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  1. G'Day brewers, got back on the GG, put on two ales, one Coopers Pale ale kit with, cascade,galaxy and vic secret and the other a sparkling kit with cascade an amarillo. ? First brew in 12 months, just got the tray bits with bottles and other excreta in life, lost interest in lots of things to tell the truth. ? Brought a 3 tap keg king system second hand locally, main thin very few bottles. ? Now I just need to make sure I don't get bucked off. ? Cheers.
  2. Good onya Scottie you old Taswegian you and may you joy of bespoke beer never stop. Sir Lusty, you sir are a concern, without reservation. Cheers.
  3. G'Day Drinkers, Me mate an me are slipping into a couple of Coppers Best Extra Stout's with a best after date of 18/6/16, so older then eleven months and yes the time has been good to them, very smooth, good head and lacing with a pronounced coffee flavour. Time is good to a home brew stout and also good to Coopers commercial version as well. Already got next winters cellaring and another one will soon to join it. Cheers.
  4. What no gold star for showing up (attendance)? Cheers.
  5. Glad you got he joke, many Happy beers ahead and may they all be just the way you like them..... Cheers.
  6. Their trying to kill you, Aha.........
  7. Doc Neeson - The Max Sessions - The Angels In The Sand - St Kilda Beach, Melbourne. Rock the Aussie way, I don't post often anymore but I keep my eye on you Bastar$#$. Cheers.
  8. G'day brewers I've had this one for over 20 years, no moving parts, never fails. Cheers.
  9. G'Day Your Kingship, it seems you have been rightfully redeemed () and wrongly accused! () Long Live the King. Cheers.
  10. G'day Sir Lusty, Oh no this is worrying I find myself in agreement with you. Cheers.
  11. G'day Brewers, for the sake of clarity, EB = English Bitter... Cheers.
  12. G'day Tsubodai, I see you planed this campaign with victory as it's end, that being "Good Beer" and what better result could one wish for. Looking forward to see the "Bottling Army" deployed and in action, may conquest be your's. Give our best regards to all the "troops", err people at the base. Cheers.
  13. G'day Brewers, sounds good Sir Lusty, I have an Thomas Coopers Brew A IPA that I dry hopped with a little Melba and a lot of Centennial. The other is an APA hopped with Melba and Centennial. I hope this will all turn out well. Cheers.
  14. I can think of better ways to go. I would rather die in my sleep than blow myself up Don't mind Hairy Waylon. He's just never been the same after that ill-fated clown balloon shaping disaster. The sheer terror would have most lose all their hair via alopecia. Hairy went the other way. Cheers' date=' Lusty.[/size'] And now Hairy's hair is going grey. Cheers
  15. Yes it is' date=' 20% George Smith and 20% Stephen Sharpe with 60% John Eales and if your not careful it will ruck you good and proper. [img']tongue[/img] Cheers.
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