten what to do. Also forgot what a kerfuffle Pilsners are compared to Ales and stouts. Gone down the malty path for a year or 2, cant stop making Irish Stouts...always come out great and easy to make. Never thought I'd ever convert. Cheers and have a tremendous Christmas all. Jay
  2. Cool. Cheers guys. If I put cling film over the urn too that'd be pretty well protected. I guess I was wondering whether it might affect the wort in other ways than infection.
  3. I'm making a Guiness Clone. Surely if I'm going to boil it for 60-90 mins after the time left standing, that'd be fine though yeh?
  4. Hi all, this may seem like a strange question. But would it matter if you'd finished mashing your grain. And then instead of the usual process of removing the grain in the bag, cranking up the boil etc, you left the unboiled mash/wort sitting in your kettle/urn for say a few hours or even longer. Then proceeded with your boil at a later time? Reason I ask, is simply because I'm planning on brewing tonight, but am home alone with my 2 year old son, who is a bit of a crappy sleeper. So I'm just checking and hopefully reassuring myself that if my brew night was interrupted at that moment I didn't have to worry. And therefore I could break my brew night into parts rather than panic that my brew might be ruined. Cheers all. I look forward to you replies!
  5. Old Peculier is lovely. You don't have a recipe for that do you Hairy? cheers jay
  6. Cheers guys especially Lusty, I guess I could roughly put something together based on those ingredients and outcomes. When I get a recipe together I might post it for you guys to give your opinions on. Being still a relative beginner that I am. I'll pop in and try and get a bit more info on the malts too. Cheers j
  7. With a bit of research you can find them. I've got a Heller Bar fridge which I got 2nd hand for about $100. Once I took out the side door shelves etc it fits a coopers fermenter fairly snuggly and about 8 Pet bottles and takes up bugger all room really. I'm guessing it's about 50L but cant remember. I'm in a 2 bedroom unit so I don't have much room. I've got it on a homemade table above our washing machine in the laundry. You will be very happy if you make the decision to get one.
  8. Just polished one of these off at lunch. And I want lots more without paying $9 for a pint of it. Anybody got a similar recipe they'd be lovely enough to share, ideally BIAB? Going to try making a few different beers this winter English Bitter, Porter etc. Cheers Jay
  9. Cheers Headmaster. I only really drink one 750ml bottle if I'm drinking at home alone. (Before moving onto wine or spirits) So this batch should last a good few months or more. I did the quick lager method for this, but added an extra week at 1° So it was about 2 weeks ferment (including D-Rest) 1 week slowly down to about 1° 2 weeks at 1° Bottled. Tasted at 2 and a bit weeks. So only 7-8 weeks from start to tasting. Will be interesting to see how it improves but it certainly doesn't taste green as most beers I've tried this early do. cheers j
  10. I don't have any hope of fitting a pulley system in our kitchen. So I do the manual bag lift. It isn't the easiest but to be honest its not that hard to hold the bag up for a minute to drain the bulk of it out, then I quickly chuck the bag into a big bucket to drain the rest. (I've got a colander in the bottom under the bag) I have wonderfully defined deltoids due to this method too. I don't actually. Cheers J
  11. Kelsey may I say that your recipe has resulted in by far the best Pilsner I have ever made. Thanks so much for that. I've almost given up a few times thinking that I will never achieve a lager that is ever that good. But this is lovely. The bitterness is perfect for me. There are no off flavours at all. And the colour is exactly that of a Pilsner Urquell. I need to do a side by side test. And I'm sure it will still have faults but it's bloody good! Only thing that I still haven't quite managed is the sweetness you get from the Malt and that lovely noble aroma when you sniff the beer. But I'll keep working on it. I'm just happy to have raised the bar, and to have made a beer where there's not something that disappoints me about it. I do also attribute quite a bit of its success on 3 new (to me) techniques. So you can't take all the credit Kelsey • Pitched at 10 degrees Not the usual 16-19ish • Water profiling. Distilled water plus the additions to emulate Pilsner water. • Hochurz style mash (only ever mashed at the one temp) So cheers again Kelsey!
  12. Hiya Kelsey. I'm 2 weeks into fermenting your Urquel recipe which tastes lovely! I think this could definitely be my best yet, so thanks for that. 2 new improvements on my methods too. Water profiling (Pilsner) and Pitched a 4 Litre starter (decanted) at 10 degrees rather than the usual 16-20 (then bringing down to 10ish) I'll also be bulk priming for the first time, so my question is what Dex to Litre measurement do you use for your Urquel? From what I remember Urquel has fairly low carbonation for a lager. But I could be wrong. I found these amounts elsewhere for a general rule. Great to know if you agree with these figures. a. Low Carbonation - 0-3 g/L b. Medium or Normal Carbonation - 4-6 g/L c. High carbonation - 7-10 g/L Cheers in advance and thanks for sharing your recipe. Jay
  13. It is. I have constant battles in my mind over how long I can watch this miracle of nature with the fridge door open before it will affect my fermenting temp. It always reminds me of the scene in American Beauty when the guy films a plastic bag swirling around in the wind. Quite beautiful.
  14. Put down your Bo-Pils recipe Kelsey on Friday. With my first attempt at water profiling. No chilled it and tasted it yesterday. Mmmmm I think it could be a good un. Tasted maltier than a lot of my other brews which is a good sign as most of my Pilsners come out a bit boring really. Been craving that lovely malt sweetness and flavour with the nice subtle, crisp, zip of the noble hops to balance it. Can't wait to try it. Cheers Jay
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