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  1. Mainiac

    Coopers DIY FV - Great design

    Nope you have to buy the whole kit here. If go back I started a thread about a year ago, that was back when I thought they cared about us yanks
  2. Mainiac

    We're the Hekawi (Heck_are_we?)

    Maine USA
  3. Mainiac

    Muddy Waters! MIA?

    I just got out of jail so it is not my fault
  4. Mainiac

    Home Brewer's pets

    Meet Sam the corgi
  5. Mainiac

    Coopers DIY FV - Great design

    GREAT design That is why it burns my but they will not sell to us Americans
  6. Mainiac

    A cautionary tale on stainless steel

    yeah well the joke is on them I brew naked. Less clean up that way.
  7. Mainiac

    I'm back

    I am starting to think you are correct!!!! I am getting loder and don't heal as fast as I used to.
  8. Mainiac

    I'm back

    I do have a back up generator and a wood pellet stove. The only problem is last time we lost power I did not think to move my beer out of the basement and up stairs. I froze a bunch of it :( It is suppose to warm up to -10 celsisus tomorrow so I should be in shorts washing the a car. ps is there a way I do not have to type in my log on everytime? The old site I never had to
  9. Mainiac

    To Squeeze Or Not To Squeeze...

    I say squeeze it like it owes you money
  10. Mainiac

    I'm back

    Been traveling again and now back home. We are in winter and having a tough go of it. We recently had a bad ice storm ( rain that freezes on contact). 50000 people without electricity which means not power lights water or heat ). currently -30 c with a wind chill of - 40 -50 c good lagering weather ;) As some of you know I ride snowmobiles a lot but this season I have been grounded since I rolled my sled at about 40-50 mph and this is how my arm looks Hopefully I can recover soon and my wife lets me out to play
  11. Mainiac

    The Perfect Fermenter

    Here is an update on the ferm
  12. Mainiac

    What your style of beer says about you....

    The pipe at the bottom of the urinal is connected to the beer taps at the bar behind it [biggrin] We say Budweiser is like having sex in a canoe It is near water
  13. Mainiac

    What your style of beer says about you....

    Since the chart never lies and I love stout and I smoke salmon for a living http://youtu.be/rPZNjtODzFI
  14. Mainiac

    Discovered a great glass bottle

    We are lucky here we have 5 cent deposits on bottles so it is easy to go to the redemption center and pick up a case of bottles for $3