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  1. AdamH1525226084

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? no.3

    Does anyone's SWMBO not have the final say? I'm all good. I have put down 2 brews since I moved - way back in March. Made a Pilsner and a Maibock (almost ready to start drinking). Seeya's round
  2. AdamH1525226084

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? no.3

    Hey everyone Been a while. Moved house, got too much to do. How is everyone? Today I'm remaking an old extract recipe of mine as my AG attempt at it was terrible (tipping it today after sitting on it for a year). It was too good to waste time making bad beers instead. ANZA IPA I am doing a bigger boil though so I should get a more bitter beer I hope, and using US-05 yeast (which I've used with this recipe and it was much better). I'm also swapping 200g of DME for dry wheat malt as I forgot to get more DME at the brew shop yesterday (stoopid!!). Might be better anyway. Cheers
  3. Hey LeCoq, how'd your beer turn out? My Belgian IPA is wonderful! I was very surprised actually
  4. AdamH1525226084

    Dry hopping my Wheat Beer???

    Recipe sounds nice. I probably wouldn't dry hop that myself, but it depends what you want to add. Citrus or Spice? Amarillo maybe for orange. Cascade for grapefruit? Check this out for some ideas.
  5. AdamH1525226084

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? no.3

    Hey hey, long time no post. Been busy moving house and working. But this weekend is my first brew weekend in the new house, and this year I think. I'm getting excited!
  6. AdamH1525226084

    Grolsch bottles and sugar???

    Sorry - I have gone to Maths http://www.brewersfriend.com/beer-priming-calculator/ If you say 2.0 volumes of CO2 then you want a bout 2.3g of dextrose. A carb drop is 3.0g. So, you could probably get away with one 3.0g would give you 2.4 volumes of CO2 which is fine if it's an American Pale Ale or the Australian Pale Ale.
  7. AdamH1525226084

    Grolsch bottles and sugar???

    What Hairy said. It depends on what type of beer you are bottling. If a Porter or Stout, 1 might be too much, if a Saison, 1 might be not enough.
  8. AdamH1525226084

    The Ashes

    5-0! Who woulda thought....
  9. AdamH1525226084

    A cautionary tale on stainless steel

    Google some of the ingredients in the soap and see what you find. Sure your eyes are sensitive, but if something says to avoid contact with eyes why would you put it on your skin? You wouldn't normally put soap in your eyes, but "normal" soap won't have that sort of disclaimer
  10. AdamH1525226084

    New Site Feedback

  11. AdamH1525226084

    The twelve beers of Christmas

    at 10:18 am no wonder it tastes so good. When in the Qantas lounge in London a few years ago I was stoked when I opened the fridge and it was full of Fuller's London Pride - need emoticons....
  12. AdamH1525226084

    First Time Brewer - HELP!!!!

    This is the same question I asked when I started - in fact, I think most people ask this as their first question. It was probably Hairy who answered me too :) Cold Break it is. With AG you just get a lot more
  13. AdamH1525226084

    New Site Feedback

    Happy New Year everyone. The site looks good. But looks are not always practical. I've had experience with web site development and have been in discussions with my company headquarters in Germany ever since they changed the company website 4 years ago.... The company website is meant to be for your customers to easily find things, not for your management to think it looks pretty. Has a usability study been done on the site? This involves getting someone who doesn't necessarily know what your "product" is to find certain things on the site. You record how long it takes them. If it takes too long, you know there is a problem. I spent 10 minutes trying to find the recipes section the other day. Then I went looking before and I had to remember where it was. I'm sure there will be improvements as anything must start somewhere. The site had potential, and like I said earlier, it looks good.