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Cola beer?

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Happy New Year brewing friends.

So, the missus and I got a Soda stream for Christmas and because we're into lovely natural flavours I'm planning to make my own Cola syrup from this



And then, of course, my weird ingredients area of the brain started thinking [alien]

At the Bavarain Beer Cafe in Sydney you can get a Diesel which is beer mixed with Coke. While not too nice, I could imagine a nice dark beer with a hint of cola being quite tasty. But that could be just in my head.


Thoughts? Once I have the Kola I will report on the flavourings without excess amounts of sugar.

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The Diesel beer is awful [sick]


But their wheat beer with a dash of mango juice is refreshing. Or so my wife tells me [innocent]


The mango beer comes with a skirt - so the waitress tells me [wink]


I agree about the Diesel - but it's because it's coke and beer, not a beer with cola [biggrin]

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A few years ago on an end or season crickert trip to the Goldy' date=' one of the lads was drinking Tooheys old with a dash of coke. Not really my cuppa, but it wasnt that bad[biggrin']

when i worked in the clubs i remember the old diggers used to drink a schooner half beer half tomato juice and the called it a ruptured duck lol


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