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Golden Pale Ale

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Here's a brew that after a few different attempts I finally hit it out of the park.


Golden Pale Ale


4.3Kg Pale Malt

.3Kg Crystal 40L

.1Kg Wheat Malt

25g Cascade 6.4% FWH 10.36 IBU

5g Magnum 11.3% 60mins 7.38

17g Perle 8.6% 60mins 18.89

34g Cascade Dry hop

5g whirlfloc 10mins

7g Coop's yeast 10mins as nutrient

2L of freshly rinsed US-05 (2nd generation)


mash temp 151F

OG 1.053 FG 1.009


It's an attempt at a SNPA that went right... Finally![joyful]

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Good work Chad!


What was your reasoning for using two different hops for the 60 minute addition? No problems with it, just curious.


Also, what is 151F? [devil]



Through a bit of research I figured SNPA has a blend for the bittering additions. Perle being the majority with Magnum in secondary. I guessed at the amount of each. I can't take credit for the idea but it taste damn nice!


As for the temperature in such an arcane measurement. I am sorry.[bandit] My only defence is that my brew kettle's thermo is in Phahrenhiet so my recipes are converted to this unit. I have no idea what it means either. It's sometimes kinda' tough living right beside "Big Brother"[annoyed] .

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